Say My Name  

rm_EbonyLadi 43F
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8/2/2006 10:53 am
Say My Name

Remembering how it use to be
All night long till we couldnt see

The passion that rose between us
The uncontrollable feeling of lust

You tasting the sweetness of my nectar
You standing over me in such a jesture

To ask if I would oblige you with the same
You know me, sexcapades is my game

Instead I turn around and now im on all fours
Ass out back arched waving you in with open doors

Damn, thats what I'm talkin about, take it
Harder Harder, damn did he say AWWW Shit

No not yet Daddy, as I release from his hold
I am not ready for you to unload

Missionary style, I got you how I want you
Thrusting my hips right back at you

The melody is melodic we are on each others beat
Taking it all in, cause its not gone be me u defeat

Relax the legs and tighten the pussy muscles
Holding me tight like u wanna tussle (lmao)

I got you now .. be still dammit, I said
You wanted it now you getting it and im all in your head

Damn baby stop, I dont wanna cum right now he said
Im not gone stop till this dick here is dead

Harder, Faster, Harder nigga, DAMMIT he came
But not before I was victorious, in hearing him SCREAM out my name

marnison 79F

8/2/2006 11:14 am

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