Picky, picky Part II  

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4/22/2005 9:52 am

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Picky, picky Part II

If you look at it one way, I'm going to sound like a picky, nagging bitch. Look at it another, way, and I'm at least giving guys a hint as to how NOT to turn me off...

1) I'm sorry, but if you're 18 or not much older, please don't even try. I have an 18 year old nephew whose diapers I used to change, and fucking someone his age is just a bit creepy to me.

2) I don't "holla" at anyone, nor am I likely to "hit you up," and please don't offer "the digits."

3) Related to that, don't give me a phone number on first contact and expect me to call you, especially if you don't tell me anything at all about yourself. If I need your phone number to get directions or to call you when I get to your hotel, I will ask for it.

4) Don't compliment me on my "titties." Titties are for babies, ladies like myself have breasts, or if we've progressed to a closer relationship, possibly tits. No titties.

5) Sending pictures is fine, but don't send me 3 of your cock and none of your face. I understand the need to be selective about who sees your face, I am the same way, but if you feel the need to be that selective, don't inundate me with other body parts.

6) I understand not everyone is a great typist, nor is everyone a great speller, but for crying out loud, try to sound like you have SOME degree of intelligence. I've had enough cute-but-dumb men in my life, I don't need another.

7) Certain things will be strikes against you (i.e. smoking). One, possibly even two, can be overcome. Anything more, and no amount of convincing is going to change my mind, so if you get a polite "no," you'd be wise to accept and move on.

Don't stand me up. I might accept it once, maybe even twice (though usually that requires some serious making-it-up-to-me). Beyond that, you damn well better have a doctor's note, a receipt from the place you got your car fixed to verify that you couldn't get to me, or a police report.

Now see... you have a cheat sheet... this should be easy...

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