Being caught and catching someone having sex  

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6/22/2006 6:07 pm
Being caught and catching someone having sex

I started a poll before this post about catching someone or being caught having sex but I didn't post my own experiences. Since so many people have viewed the poll but not posted or commented I decided to post my own experience in a separate post so I can get into the new post list and share with those that read the poll already.

Here it goes :
we were caught by my girlfriend's mom with her shirt and bra open and my hands inside, and her hands inside my pants (we were in the preliminaries). I was also caught masturbating by my dad when I was around 13; and watching porn I was caught like 7 -10 times... I caught my brother masturbating to porn once and he caught my parents in broad day light having sex. he was really stupid cause it was obvious what they were doing that day, I could always tell if my folks were having sex because to close their door it was really hard since one of the hinges was twisted, besides the panting was not laud but still audible from outside the door.

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