With Him Inside  

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7/26/2005 4:01 am

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With Him Inside

After we had said goodbye for the day, my pussy still felt stretched and split, wetness slowly, teasingly moving down out of my hot throbbing pussy to gather in my hair and still quivering thighs, mingling with the wetness that had coated me earlier as we played, making me ready for him to enter me at his whim. The feel of it brought back so many erotic memories of what we had done earlier that I longed to have my pussy filled with something other than the phantom pleasurable stretch caused by the after glow, that I was feeling now. He was an expert at both giving and receiving pleasure and each moment that passed left me more and more needy of having him take me again.

My whole focus became fixed on the need between my legs, my wetness increased as the memories became more and more clear in my mind....but, what was I to do? I wouldn't see him until the next day and my need wouldn't be put off. I remembered him suggesting in a most erotic voice that I sleep with my toy in me some night. This seemed to be the best possible way I could sate the need to be filled, to be stretched as far as my pussy lips would go and beyond. I teased and caressed my pussy with my toy and then inserted it to the hilt. Although I was already stretched, I moaned as my toy entered my body, feeling the silkiness of it caressing my pussy walls as it drove further and further into my body. I couldn't help but move my toy in and out several times...as I did, imagining that it was him taking me once again...his cock stretching and filling me, making me moan and quiver as he drove me to the edge of coming and beyond. Alas, it was late and I had to get some sleep, I made sure my toy was in me firmly and I turned off my lights to dream of him as my toy played with my pussy and clit.

As I slept, dreams of him came to me quickly. I could feel the toy caressing my pussy lips even in my sleep and I couldn't help but rub them against it, trying for more stimulation that would allow me to cum. My hips were moving constantly as I moaned my pleasure, dreaming of him...Soon my dreams had us together once again. I was on the bed on all fours with him behind me. He rubbed his huge, throbbing leaking cock between my bum cleft moaning as the sides of the cleft caressed his cock, swelling it to unimaginable size and length. I was pushing back against him begging for a firmer touch and for him to finally take me. My panting breath breaking into sobs of need. I wiggled my ass to try and show him more visually of my want as I tried to impale his huge needy cock in my pussy. He held my hips firmly controlling each movement that I could make. Finally after what seemed a life time of his pleasuring himself in my bum cleft, he allowed his huge swollen cock to message my pussy lips and clit.

My need was so enormous that I thought I would cum then and there...still he had control of my hips and didn't allow the movement that would allow me to cum. After I thought I would never survive this, he finally very very slowly and teasingly entered my wet, swollen, throbbing pussy lips and passage. I let out a moan that came from deep within me, as I strained to push back onto that cock and have him take me quickly. His grip on my hips was strong enough that I knew he would leave passion marks, something for me to cherish all through the next day. Instead of starting to move right away giving us both the pleasure that we both craved and desperately needed then, he held still. My moans became pleas and then sobs for him to take me. When finally I whimpered, he started to move. Slowly, way to slowly for my need and want then, but at least he was moving. Still he had a tight grip on my hips control my movements and still he wouldn't stroke across my sweet spot, causing me to come at last.

He seemed determine to draw this out as long as possible. I lowered onto my forearms to give him a better angle for him to take me and pleasure my hot spot, also giving him an enticing view of my bum which I hoped would cause him to thrust faster and harder. I needed him to make me scream as I came. As I lowered myself, his cock raked over my pleasure spot and I screamed in ecstasy, my pussy passage contracting as the waves of pleasure went on and on. With my passage tightening, his cock was milked more and more..the cum being forced to his slit. I could feel his breath become shallower and shallower pants as his chest and nipples messaged and caressed my back and shoulders. His cock within me became impossibly bigger and harder as he drew closer and closer to cumming. His hands and fingers were convulsing on my hips as he continued to control my movements as he finally was taking me hard and fast, his pent up arousal and need not allowing for slow and tender any longer.

I could feel him tense just before he came shooting him cum deep within me, the splash of hot cum against my sweet spot causing me to scream again and cum over and over again. Before he finished cumming he pulled out and rolled me over quickly so he could shoot his marking over my chest, nipples and pussy. My screaming and sobbing in pleasure seemed to make him cum even more. His seed was spread far and wide over my body, and before he had even come down from his orgasm, he was spreading it with his cock to make sure that no place was without his scent. He moaned and sighed in pleasure as his cock messaged his cum deep into my skin. After he was satisfied that I was properly coated, he allowed me to clean and suck on his cock as a reward for getting him to cum so hard. I lavished my full attention to his cock, relishing the precious gift he had given me. I licked and sucked and nibbled every inch of his cock and balls moaning my delight and pleasure at being allowed to do this for him. His answering moans were music to my ears, I love to be able to pleasure him fully and make him cum hard. Finally when his cock was completely clean he gathered me in his arms and we slept spooned together, gathering strength to start playing once again.

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