Never Tap Out!  

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5/3/2006 8:10 pm

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Never Tap Out!

I've written about surrender before, and a lunch date that I had with my direct boss today reminded me of that entry.

We discussed how 'our' division had to be run completely separate from everyone else's...I am no longer able to ask for assistance from ANYONE, not even the French-speaking regional manager, with translating emails to reps, or even just letting me know which ones are already on programs. The difficulty lies in that some of my jobs are 'plums' for the reps, and they will easily choose mine over the regional manager's, meaning there is no one available to run her programs. So, we've always touched base: I send her a basic 'heads up' so that she can let interested reps know what is involved with the programs, and that something else might be conflicting with the hours. It worked well, until the higher ups got we can't even talk? Apparently, even 3 minutes of her time is too valuable to be budgeted onto MY division!!!

Now I don't even have help dealing with officials in QC - when I need to find venues for campaigns I'm SOL!!! GEE, I sooo need to learn to speak French, the way THEY do in LA BELLE province!

So, what do I do? Give up? TAP OUT? NOOO FREAKIN' WAY!!!

Sure, I could start looking around for another job, as I discovered I ONLY have a month to show a profit, or I can focus on gettin' er done! So guess what this gurrrl is doing? Yep!

I'm going down swinging, I guess, as opposed to sucking(in a lovely downward motion), like I usually do...

There's a contest on right now, for recruiting, and I'm using every means I can just to win it...the Big boss, written about previously (the dirty naughty email guy!) is on my team, and while he hasn't done much, I've pulled in huge numbers...Our team is wayyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of everyone else, and I'm keeping it that way! I'm even using off time and downtime to make some phone calls, postings, and other 'creative' methods to make it happen, while all the others have relied on tried and true.

Grand Prize? NOT SURE, but damn it better be good! Maybe even just the satisfaction that I kicked azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz over everyone else, even full-time recruiters...We find out the grand totals next Tuesday, so I'll update you!

I get extra points for remote and rural applications, so if you want to sign up and help me, just let me know! LMAO You don't even have to ever work for us, I just need your app on file with my name and the right promo code!


SEE? Creative, slightly unethical, but get'er DONE!




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