What Ive come to realize  

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What Ive come to realize

People say I am an extremely nice guy, and I don’t disagree with that. But, like many people, I have many layers, like an onion. I have a public profile, upstanding, proper, polite, and very kind. That is, in fact, a large part of who I am. I like to be nice to people, I find you generally get kindness back. I, like most people, crave emotional attachment, as well, and I have been in love, and will be again, I am sure. I long for a partner who is a trusted friend, my other half, the one who completes me as a person. Someone who I can tell anything to, and who can tell me anything. Someone from whom I have no secrets, and who has no secrets from me. I am fiercely loyal to a person who fits this description, and like that loyalty back, as well. That said, I am referring to emotional attachment and loyalty, and the honesty that develops between soul mates
I have not said anything about sex. Sex is a thing we do as humans, it feels incredibly wonderful, it can motivate us, depress us, excite us, repulse us. Generally, I find everything about sex basically good, as long as no one else is getting hurt, especially emotionally hurt. That is why honesty is so important. I long for a woman who I enjoy having sex with, and who enjoys having sex with me, but there is more to it than that. I love sex so much, I would expect the woman who is right for me to love it as much as I do. And I want nothing more than for the one I care about than to have everything she desires, than for her to experience as much ecstasy as possible. If I want my woman to feel good, which I do, then I want her to have as much sex as she desires, from as many men and women as she desires, just as I would want her to eat when she is hungry, and drink when she si thirsty In fact, I prefer it this way, and feel it is the way it truly should be. I love nothing more than to see the look of ecstasy and passion on the face of my lover from another man or woman. I find it even more exciting than seeing that look when I put it there myself. Many men find that there ego is threatened by this. They feel somehow inadequate if their lover has sex with someone else. For those people, I hope they find a very contented, monogamous relationship. But for me, I find that watching my lover having sex with another man or woman does just the opposite. Knowing I am going home with the woman who is getting the fucking of her life, and watching the pleasure on her face, excites me as much as the act itself. I love nothing more than to see the look of pleasure on the face of the one I care about, and I imagine she gets more pleasure from more partners, than she ever can from just one man. Women are much more multi-orgasmic than men, so it just makes sense that they should have several men available to them.
I have been very fortunate to have lived a few of my fantasies, but I want to live it now for the rest of my life with the one who is my soul mate. I will have fun, and spread a lot of fun and good times until I find that person. Once you have accepted sex for what it is, an extreme form of pure pleasure, the likes of which no other pleasure can compare, who could want to keep it all for themselves? The first time I had a great bite of New York Cheese cake, I wanted to share it with my then girlfriend, and I spoon fed her bite after bite, thrilled with the look of satisfaction on her face and eyes as she savored the taste. I discovered I received almost as much joy from watching her pleasure as I did from tasting it myself. The combination of pleasures together was far greater than the sum of the two pleasures apart. That said, what follows is one of my many fantasies, and the general story of the relationship I hope to live from today on.

My lady and I live together, share the household, share the duties, and the rewards, and live a perfectly normal life in most all respects. We are upstanding members of out community, but we guard out private lives fiercely. Partly because keeping it private keeps it intense, and partly because the world is not generally ready for two people as open as we are about our sexuality. Besides, It makes for very stimulating thought to know that we have a secret that only we share, when we are in our public persona.
On a typical evening, I might take you out for dinner, and enjoy a good meal. It is a week night, and we have both worked all day, and have to work again the next day. Our days are typical American days, full of the stress of caring for children, the grind of the business world, clients, employees, bosses, and the like. If we are lucky, we might get to see each other for a quick lunch together, and maybe a little petting and playing, but generally, our days are spent apart from each other, each in our own daily grind. On this evening, the kids are staying over with a relative, and I am taking you to a nice restaurant During dinner, I flirt, show my affection, and as it is returned, I begin to get excited. You brush your hand against my crotch once or twice, only adding to my excitement. I compliment you on the outfit you are wearing, a low cut blouse with a lace trim, gold charm necklace, your hair face, and eyes all complimenting the package, and think to myself how great your cleavage looks in that outfit. I cant help it, it really looks good to me. You are wearing a mid/short skirt, black, with ¾ heels, and when you sit, the skirt rises to just above your knees. While we wait for our order, I massage your leg, and run my hand up your thigh, higher and higher, under the table. The waitress brings drinks. We notice an old guy sitting at the table across the way. I whisper in your ear, and you notice him. His eyes are attracted to my hand running up under your skirt, and at the appropriate time, you spread your legs quickly, and I run my hand up to your snatch, giving him a quick glance at your already wet pussy. The waitress brings our salad. We take a few bites, and carry on ordinary conversation, just as any couple would, and are truly interested in how each others day went. We notice the old guy really keeps looking, now, and so you flash him a couple times more, and we both laugh inside at the fact that he cant reveal to the woman he is with why he keeps looking at you, instead of at her. We have a lot more planned for the evening than flashing, but it is fun, and gets us both excited. When the meal finally comes, we are both getting excited, and are starting to think of things much better than lobster tail and filet mignon. I signal the waitress, leave the cash and the tip, and we get up to leave, being sure to exit past the old guys table, close enough for him to smell your perfume. We hurry out of the restaurant, and head for the car ride home. We laugh about the old guys looks, and I swell with pride as I look over at the wonderful, beautiful woman beside me. As soon as we get to the interstate, you lean over, kiss me on the lips, and lower your head to my lap without saying a word. My hard-on has been obvious, and you are rewarding me for my patience. Plus, you know what you have in store for the evening. Your pussy has been tingling from the thought of it since an hour before you left work, and you are showing me that you are ready for the rest of the night. You expertly suck on my dick, and I try to pull up beside a trucker, as we drive, to give him, me, and you another quick thrill. He looks over and notices, and blows his horn. You look up at him with the head of my cock on your lips, and waive, just before we take our exit. He honks his air horn three times, as I shoot a load in your mouth, and you continue to suck until you have every drop out of my balls, knowing there will be more in just a short time. We kiss again, long, and passionately, as we sit in the driveway, rubbing and making out like teenagers for a few minutes, before we go inside to get ready for the rest of the evening. We walk in the door, and I grab your ass again, and run my hand up under your panty less skirt, while you reach back and feel my hard-on coming back. We waste little time getting to the bedroom, which I have built just for you. It is tastefully decorated, with a number of large mirrors along the walls, and on the loft ceiling, above the bed, giving a multi angular view of our bed. I Kiss you again at the edge of the bed, and slowly lay you back, kissing harder and more passionately. I pull one of your lovely breasts from your blouse, and suck on the nipple and areola until your nipple is rock hard, as I am again by this time. I flick it gently with my tongue, and then suck on it hard, then kiss it like a long lost lover, pulling it into my mouth harder and harder, whole cupping your breast, and rubbing your legs and pussy. God, It is so wet now. I can feel the moisture already running down your crack and through the back of your skirt, onto the bed. I lick down your tummy, playing briefly with your navel, inserting my tongue in your navel, as a tease of ehat will come in a moment more. I kiss little short kisses around our tummy, and down to your crotch, kissing and licking the crack of your leg, on either side of your wetness, but not yet touching it with my tongue. When I feel your back begin to arch, as I tease from side to side, I begin to slide my tongue the length of your pussy, flicking your clit very quickly with my tongue, then licking down the length of your lips, back up to your clit. I insert a finger while I am gently sucking on your clit, somewhat like I did with your nipples, but more gently, and with more action from the tip of my tongue. I turn my finger upward, and find the sweet spot just inside, and tap tap tap on it while playing with your clit with my tongue. It is at this time that we hear the knock on the door. I finish getting you off once more, and raise up to you to kiss you, before going to the door. My face is soaking wet, and you taste your own sweet juices in my kiss, before I leave. I look back, and tell you what I see. The most beautiful creation on the earth, and I am so pleased I am sharing my time and my soul with you. You are beautiful, sexy, passionate and raw.

A very short time later, I return upstairs, and behind me is another man. You can only see his silhouette and features lightly, in the candle light from the room. He is fit, around 6 foot tall, and begins unbuckling his belt as soon as he sees your beautiful, ready, body. He begins to undress, shoes, socks, shirt, he tosses to the corner. He unbuttons his jeans, and the sound of the zipper dropping is like a starter bell. We both look into each others eyes, at that moment, thrilled with passion, ecstasy, and love for each other. Your eyes go to his cock, and I see a slight smile when you see it. Although I am thinking in more loving terms, I must admit he is right, when he comments on how fucking hot you are. He is eager, and we both see his cock starting to get hard as he just looks at you. I lean down to kiss your lips, a sweet, short kiss, and lower myself between your legs and return to eating your hot, wet, pussy. You are still drenched with pussy juices, and I resume my earlier activities fairly quickly, this time using a long, narrow vibrator about 4 inches into your pussy, as I continue to lick your lips, and clit, lips, and clit. I feel the bed shift slightly, as he positions himself beside you, and look up from between your legs to see you take his cock in your mouth, hungrily, taking more than half of it all at once in one gulp. I look up and see you sucking hard and fast, making muffled moans, as you cum again in my face. I pull the vibrator out, and press my nose and face hard into your wet lips, shaking my head quickly, rubbing your wetness form leg to leg, spreading your lips with my nose and tongue. You gag once or twice on his big cock.. He comments on how wet your pussy is, and reaches his hand down to feel your dripping lips. I ask him, “Do you want to fuck her now? I think she is ready for you.” You answer before he can say anything, “Yes, Yes, fuck me , fuck me. Oh, god, I’m so ready for that big cock.” I move from your pussy, and lay beside you, kissing your full lips, our tongues twisting together, I hold you and rub your hair, your neck, your cheek, while I kiss you, as he mounts you. He thrusts once, and you let out a gentle, “oh god, yesssss, that feels so fucking good” He gets into a rythym, and I kiss you passionately, feeling your pleasure through your kiss. I can tell how much you are enjoying it from your kiss, and I am so aroused, and so pleased, to see the extacy in your face, and feel it in your response. I feel you rise up, and begin to quiver, as you have another orgasm while he fucks you harder and faster. You whisper “oh, yes, oh, god Im so hot, oh, this is so good” I kiss you hard again, and you pull my tongue into your mouth, and begin to suck on it, all while he is thrusting in, out, in, out, in, out. I look back at his cock going into your pussy, my dick rock hard, and I am so happy to see that he is doing a good job fucking you. He is beginning to sweat, and he pulls your legs up toward the ceiling for additional leverage, and deeper thrusts. You look into my eyes, and say, “ I want your cock in my mouth” I kneel beside you, massage your forhead and cheek, and present my cock to you. You hungrily gobble it up. You match the thrusts of his cock in your pussy with the thrusts of your mouth around my dick, and I feel you cumming again. The sound is erotic, the sound of smacking bodies, wet, hard, hot, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. The room smells wonderful, all our sex mingling together, with new sweat, hormones, and testosterone together, making a potpourri of passion and heat. You start to cum again, as I reach down to play with your clit with my free hand while his cock thrusts in and out of you, so wet that his balls are actually causing a slight splash of moisture. You start to cum really hard, both clitorally and internally, and he does at the same time. He cums in your pussy, while he thrusts and holds, deep inside you. I fill your mouth with another load at the same time, and collapse beside you, kissing your lips, rubbing your still quivering pussy with my open hand, and you twitch, twitch, twitch. Your whole body is pulsing. While I am kissing you, and telling you how much I love you, he is quickly and quietly dressing, and he leaves as quickly as he came in. We continue to kiss and love each other, while we get our energy back, and after 15 or 20 minutes, I start to get hard again. We talk about how hot it was, how much you enjoyed it, and you mention how good he felt in your pussy. I kiss down your navel again, and start eating your well fucked pussy again. This time, it is so clearly pleased, your pussy feels like velvet covered in warm oil. You r juices still drip, and I lick them up hungrily. I mount you and fuck you again, but neither of us lasty long this time, and we cum together again, and Lay pressed together in a tight embrace. I leave my dick inside you, while I gently kiss you, rub your cheek, rub the back of my fingers across oyur lips and nose, kiss your cheek, your nose, your forhead, your eyes, and we soon fall fast asleep in each others embrace.

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1/16/2006 6:48 pm

I have had the pleasure of sexual extacy with this hot,wild man. All I can say is he is everything he says he is; sweet, caring, sensual, loving, emotionally satisfiing, physically satisfiing and more!! I look forward to our next adventure, and all I can say for the lady that is lucky enough to have him all for herself is that she better take care of him and thank the heavens above for him. Love u Pooh Bear

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