I'm Here.... No, Really I Am!  

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1/18/2006 10:24 pm

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I'm Here.... No, Really I Am!

I swear I've been checking in, a little here and there... Not much, but a little... Anywho...

Spending the night at a friend-not-Friend's place, and she asks, out of the blue, "Have I showed you the leather corset yet?"

Perhaps I ought to explain. We're friends through a charitable venture with which we are both obses...er.. involved. But somewhere along the line, we realized that I am on here, and she is on Alt. At that point, there ceased to be a whole lot of secrets between us. She knows about my Sir, and about what he's teaching me. And she knows a lot about that kind of thing too. Enough that she has a leather corest anyway, which I not only got to see tonight, but to try on. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I said she's NOT a Friend!) Among other things, she and I are of a similar size. Different height... different weight distribution... DEFINITELY different muscle tone - as in, she actually HAS some... but similar size. And therefore, it went from, "Here, try this on and see how you look in it" to "hold on just a sec, let me mark that where it needs to be altered." See, she sure can't alter it when she's wearing it. And if she looks even half as hot (twice is probably more like it) in the thing as I do, then there's no way that any man who would be in her presence while she's wearing it, could compose himself enough to mark it with the little white fabric pencil.

By the way... when she breaks down and buys a new one for herself, I inherit this one. Just what I've always needed... a black leather corset!

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