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8/7/2006 4:14 pm

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Just a Poem

I stood in the doorway as you stepped out of the shower,
the air fresh and moist, smelling like wildflowers.
The wetness still clung to your forehead and hair,
and there was some dew forming on your lips, way down there.

I came up from behind you, looking in the mirror, returning your gaze,
but I could make out your hands exploring yourself, even through the haze.
My cock stiffened as you began stroking your moist, little lips
and I pressed up against you with my hands on your hips.

You continued to stroke your pussy, rubbing your little red clit,
by the look on your face, I thought to myself, “This is it”.
But no, you only slowed the pace of your stroking a tad,
treating that clitty like a small, detached dimpled chad.

Rubbing and stroking, round and round your hand went,
“If she keeps this up she will soon be quite spent”.
Instead you just smiled, licked your lips, softly moaned,
as I pressed my stiff one against you and groaned.

“Enough”, I said, as I spun you around,
forcing you down to your knees on the ground.
Unbuttoned my pants you did lickety split,
and began teasing my cock slowly, like you did your own clit.

Sucking and slurping sounds I did hear,
as you gobbled my dick like some honey licking bear.
“Slow down”, I say, hoping to save my cumshot,
for a later time, baby, to fill your honeypot.

The next thing I know you are bending over for me,
as I enter you slowly, our faces glowing with glee.
I start out moving slowly, watching my dick
move in and out of your hole like the end of a clic-bic.

I cannot believe how wet your little hole is,
but it will become wetter as I fill it with jizz
But, “No”, I say, “I must hold on for a bit more”,
enjoying your pussy, it is not such a chore.

Hips moving, thrusting and pumping away,
moaning and groaning, our bodies beginning to sway.
I grab hold of your ass, holding tighter as I pump,
my mind lost in the action as I hump, hump, hump, hump.

Change the position, I must see your face,
as I stick my dick in you, again in the same place.
Your eyes begin darting about, rolling around
and I know that your near cumming as I continue to pound.

You begin moving your hips to meet mine as I thrust,
your throat emitting a sound like your ready to bust.
Faster and faster and harder we fuck,
I am ready to come, boy, I think you should duck!

But before I spill my load inside you,
I notice you trembling as we continue to screw.
Your hips thrusting and pumping, smacking my own
your pussy gushing a stream, as if a gasket had blown.

“That’s enough”, I scream, “I cannot hold my cum”,
I pull it out of your hole, are you ready for some?
You start licking the tip of my dick as I squirt,
getting some in your eye, I’m sorry, did that hurt?

The feeling I get when cumming on you
is like emptying my insides all the way through.
The cum shoots through my dick like a hot, sticky river,
enough to cause my whole body to shiver.

As we lay there together, panting and breathing as one,
I look to your face and ask if you are ready for some?
Again and again we fuck on till it’s late
until our cum is all spent, man, isn’t this great?

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8/7/2006 4:55 pm

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