More guilty pleasures  

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6/14/2005 10:18 pm

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More guilty pleasures

Just one, really.

Billy Squier.

Yep, driving home from a minor emergency tonight (don't worry, everyone's fine) I heard Billy Squier on the radio, and once again was struck with how much I actually like his music.

Lonely is the Night. In the Dark. The Stroke. Nobody Knows. Everybody Wants You.

It's kinda like (okay, it's more than one guilty pleasure) the time, several years ago, when I went swimsuit shopping with a bunch of my friends from the dorms. Including my ex's new girlfriend, which wasn't as awkward as it should have been. Anyway, we stopped in a music store and someone spotted "Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits." Hits, plural? What did he do besides "Jesse's Girl"? Turns out, a lot of songs. More precisely, a lot of songs we knew. And liked. Catchy little fucker. Of course we had to buy it. And listen to it, over and over. It's a hell of an album, to tell the truth.

Okay. I'll stop now before I'm laughed right out of Blogland.

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