I'm SO Wrong f' That!!!  

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8/10/2005 5:53 pm

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I'm SO Wrong f' That!!!

First, what prompted this: a little Adult Friend-ly visit the other night, in which we did a lot of cuddling, and a lot of oral, but no penetration, after which he asked me if I'd enjoyed it even though there was no penetration. Well, as this guy is an absolute MASTER when it comes to oral, I told him that of course I enjoyed it, immensely. Which got me to thinking that sometimes the best sex doesn't involve penetration at all. In fact, sometimes the best sex doesn't really involve sex. Let me explain.

Long ago, in a galaxy not too far from here (okay, this galaxy), I was a college freshman, 2000 miles from home and living in the dorms. Also living in the dorms was my boyfriend, but he was actually from the suburbs of this fair city. So sometimes he spent weekends on campus, sometimes at home, usually bringing me along. Well, his mother wasn't too thrilled with that, because she really didn't think I was good enough for her little boy. So every now and then, she requested he come home alone, and I would stay on campus those weekends, hanging out with our other, mostly non-local, friends.

There was this one friend, let's call him Chad. And OH, he was hot. In retrospect, I have no idea why I never managed to hook up with him. Lord knows he and I had more in common than the boyfriend and I ever did, but I was young and foolish... and Chad was inexperienced, and... let's call the boyfriend Todd... was not. Anywho.

One of these weekends when Todd was off at home, Chad and I were hanging out together, and for some reason went to his room to listen to some music. Our slightly-different-from-everyone-else taste in music was one of those things we had in common. Added to that, Chad was in one of the few locations in this set of dorms, where there were two roommates sharing a single room, rather than four sharing a suite. So we're up in Chad's room listening to music and...well... Chad and I were both cuddly people. And Chad was forever running around in cutoffs and sleeveless T-shirts, showing off his rather impressive arms. Different women are suckers for different body parts; give me a good muscular forearm and watch me melt.

Anyway. We're alone up in his room listening to music, him with his bare, muscular arms, both of us very cuddly people. Soon enough, we were lying on his bed just snuggled up to one another (in my mind, all very innocent and friend-like). Somewhere along the line, we go from snuggling on our sides, to snuggling with him on top of me. FULLY CLOTHED, we both were, and remained that way throughout. But we also went from just lying there snuggling, to kind of running our hands up and down (just along each other's arms and backs, no touching of the naughty bits). And from that, to him rubbing up against me in what I only in retrospect recognized as a simulation of sweet, slow lovemaking. Never any kissing. Never any intimate touching, at least not with hands. Never any acknowledgement since then of that afternoon of pure sensuality.

I never told Todd, but not because I felt guilty, just because I knew he'd blow a fuse at me spending ANY time alone with Chad. (He, apparently, was smarter than I was when it came to the whole which-guy-was-right-for-me issue.) It was only years later, when Chad was attached at the hip to a girl I didn't think was right for him at all, that I realized the chance I had probably had and not taken. I'd like to have that one back.

NewJackSwing 43M

8/11/2005 1:03 am

I agree that the best sex doesn't include penetration. To me it's about the intimate time spent together and to show that you care about each other. For example, I remember a few weeks ago (or a month ago? I forget) with one friend that she and I just kissed, cuddled, undressed and caressed each other and laid naked on my bed and looked at each other, smiled and touched each other caringly.

A most memorable afternoon for certain.

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