Sex Scheduling Software: SEX FAIR - bring your resume!  

rm_Ellenback 58F
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5/26/2006 4:59 pm

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6/12/2006 4:31 pm

Sex Scheduling Software: SEX FAIR - bring your resume!

Well, I'm a scheduler in RL, so you'd think I'd have no difficulty coordinating my time to enable myself to hang out with whomever I please, whenever I want to.

I was talking to a good friend, and we both laughed at the possibility of having to 'downsize' some of our prospects and options. There are just so many choices on this smorgasbord of a site, and unfortunately RL has a way of interfering with play time at loud, frequent intervals. This site is like a SEXUAL JOB FAIR - bring your CV, dress up, and stand out from the crowd, and you'll get the job. Oh, and get the damn honesty questions right, too, okay?

For every block of time I set aside, there are way more alternatives that I am not exploring. I've erred in forgetting to email someone back, or call, and then the hurt feelings surface..."what, am I not that important to you?"

I just want to apologize, to some of my 'options', and let you know that while it's true that I'm not as readily available to spend time with you as I used to be, my job is consuming a fair chunk of my week, and if I've been neglectful of your communications - I am sorry!

It's the nature of the beast, my good friend told me...I am not responsible for making anyone feel better, as these are casual relationships, and we should all expect that...but that's not me, I care about people, and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone in this exploration.

However, there are certain people in my life that I would try to drop everything to be able to see, as they have touched my heart, with kindness, generosity, and even love, and I just want all of you to know that I really do appreciate you, and love you, and think of you constantly...I can't name you, but I think you know who you are to me!

I've found myself recently weighing my options - should I go out with someone, and have a great time, or should I have some 'me' time, and write...? It's a balancing act, each day, between what I need to get done, and what I want to get done, and it can even be stressful.

I wish there were 'reminders' on this site, for e.g. when you make a promise to someone, I would love it if a 'Boner' would suddenly pop up on the screen...forcing you to remember just what you promised, to whom, and for when! No, we must rely on our faulty memory alone, and perhaps the scheduler in our cell phones..

But still, there'll always be someone left crying in the wings, as there is only so much time free, and the loneliest of souls feel it most keenly.

I know, that's where I have come from, but I'm stepping out...and you should too! You just might see me out there, wherever you go.

Oh, and if I DO find that Sex Scheduling Software, do you want me to burn you a copy???





rm_IronTushie 49M
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5/27/2006 5:24 am

As you say, time is too have to sit back and prioritize but, as a scheduler, you know that. And then make sure that you only commit to what you can carry through.

rm_Ellenback 58F
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5/27/2006 8:27 am

Iron, I only commmit to what I can carry thru, it's true, but, the hard part is knowing just what I can carry an effort to pacify all parties, one sometimes forgets just how much groundwork is involved first! Still finding my limits far, they are pretty high, though, but I may drop from exhaustion one of these days! And I sooo miss my cam time...does that make any sense?



digdug41 49M

5/27/2006 8:53 am

well well your the busy bee aren't ya just wanted to swing through and say heeeeeeey! and I'll take all the squishy booby hugs I can get

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_Ellenback 58F
966 posts
5/27/2006 10:19 am

Dang DigDug, dunno how squishy they'll fact, they still pass the pencil test!!! Oh, and a Squier huh...? You know I play, right??? Ok I'm not the best guitarist, but damn I'll sing your ass off...blues, baby!!!

And MrDD (I'm a DD myself!) I know where you come from, been there, did the 12 myself and still doing it, props to you my man on overcoming...

Wanna jam??? Muddy, Etta, SamnDave....come on by!



ArtDent99 45M

5/28/2006 7:19 am

Ellen.. the important people in your life know who they are, don't fret about that. I think that they also understand that you are not you without that creative (or lazy or relaxing or whatever) 'me' time you give yourself.

It's like watching a flower grow.. you don't grab and pull the petals open... it's gotta do it by itself! (really crappy analogy, but its early still).

If I haven't said it enough.. 'to thine own self be true!' I wouldn't have it any other way.. to do so would be selfish of me! (or anyone else expecting your constant undivided attention)

1girlrevolution 46F

5/28/2006 11:17 am

Hey Elle, I can really relate to wanting someone yet still choosing to be alone. Balance is the key and I'm the first to admit that I spend too much time alone . . . but I like it! I'm so NOT insecure and I like spending time with me . . . like I have a choice??? lol Girl time is also important. Again, balance. Now quit breaking all those hearts!


horny4770 60M
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5/30/2006 1:52 pm

Elle, It's too bad we can't be all things to all people. I'm a scheduler also and I know how overwhelming life can be.

Some want more than we can give...that's their burden, not ours. We have to be able to take care of us before we can take on too much of a role of caring for everyone thoughts only.


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