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6/22/2006 10:36 pm

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AFF Sex Education

As I was answering the post of a 18 year old girl here at AdultFriendFinder that wanted some sex advice I realized that despite the regular sex freaks that hang around this kind of websites everyone that posted some advice to this girl actually gave her good comments and serious thoughtful advice. Later that day I came across an article by Regina Lynn a sex writer and commenter on wired magazine about a book called "The Naked Truth About Sex: A Guide to Intelligent Sexual Choices for Teenagers and Twentysomethings" and on the article she mentioned all the internet sources of sex information available that can influence teenagers and people that are about to embark on their first sexual experience or on their sexual exploration of different activities.

This two things leaded me to analyze if I was a positive source of sex information in this blog and if the blogs I have read have been sexual positive sources as well.

Well I think I have been positive and most of the things I have read have been really interesting and instructive.

How about you, are you a sexually positive blogger?

Even more would you recommend this website or some of the posts to sexually inexperienced 18 year olds (can't say less cause have to respect the law) ???

Would you share this kind of info with your sexually awaking sons or daughters??

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