Relatives some times Just plain suck  

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8/26/2006 8:44 pm

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Relatives some times Just plain suck

I hate so much some of the family relations among some of my relatives, it just plain makes me sad.

Yesterday I was towards the end of my work day when one of my aunts on my fathers side goes on-line and sends me a power-point presentation email, I was in offline mode in my messenger so she didn't noticed that I was on-line too. I went into my email in-box to check her email (she usually sends funny things) and in the message there is this little paragraph that just pissed me off, here is what she wrote:

"Hello (my name);
This power-point is just perfect for your parents since I heard your sister has a new "black" boyfriend..... So? Is your dad not a racist anymore? "

The power-point was the story of a girl that disappeared from her house to be found 2 years later in africa with her new boyfriend and when asked by her parents to return home she would strongly refuse.. then there is a picture of a naked couple with a blond girl with her arms around one of the legs of her huge cock boyfriend (I have to admit that the ppt was kind of funny but still I was pissed about my aunt's comments).

My dad ain't racist, I admit he ain't too keen on seeing his daughter with an afro-american boy (which her boyfriend ain't, he is just little darker skinned that what "they" are used to) but then again he is not keen on seeing her with any other boy regardless of their skin color either. I believe there is a difference between being racist and to prefer seeing my sister with a guy that looks more like our family which isn't white either.

I hope the relation I have with my parents and my brother and sister never becomes as it is between my father and his brother and sisters, and between them and my grandma.

I think that was enough venting for this post, I wanted to keep going into my uncle who by the way is my godfather and his bitchy teen daughter but that is just too much mind poison for one blog.

horny4dp73 44M/44F

8/29/2006 5:27 am

Family issues are always a tough pill to swallow. You love them so much and know they can be wrong sometimes and not be able to show them the light. Regardless of whether your Dad is or isn't a bigot is beside the point. Your Aunt seems to have crossed a line on a seemingly sensitive subject for your father. Why shake a hornets nest?
As for you, try not to get too upset or over involved. I know it's hard not to with family, but sometimes you just have to remember that they are just average folks who aren't perfect.

Keep your chin up, babe!

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8/29/2006 11:15 pm

I have some distant cousins for whom I care more than this aunts and this particular close cousin.

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