I Will Not Apologize  

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9/11/2005 10:09 pm

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I Will Not Apologize

I recently had a fun and interesting conversation with a friend from here in Blogland, who happens to geographically reside in Canada. Being the smartass that I am, I of course had to mention that Oscar-nominated gem from the South Park movie, "Blame Canada!" I quoted my favorite line, "We've already apologized profusely for Bryan Adams!" Being a good sport, he shot back a comment about also apologizing for Celine Dion (and believe me, he won HUGE points with me for that!!!) but refusing to apologize for Mike Myers. Which is good, since Myers needs no apologies. And he began to list other things, for which he (and Canada) will not apologize.

So in that spirit... The things I will not apologize for:

1)For spending money I sometimes can't really spare, to send packages to my soldiers. And for talking about them constantly. Love me, love my troops. Get used to it.

2) For doing the same when it comes to my kids, and for shamelessly displaying their photos, their artwork, and bragging about their scholastic achievements.

3) For asking people I haven't talked to in ages, to support their school fundraisers or buy Girl Scout cookies.

4) For singing along to Grease, and dancing with Footloose.

5) For crying at sappy movies.

6) For laughing at movies like Dogma and Saved that are... umm... a little critical of religion.

7) For being a little critical of religion myself.

For sometimes needing to be cuddled and snuggled instead of just fucked.

9) For sometimes needing to be fucked instead of cuddled or snuggled.

10 ) For seeking out my own needs, though rarely at the expense of others.

11) For taking a step back when I feel a little too vulnerable.

12) For taking a step away (temporarily or permanently) when I feel underappreciated.

13) For sometimes needing to step away from EVERYTHING.

14) For sometimes caring too much.

15) For sometimes not caring enough.

That's a good start, though far from everything I'm not sorry for. What about you? What do you refuse to apologize for? Is there anything on this list you think I SHOULD apologize for?

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