Tuesday Night  

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Tuesday Night

Kara had gathered every candle in the apartment she could find that night and placed them all in congregations along the window ledge and sink in the bathroom. She'd lit them meticulously as she waited for the water to fill the tub, disrobed, and performed her customary check of her body in the mirror. Now, finally, she could relax and let the hot water melt away all the tensions of the past week.

After a quick test for temperature with her toe, she crawls into the hot water, immersing her body in the warm, scented pool. I wonder if he'll be home at a decent hour tonight, she thinks, closing her eyes and sinking further down into the water. Concentrating on the rumbling the water from the faucet creates as it hits the standing water in the tub, her thoughts never stray: Jason. As the bath numbs her skin, she imagines his body, the touch of his lips and fingertips. After what seems like an eternity, Kara's daze is finally broken by the creak of the front door.

"Bloody hell."

He's home, a jolt, and she's out of her trance and sits up slightly in the bath. His footsteps echo through the hallway.

"Jason, I'm in the bathroom, okay...I'll be out in a little..."

Suddenly, the door creaks open and his blond head peeks through the opening before he steps inside the room. Kara can't help but be startled as Jason's form slides through the door. After a moment she decides to speak.

"What's wrong?" she pouts, "You sounded upset when you came in."

"Just those stupid bastards at the station, Kara."

She watches as he walks to the sink, placing both hands on it, head hung in frustration. She moves to her knees, arms crossed at the edge of the tub, staring up at him.

"It just makes me so damn angry...I don't know why I even work this job anymore."

Kara studies him as he opens the medicine cabinet to pull out some Tylenol and thinks of all the times she's sat up nights worrying about him, never sure when he'll be home.

"What's wrong baby?" The question catches Kara off-guard, but she soon notices that Jason's been studying her troubled expression as he unbuttons his shirt.

"Oh, I was just thinking about how you work too much," Kara replies softly as she shifts positions again in the water.

"I know," he rejoins resignedly, "but you know..."

"Yes, I know."

Sliding further into the water, Kara lets her eyes flutter to a close while massaging her temples with her fingers. Jason gazes at her glistening body wistfully before he tilts his head back to swallow the Tylenol. She keeps her eyes closed tight to hold back the tears as he strides over to her, leans down and kisses her forehead. Kara waits to open her eyes until she is certain he's left the room, after the creak of the door closing, after his footsteps have trailed off into their bedroom.

She knows he's off to bed now. There's no telling what time it is, and he probably has to work early in the morning as well. The water ripples as Kara climbs gingerly out of the tub, the cool air sending a chill over her wet, now exposed skin. In a daze she dries off and wraps her trim, athletic body in her robe, pulls her hair back, and throws today's clothes in the hamper. Turning the light off, she steps out of the bathroom and treads lightly down the hall until she reaches the bedroom.

Instead of entering the room, Kara lingers in the doorway. She can see the outline of Jason's body in the bed, the stack of papers in the floor–all of those documents he's been downloading all week–his shirt and pants crumpled in a pile next to the door.

"I think I'm going to ask to be reassigned," his voice, though a low mumble, startles her.

She wasn't expecting him to be awake.

"Why is that?" Kara asks, although she knows why, deciding to enter the room as she speaks. He makes no reply, he only turns over onto his back so he can see her. Kara smiles nervously as she stands beside her side of their bed and fumbles with the knot holding her robe around her. Finally loosening the knot, her robe falls to her feet and she crawls into the bed with him, naked, lying close to him for warmth. Turned on her side, she holds her head up with one hand, her other on his chest, stroking softly.

"I understand," Kara replies, kissing his cheek. "What time do you work tomorrow?"

"I need to be there at seven. Probably should get up at 5:30 so I can catch the train."

She sighs and kisses his lips softly; Jason returns her kiss with one of his own.

"I love you," she whispers as his touch creeps down her stomach.

"You know I love you so much," his lips brush against hers again, and his hand roams down her side, resting on the curve of her hip. Kara kisses his cheek and his chin tenderly as her own hands began to roam over his body, tugging persistently at the elastic of his boxers. Jason smiles slyly at her, "Missed me, eh?"

"Oh, shut up," she responds, her retort followed by a giggle.

"I love the way you laugh."

Hovering over his nearly naked body, she kisses him again, long and deep before her roaming hands begin to explore him, his chest, stomach...and lower. She smiles at him as her fingers softly brush over the thin covering of his boxers, a touch to which he immediately responds. She smiles at him, eyes betraying her lust as she positions herself on all fours, kneeling over his body. Taking advantage of her position, Jason lets his hands roam over her round backside and the tight little pussy nestled between her parted legs while Kara kisses his chest softly. Her hardened nipples brush against him as she moves down his body, licking and teasing, and positions her face just above his cock.

She bends down lower and nuzzles her face against him, ass sticking up in the air. His boxers are a little wet now with precum, and Kara, excited as ever, stretches out her tongue to lick around the wet spot. Jason hooks his fingers around the waistband of his shorts anxiously, and Kara helps him slide them off and down his legs to reveal his marvelous erection. Wasting no time, Kara covers his erection with her tongue and she pulls him inside her mouth, forming her lips around his cock and dragging them slowly up and down the shaft. She catches his balls in her hand and carefully massages as she sucks gently, tasting his emission.

"Kara, oh god." His head is thrown back now, his chest, covered thinly with blond hair, heaving and the muscles of his belly taught as she sucks and strokes him. When he can take more he sits up and pulls Kara close to him again, lifting her up and laying her down on her back, his hands moving to her full, soft breasts, over her stiffened nipples. Leaning down, he takes one into his mouth, then the other, sucking like an infant as she squirms beneath him, her cunt throbbing now, brimmed with her juices.

His hands and lips move down her smooth stomach, the flare of her hips, and Kara eagerly spreads her thighs for him, her vagina aching for his attention. Jason runs his finger over her labia, from bottom to top before kneeling down to return her favor. The lips of her pink vagina are spread, pouting for him, awaiting the touch of his warm tongue. His fingers spread her lips further before he delves his tongue deep inside of her, slipping in and darting among the folds and crevices. Her taste and smell enrapture him as he moves his attention to her clitoris, flicking his tongue against it rapidly as she writhes on the bed. Kara's body is bucking now; she squirms wildly as the moans and whimpers escape her throat in a quick succession of ecstasy. She and Jason both begin to feel the first of the spasms in her vagina, the tightening of her muscles as she struggles against the onrush. He stops for a moment and raises his head, kneeling over her and admiring her supple body beneath him as she looks up at him pleadingly.

"Jason, please fuck me," Kara whispers, nearly begging.

She needs him now, she wants his cock inside of her, fucking her, hard and deep. Still kneeling, holding his cock in his hand, Jason eases inside of her slowly and she opens herself to his fullness. Kara can't help but close her eyes and toss her head from side to side as he persistently works his way inside of her. He thrusts forward several times, and her legs encircle his back, hips lifting so he can push in deeper and deeper still. His strong hands firmly grip her hips and he pulls her onto him as he pushes into her. She moans his name as her body trembles, thighs quiver; she's panting now, struggling to keep her breath as the muscles inside of her grasp him, hold him in deep. She can feel his body tightening and his cock straining inside of her; the tension mounts, almost unbearable.

"Baby, I'm going to come," he whispers raggedly, breathing heavy. Kara responds with a moan, her own body giving way, trembling in waves of pleasure as his hot semen fills her cunt. She reaches up and pulls his face to hers, kissing him tenderly and exploring his mouth with her tongue. Jason brushes the hair from her face, kisses her again and smiles. Kara flashes a smile right back at him. They both lie there for a few minutes before Kara breaks the silence.

"You know it's past your bedtime," she mocks, playfully.

"And you know that you're a rotten little girl for keeping me up so late too," Jason replies, giving her a kiss on the lips before he rolls over onto his back beside her.

"Okay, let's get some rest then," Kara says, nuzzling against him. She glances over at the clock on her nightstand and adds, "You need at least four hours."

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