Exposing myself  

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9/8/2005 8:42 pm

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Exposing myself

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Read that post and loved it, so here goes. I'm guessing the basic idea is, statements that most people don't/wouldn't know about me. Not sure I can do 50 though. Shall we see?

1) I have a somewhat irrational fear of clowns. I say somewhat, because a lot of people actually do. There's even a name for it. Caulrophobia.

2) I didn't lose my virginity until the summer after high school.

3) I wanted to name my oldest daughter Adelidah, after my great-grandmother.

4) I cried when I watched "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and the chick that was tied up to the harp died.

5) Robin is my favorite Bee Gee. But I liked Andy Gibb, solo, better than his three brothers as a band.

6) My only trip outside this country was a day-trip to Tijuana with my parents when I was 11.

7) I know how to say "not if you were the last man on earth" in Italian.

I know how to say "you have a nice ass" in Spanish.

9) I know how to say "pineapples do not vote" in French.

10) I went to Yearbook Camp in high school. There were no band-camp-type experiences there.

11) When I was 17 I took a 22 year old friend to Prom. He was actually more than a friend, but his girlfriend didn't know that.

12) My first car was a '69 Mustang Fastback.

13) I cook kick-ass Italian food.

14) I know entirely too much about Jim Morrison for anyone my age, or for my own good.

15) I once won a bet by naming every band Eric Clapton has ever been in. I even mentioned some uncredited appearances on other artists' albums.

16) I write the Student Association newsletter.

17) I do NOT write the songs that make the whole world sing. But I wish I did.

1 I am a closet Barry Manilow fan.

19) I grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic school for 12 years. And no, I did NOT keep the uniform.

20) I quite likely have adult ADD.

Okay, that's all I can handle for now LOL y'all have a good night. Off to write in my "tame" blog.


TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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9/11/2005 5:53 am

I love the selective linguistic achievements, ma'am ... and I'm also impressed by the Clapton savvy! Hmmm ... wonder if I could match it myself ...

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