A Good Day  

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12/5/2005 4:44 pm

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A Good Day

I proposed today. Twice. To the same man. Mind you, I think I was joking. After all, I am still legally married, and am so not in a position to even think that. I'm not even sure what it was that made me propose the first time; I know the second time it was because of his statement regarding dark chocolate - something along the lines of it being the only real chocolate there is. How could I not want to marry this man? LOL

Seriously, though. I'm having a lot of fun here, maybe too much for my own good. The great thing is, he and I are really good at having interesting and meaningful conversations, too, so he knows from whence I come on my commitment issues. But I'm growing increasingly comfortable here. Last night I spent the night here and worked on my last paper of the semester. This morning I finished it and turned it in, invaded his heavenly deep bathtub, and then snuggled up with him for an afternoon nap. (What a coincidence that I had taken a day off work to finish my paper, and he was feeling a little under the weather and took the day off sick!) Now I'm cooking dinner - if the way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach, maybe he will be the one proposing to me next.

Okay, I know I go on and on about him lately, but I can't help it. For one thing, I've spent the better part of the week with him. Who else am I going to gush about, when I'm not spending time with anyone else? And yeah, for another thing, I really do like him. Long-term, it's as doomed as any other relationship I could possibly get into while I'm still "broken" the way I am. But damn, I'm having a good time while it lasts, and I'm pretty sure I have a friend for life. Who doesn't need more of those?

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