I'm here and my adventure has started.  

rm_EZ2SAHI 54M
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8/3/2005 11:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm here and my adventure has started.

Welcome to my blog, come and enjoy my newest adventure and what it is like as a down to earth heterosexual male looking for casual encounters with others.

I just signed up the other day and right away I got a wink from a nice couple. Wow not bad for not having much in my profile. I spent some time reviewing their information and I am pretty amazed that I have a lot in common with this couple and so my interest is peeked. So I send them a e-mail thanking them for the wink and give them more details about myself, noting that their profile could almost have been what I would have entered. I was sure to be nice, open and respectful, because that is what I would expect.

But then I look at their network of friends and there are 45 people with most of them with pictures of erect penises, Big Ones, Nice looking Ones. I then ask myself, “self you have a nice penis, above average length and just the right amount of thickness” (not my critic of my penis, but what I have been told many times, I always joke around I need two more inches,

I just do not know what I would do with those extra two inches. Does this mean I have to pull back further on each stroke, that could wear a fellow out. I wouldn't be able to find many women that could deep throat me. Hey its fun to watch your penis dissappear then suddenly reappears.

Then I start a serious dialog with myself to figure out what type of pictures I should upload. Do I really want to be portrayed as an erect penis? Is this what this friend finder is all about? Should I give my penis a handle and let him do the work, to let him own his happiness. I could see it now………

“Hi my name is Winky,

I am a heat seeking moisture missile. Here is a picture of me at Military Academy. Look how erect I am standing at salute for over 4 hours. If you see me and there is moisture in your special spot and I can detect it, I can’t be responsible for my actions. My preprogrammed DNA will start the countdown to launch and I will seek out that wet spot and penetrate the outer service to gather information deep down into your vagina and then retreat to relay findings, and then back in to keep collecting information. This will go one for a long time, as I try to touch your cervix, (Shit, that is why I need those two extra inches) as I do my data collection and I am about to be recalled I need to cover my trail, so I will inject the region with a special milky foam.

Please e-mail me and we can go for a ride.

Your’s truly,

No I do not think that would work. There are a lot bigger penises out there to handle the current demand. But if I am a nice guy, does that mean I will finish last or in other words, not at all? How do I want to be portrayed? There are so many decisions that could impact my ability to get noticed, to have that secret rendezvous with a special lady. Oh what do I do????? I know, I know, I’ll be my own lovable self. Nothing could be better than that.

So now that I know who I am, I decide to go fill out my profile information so that visitors can stop by and get to know my own perceptions of myself. That is correct isn’t it? I think if they really wanted the real truth versus the perceived truth, they would send out the surveys to all you friends, family and past girlfriends/spouses. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I’ll let you read what I see and lets not talk to those others. It might end up bursting my bubble.

Wow that was an exercise in itself, I found out things about myself that I haven’t thought about it years. “When did you lose your virginity and describe it” Ouch, that is a double edged sword. The good side was I final did it!!! Can a have a YEA BABY, WAY TO GO!!! The bad side was it was over in 5.2 seconds, faster than a Mustang going 0 to 60.

But when you really think about it, I am still a virgin. The lady that I end up hooking up with using AdultFriendFinder will be my first. My first time with her, and I know that I would never relive that time when I was 16. I am older, wiser, trained in the arts and most of all changing the focus from its all about ME to getting great enjoyment of making it about her.

Now what, oh I should do that purity test. I know I can pass it. My gosh, I get to learn more about myself and find out I am not pure anymore. How can I live with myself?
I am only 31% pure and 69% naughty. Damn it, since I am no longer pure, then I need to set a goal of 100% naughty. I am just a D average right now. Another let down. Is AdultFriendFinder suppose to help you meet your needs or to be brutle and beat up on your ego. Oh well, at least now I know what it takes to get to 100% naughty. But I think I will need help, so I better continue to update my profile.

What’s next? The personality test, oh know here we go again. I know I can get this one right. Nice good looking guy that is caring and trusting and likes to treat others like he wants to be treated. This is a slam dunk. Back up people here I go…………

I’m back, any guesses? I bet you are sitting there all naked in front of your computer just laughing your arse off saying this dude is messed up. He can’t pass any test on AdultFriendFinder.

Drum roll please, the outcome is “EZ2SAHI has an Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger (ENFJ) personality commonly referred to as "The Growth Teacher".”

Bam, nailed this one. Come to me ladies one by one and let me be your “Personal Growth Teacher.) I can handle this.

Movin on…..

OK I am at that original cross road. What should I be putting up for a picture? Ladies I need your help here. What do you really want? Is it really the EPP (Erect Penis Picture?)
Or is it the Nude Thinker Pose. So here is what I need from the ladies that review my profile, realize what I am looking for and the type a guy I am, you tell me what type of picture you think I should have. You name it, be creative, I will leave this open for one week to get all the feedback that I can and I will go with the majority.***

My photo fate is in your hands, let others know of my needs and see how many responses I can get and it could be useful for a lot of other guys.

So my last thing I have done is sent out a few hi how are you, to introduce myself to a few ladies that I have come across. I wait their responses. Do I suppose to sit in front of my computer with baited breath waiting for them to respond? I think not, if they do, great and if they don’t, that is ok to.

So now I wait for one of my introductions to respond and also for your help with my photo dilemma. I think I am now in that gray area of AdultFriendFinder. Have I done everything right, do I really need to have a professional edit my work? The pressure is killing me; I think I will take my dog for a walk.

Night all, until I blog again.

*** Blogger has the right to modify pose if it could hurt me

hotdarter 47F
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8/4/2005 2:58 am

Wonderful read, asking all the questions I have asked myself. Hmmmm. My favorite pics are of a mans tush. Back shot, naked. Maybe looking over the shoulder. This pose works for all kinds of bodies.

rm_EZ2SAHI 54M
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8/4/2005 9:21 am

Wow, my first response.

Way to go hotdarter, I like the way you think, I have a nice tight bum, this could work. But how do I do the half way turn naked butt shot, by myself

I know, I need to go visit my Mom and ask her to take the picture. She is in her 60's.

"Hey Mom, I'm home."

"Hi my sweet boy, how is everything in your life"

"Great Mom, making a lot of new friends on the internet"

"Thats nice dear, what brings you over today?"

"I need you to take a picutre of me like you did when I was two. You know the one of me naked walking down the hall, and you call out my name. I then turn my head and you take that silly picture. Can you do this for me?"

"Why in the world would you need this type of picture? What kind of friends do you have?"

"Look ma, you know I am seperated, I work a lot and I am not even interested in a close relationship, so I joined this website that helps people who have the same needs and wants to get together. It is call AdultFriendFinder. I was having a hard time figuring out what type of picture I should post and I had this wonderful lady reply back to me that this pose can work for anybody.

"Son Son Son, you are so naive. Go for the EPP thats what I would want"

yuk, end conversation and run out door.

Note to myself - never talk about things like this with my mother.

I think I will try the LOTSNBS - (figure it out, you have to work in my blog. Thanks again hotdarter.


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