Golf Accident  

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3/28/2006 10:14 pm

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Golf Accident

Two women were playing golf on a sunny morning. Suddenly they saw how the ball with a lot of energy was flying through the air straight at some men that where playing further ahead. The ball smashed vigorously one of the men, who immediately put both his hands between his legs and felt to the ground rolling, moaning, and hollering in pain.

The women ran up to where the men where. One of the women (spectacular blond with a perfect figure) feeling guilty said:
“ohhh Sr, please let me help you. I’m a chiropractor and I know how to take away the pain if you let me.”

"Ouch, auuuu, noooo.!!!!!!! "No No I will be fine... the pain will go in a couple of minutes ", replied the man, while remaining in a fetal position, laying on the fairway with both his hands still between his legs.

The woman insisted until the he allowed her to help him;
Ever so gently, she separated his hands and moved them out of the way, placed him on his back and proceeded to undo his pants, open his zipper and place her hands inside them. She extracted his penis and started to massage it with up most delicacy, care and skill up to the point where she started to warm it up with her mouth.
-"30 minutes after, the woman turns and sees the satisfaction in the man’s face and asks ¿Are you feeling better?"
"¡Well, I’m feeling fucking great!".......... answered the man, "but although I appreciate what you did, I want to tell you that my index finger still hurts as hell and I think it might be broken........."

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