What's in a name?  

rm_Dzdancnfsd 42M
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7/16/2006 9:10 am

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11/26/2006 8:01 pm

What's in a name?

I thought I would capture my thoughts on some people's insistence in using the capital D for dominant or dom. This would also cover my thoughts on those who insist on being call sir or master. I have always found this to be somewhat fallacious and pretentious.

Using the capital letter does not make me any more or less what I already am. It would be the same as calling a woman “Woman”. The title does not make the individual.

If you are dominant by nature, titles are irrelevant. My background is athletics and business and my point of reference is the same. In sports, a leader (captain) emerges naturally based on a combination of talent, respect, leadership qualities, and pure dominance. In business, a leader becomes a leader for the same reasons. Quite often a leader who is appointed either steps up to the challenge with the characteristics that make a team want to follow them or they are replaced by the team, with or without the title.

As a dominant individual, I don’t respect titles per se. I respect the same characteristics that make someone a leader and a dominant individual. I don’t demand obedience because I am someone’s Dom, I expect it because of who I am . . . whether that be in business, sports, or personally.

Obviously you are free to do as you wish, just as I am free to have my opinion about it. If you and your partner(s) find excitement and satisfaction in this game of semantics; that is the beauty of living where we do, the freedom to be who we are.

As always, good luck in your pursuit of intense sexual satisfaction.

rm_lol_hound 66M
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7/17/2006 4:42 am

Names r who we are,Jobs define ourselves,Work is what we do for Money,Knowledge is employment satisfaction. Screen name adoption time defines leading banner to others. So names really do mean something, and as far as grammar,spelling,puncation, go that is for your sensible screen names. This being my playful one,seeking opposite members of the sex was inspiration,So try to not get so wrap up in mechanics of life and go wiff the flow,cant heep myself.

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