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11/6/2005 8:31 pm

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Sometimes I wish... really REALLY wish... that things were already on an even keel for me, and my Big Life-Changing Event were already over. Then I might possibly be in a position to look for something long-term, or dare I say, forever.

No. Better not say forever. I don't have much luck with that word. But long-term, for sure.

I'm writing this blog tonight, not from campus, but from the home of a dear friend. I came over here to try and help him work a sore spot out of his back, and to remind him of something I need from him for my eldest's GT project. (Sign #1 that there is something special about this guy, because I tend to be fiercely protective when it comes to letting any man become even tangentially involved with my daughters.) Physically I wasn't really in a position to play tonight, and I warned him of that up front. Yet somehow, we wound up playing some anyway. Now I am comfortably checking e mail and blogging from the comfort of his bedroom, while he relaxes in the living room with a little Haydn. And I feel so darn comfortable here, so at ease, that it almost frightens me. Never mind how mind-blowingly fabulous sex is with him (and oh my heaven, is it ever!)... I'm just so... comfortable.

I could see myself letting my guard down with him. Now, it's another one of those situations where I'm not in a position to let it go that direction. I know it, he knows it, we've discussed. Still... I think that at the very least, I now have another dear and special friend for life, and I look forward to as many more fabulous nights as I will have with him.

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