What is a man to do  

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2/17/2006 8:22 am

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What is a man to do

Ok you ladies hate the guy who lies, you do not like it when people over inflate there abilities.

What is a man to do?

I have read some extremely unique profiles on this site, and I was wondering how others feel.
You read a profile you think Oh my god we are made for each other, you have everything in common, you both like all the same things like favorite movies, TV shows, and you have same sexual fantasy listed etc… and likely hate the same things. Now how do you impress this person without lying? If you state the truth and let her know how much you match, she will more often than not blow it off as you are trying to hard. If you do inflate it a little well then it is no man could be this perfect.
So here lies the problem, how do you impress the women when you know she receives like 20 plus messages a day, what can you do to get there eye on you.
I dont know it has always made me giggle on the fine line one is suppose to walk while trying to impress a lady, in a club it is easy be your self and let her decide if she likes you. On here you compete with 20 guys a day and you never really know someone from an email, how could you some guys are to shy to say what they are really thinking, others who would never say boo to anyone in email become very bold. Sure after a few sure you can get idea of who they are but not in one. Well that is based on him not requesting you meet and have sex today that will always answer who he is.

Well there is my thought for the week.
Hope all have a good weekend.

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