Telling it like it is  

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4/4/2006 10:56 pm

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Telling it like it is

okay so its a month later than my last entry, Do I still feel the same? Pretty much. I mustve been in a really bad mood the day I wrote that
Cuz it's not like me to put my feelings on front street. I dont know what it is or why any man I become intimate with just ends up wanting to hang out and be friends. Maybe I don't make myself clear enough as to what I want. Hell I don't know what I really want. But I know i'm tired of being the good friend, the buddy, the cool chick, I guess I want a relationship to where each feels equal. No games, no pretending, no useing, no lies, I want a companion, someone who wants to hold me at night, and me hold them back, someone to go places and do things with. I have a few things to change about myself, To which I have started doing something about........i'm a little heavier than my pics for one, for #2 theres a big issue that i have also began to deal with called addiction, Im taking that one day at a time.... Okay where am I going with this i dont know???? Maybe someone wants to be more than a friend. That doesnt mean I want every Tom, Dick and Harry responding saying, "Hey. ya wanna fuck?" I get so tired of hearing that U have no idea. Okay i guess im done venting for now see ya soon

rm_dark12810 58M
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4/26/2006 11:07 am

You don't know how lonely it can be doing what I do. I'm a sales rep and if I'm not on the road I don't make money. Guess that means today I'm not making any. On the road means rarely seeing my wife which is why all I've been asked by her is to not bring her any diseases. She doesn't want to know about anything else and I don't want to know from her. Somehow it works for us. I use to have a regular friend the I would see north of here but have never found anyone down south. I spend a lot of time there too. I also can sympathize with your other problems as I'm recovering as well. It can be a bitch at times but I've hung in there. Really if your size isn't real in the photo who actually cares. Your face is nice and you seem honest what else should matter?

cozmicangel 53M
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9/12/2006 1:28 pm


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