What does it take...  

rm_Dysgyzed 46F
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12/28/2005 5:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What does it take...

travelingintexas posts some great thought provoking questions in his blog.

In this one...What Does it Take..., he asks what would make us insane if he were to do it on a date.

That had me sit down and write this. I'm sure the man didn't expect a psychological autopsy, but there it was.

And now here it is.

In my scenario, you have already felt the crackle through e-mails, and the meeting is to be confirmation that it's genuine.

Since I’m rather skittish about this whole dating thing (and with good reason too), when you say “insane”, I’m going to put the slant on it that I feel you go in deeper than I had expected, anticipated or barely dared to hope for.

And while that sounds mighty delightful in a sexual sense, what I mean is: touch my heart, put me in a slight panic, make me hunger for your nuances during conversation, and I can just about guaran-damned-te the sex is going to be blistering hot and spicy as well.

At it’s finest, sex is communication with deep body language. It’s not a quick bang; it’s the creation of a whole experience, and that starts at the very beginning. And with any luck, we’d laugh enough and flirt enough and stimulate one another enough to heat up the situation that very night. Hell, FLAME it!

So, if THAT’s the kind of situation you want here, then I say:

Wait until you’re sure that you really do want to *wow* me (because I would want you to know that I was worth it), and then:

Give me a small piece of jewelry symbolic of some aspect of my (or your) personality. A sterling silver pendant/necklace would be about perfect.

(What I didn't say in his blog is that metal is considered, in all cultures, to transfer energy. Hmmm... ask electrical engineers and they will agree. See... I *may* not be as crazy as I sometimes appear to be.)

It wouldn't have to be, and really shouldn't for a first date be, expensive. When you lavish someone with gifts, it can be taken as an indication that you are trying TOO hard. Then I have to start wondering why you are paying me to go out with you.

But, if you can heighten the memory trace for me, if you can subtly prove that you know me even from a distance, then those are truly the best gifts, the “things you could do”, to make me “insane”.

rm_MustangD6644 52M
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12/31/2005 7:45 am

Damn it would appear that I wasted my unique Valentines Day present on the wrong woman.

As a present a couple of years ago I WELDED yes welded a Valentine Greeting to my wife on the back of some checkerplate steel 15" x 15", with a heart and an arrow, hugs and kisses.

My ex and her idiot family were not impressed, as they are cards and chocolate types, ie you have to spend money to show love.

However when my ex told her workmates about the present, they were all very jealous and so her opinion changed, for a little while anyway.

So would you have appreciated such a gift?


rm_MustangD6644 52M
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1/1/2006 6:55 pm

Dysgyzed; You are completly correct, because I did waste a lot of time, money, effort, and love, on the wrong woman. Learn the lesson and move on, its not easy but thats the way it is.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and I just love the coy look and the plunging neckline in your photo, would you like to join my Lady Friends profile photo list? If you would then leave your OK in the relevant post.


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