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6/13/2005 11:11 pm

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In re-reading some of my posts (oh, the irony of even that sentence) it strikes me that I can come off as a bit narcissistic and self-absorbed. Please understand that is NOT my intention. It's more that, I'm going through another period of awakening and self-discovery, but for the first time I have a place to put forth my thoughts, concerns, and observations, and possibly get some input from others. My seeming self-absorption is, in fact, an attempt to integrate the viewpoints of others into my concept of myself, which in turn might help me to keep some of my less desirable traits at bay. So please don't dismiss me as someone full of herself. I'm just someone trying to figure out, who her self really is. And some of you have been a HUGE help in doing that so far. I thank you.

rm_indophilist 36M

6/14/2005 3:21 pm

The signature feature of the myth of Narcissus, was not so much that
he was staring at his reflection out of self-love, but more out of self-doubt--an attempt at self-validation. Even the diagnostic criteria of Narcissistic Personality Disorder bears this out. It's not so much self-aggrandizement as it is being unclear on self boundaries. Primary (infantile) narcissism, where an infant confuses
dependence on a parent with his own 'omnipotence' --when identity is nonexistent for the most part--also points to this. Self discovery
(re-establishing identity) can be a good thing, even though some self-absorption is necessary.

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