Blue cream soda and butter rum Lifesavers  

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6/28/2005 10:02 pm

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Blue cream soda and butter rum Lifesavers

Stopped at a convenience store tonight for some diet Coke, and found them selling ice cold cans of off-brand soda 4/$1. There amid the orange and lemon-lime... blue cream soda.

Blue cream soda, it should go without saying, is cream soda that happens to be blue (in color, not demeanor). But blue cream soda is also a ride in a time machine, back to my childhood and my grandmother's house on Georgia Street. Grandma was blue cream soda, and Grandpa was butter rum Lifesavers. There were more comfort foods there, of course... the holiday pies... salad macaroni (NOT elbow macaroni) with butter and season salt... lemon pudding, the old-fashioned kind, not instant, that you ate while it was still a little warm from the stove... But NOTHING says Grandma and Grandpa's house, like blue cream soda and butter rum Lifesavers.

rm_bonetone1 46M

7/6/2005 5:27 am

I just had to comment. This brought me back to a little place in time of my own. A little corner store and "Green River" soda. Thank you for the memory!!

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