One More... an Update on "A Quick One/Happy Jack"  

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One More... an Update on "A Quick One/Happy Jack"

Okay, so the other night I'd screwed up the courage (pardon the expression) to ask the assistant manager at a business I frequent... let's call him... hmm, I already have a "Jack" in my stories, so let's call him Joe... to catch a bit of dinner with me, and he'd agreed. Let's backtrack a little, then pick up where we left off.

Backtracking, simply to explain two things. One, he wears a lovely and expensive-looking ring on his left hand. One would think that means he's married, but I've learned never to assume. I myself have been known to wear a ring on that hand, just to ward off potential suitors in places where I wouldn't want to date anyone that I met there. And two, I've noticed that when I come in there, it doesn't seem to matter what he's doing, he hurries over to serve me as soon as possible. Often waving away one of his employees who has already begun to help me, saying, "It's okay, I'll handle this."


So, he agrees that we can catch dinner together, and he will call me when he's about to leave work. So when he calls, he asks me where I'm thinking of going, and I mention a few places. He latches on to the suggestion of Chinese and asks me for directions. (He works in the area of town where I live, but lives in the area of town where I work, so he doesn't know all the restaurants right near my place)... as I'm giving him directions, and telling him what else the place is close to, he says, "Is it close to the [insert name of local hourly-rate motel chain that most people don't realize is hourly-rate unless they know what to look for]?" A little thrown off by that reference, I manage to sputter, "Um, no, it's by [name of another restaurant more visible from the freeway]." So, we agree on a time to meet, and head that way.

When he gets there, we go inside, order, and make some small talk. The conversation is a little stilted, because I still don't know exactly what to think or to say. Somewhere early in the conversation, he does refer to his wife... more or less to say that she's not the kind who freaks out if he's not home from work right away. I immediately re-adjust my approach and keep things light. Yet there are moments when I'm still a little confused. At one point, I ask what he likes to do for fun. The question hangs in the air for a second before I helpfully toss in that I know he likes to watch sports, but what else? Seeming relieved, he starts to talk about playing softball, spending time with his kids, etc.

Still, I soon ascertain that he does have to be a little discreet after all - he's in no hurry to box up his leftovers, and finally sheepishly admits that it will cause some questioning if he does that... his plan, it seems, is to tell her he was hanging out with friends after work. I laugh and say that it won't be the first time I become known as "the boys." He fidgets a little, then asks if I live around there. I say yes, and he asks if I live alone. Well... sort of... and maybe one day I'll even find the time to clean the house... Taking that hint, he then suggests that we go talk in the parking lot, seeing as how we both have to leave soon and it's a bit cold inside.

We walk toward our cars, and I veer off to mine, waiting to see what he does. He follows, and we begin a short conversation, wherein everything finally becomes clear. For he is familiar with that motel chain, and what his wife doesn't know won't hurt her. While neither of us has the time that night, it becomes pretty clear that both of us are interested in making plans for another night.

I am SO glad I finally got up the nerve to ask him out!!!

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