Well It is done if Approved for now!  

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6/7/2005 3:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Well It is done if Approved for now!

Well I have done everything except for my Verified ID and I am doing that this week! If you go look at my pro you will know everything about me that you need to know! I figure if I do not find one single female friend on here by the end of the year I am just giving up on it all together!

Latest News:

I have been working on for the Past 5 months now on Opening up my 24-Hour Access gym, but I always seem to be thrown another hurdle in front of me! I have no excuse now for not getting into shape and I plan on utilizing this opportunity and the time!

I hope to have it open and up and running by the end of this month! I am looking for someone who has a Tanning Bed that would like to put it in my
gym and split the profits because I do not have the funds to buy/lease/rent one! If you are Interested please by all means let me know!

I am still sick as a dog and been this way for two weeks now! I guess I will see what happens with me on this site and as I stated before over and over I am looking for women friends to hang out with and who knows you might just get lucky with me, but I will see what happens when I have to face and come to that road!

Ok I am going to leave this blog as it is now and not add anymore to it and see what happens! I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!


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