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10/18/2005 8:32 pm

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As always, I contradict myself. A mere two posts back, I talked about getting a little twinge when I hear about guys I like enjoying themselves with other women - and here I am, about to tell you all about my absolutely intense experience recently, with a brand new Adult Friend.

Actually, not BRAND new per se, but it was the first time we met face to face. We've been talking for a little while now, maybe a couple of weeks, in messages and e mail and IM and the phone. As we've talked I've grown more and more interested, not just in the potential for great sex, but in him as a person. We get along well, have a few things in common... overall, a good prospect for someone who is as much "buddy" as he is "fuck." Not to put too fine a point on it.

So anyway. We've talked a few times about the need to meet, but hadn't yet nailed anything down. He had a presentation coming up at work, though, and so I finally manages to seal it with the suggestion of a pre-proposal massage to relieve tension. We made plans for me to meet him at his place.

When we met, I think the first thing I noticed was that he has beautiful eyes. I don't think I even told him that, but I noticed it all right! We spent a little time at his place just talking, then went out to dinner. Vietnamese, which I've never really had, but he knew what to recommend and it was very good. We headed home, and after a little more conversation (and me wondering when, or even if, one of us was ever going to make a move), he finally asked if the offer for a massage still stood.

He took off his shirt and we spent a few minutes debating whether the massage should take place on the floor or on the bed. I suspect we were both more inclined toward the bed, but neither of us wanted to be that obvious. Or maybe it was just me LOL but either way, we finally settled on the floor. We put a few CDs in the player -flamenco and classical - and I drizzled massage oil into my hands and began rubbing his back, gently for the most part. He asked me about something I had mentioned in my other blog (my "clean" one in the Real World) regarding a healing art, and so we began to talk about all things metaphysical in my life. I continued to rub his back, and found my hands shaking in a way they never do when I'm massaging. It was actually a very disorienting experience for me because I was absolutely vibrating with energy - and not in a sexual way, or at least not purely sexual. I also found myself, quite by accident, "reading" him a little bit. I'm still not sure if he took any of what I said to heart, or if he's just humoring the crackpot LOL but we had a very long and interesting conversation. Somewhere along the way, though, I knew I had to make a move of some kind. So as I continued to rub his back and arms, I lowered my entire body closer to him, then eventually laid down next to him. Every so often I would follow a touch with a soft kiss - to his back, his shoulder, his arm, his neck. Eventually, though, we gave up all pretense of massage, and we were just kissing.

Wow, he's a great kisser.

Kisses and caresses, gentle touches barely skimming thrill spots... gradually growing more heated. Our bodies, still clothed but for his bare chest, rubbing against one another. Soft moans on my part, his sharp intake of breath when I nibbled and blew on his earlobe. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore, and even as my kisses grew more fervent, I fumbled with the button on his jeans. Now, up to that point, we must have spent a good hour (including the massage part) just touching and kissing. And it was intense. REALLY intense. But it was nothing compared to how thrilling it became once we got his clothes all the way off. He felt and tasted so good in my mouth, and he was either enjoying himself an awful lot or he deserves an Oscar for his performance. I held out as long as I could, but finally I tossed the last of my clothing to the side (he had already long since divested me of my shirt and bra), laid back, and coaxed him onto me, and into me. And wow.


Hot. Wild. Intense. Mind-blowing. Physically wonderful, made more so by the mental connection we've made. His arms were beautiful. His hands were beautiful. His eyes were beautiful. His smile was beautiful. Not just surface beauty, but something deeper. Both of us fulfilled, both of us pleasantly exhausted by the time it was over. And then, what I wasn't sure I should expect - the invitation to stay the night. With a man who is also a friend, I love to spend the whole night. Partly because there is the possibility of wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night sex, or morning sex. Mostly because I love to sleep with a man lying beside me, or holding me in his arms.


rm_Gov300 46M

10/19/2005 6:27 pm

I'm blushing darling! Your insight is spot-on. Not sure how much space this comment box will allow, but here goes:

> a good prospect for someone who is as much "buddy" as he is "fuck."

An interesting and straight-forward way to put it… but yes, I agree.

> (and me wondering when, or even if, one of us was ever going to make a move)

Ha ha… yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Who should make the first suggestion of a move and in what direction? I figured the massage route was the most direct without being overt.

> but neither of us wanted to be that obvious.

Indeed… but in the end, I think the floor was the better of the two locations.

> Physically wonderful, made more so by the mental connection we've made.

I contend that any sex/love-making is made exponentially better through mental connectivity. Others (of course) are free to disagree.

> Mostly because I love to sleep with a man lying beside me, or holding me in his arms.

Ditto, but for me… substitute “woman” for “man” in that sentence.

And I don’t know what happened when I woke up. I kept wandering around my apartment thinking that I had to get ready for work. Eventually, I realized I had another hour of sleep to use! Hence... back to bed.

AmberSolaire 42M

10/19/2005 7:08 pm

Im getting that twinge.

I want the intense guy with the beautiful eyes you hear.....hands off..

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