The ultimate dis  

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8/21/2005 4:43 pm

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The ultimate dis

You just have to laugh when you get dissed so badly that there is nothing to do but laugh or you'd cry. So here I sat just an hour or so ago, chatting with a friend that I had not heard from in months and all of the sudden someone that I had not talked to in the past few weeks because he gave me some song and dance on how he felt that we were becoming "dependent" on one another messages me.

First off, I was amazed that he messaged me at all because I figured that he was done with me after that ludicrous explanation on why we shouldn't talk as much anymore. Then I actually read the message, he called me by the wrong name and was saying that he thought we really connected and if I was finished with him, he would have rather that I told him, and that he hoped that I would still drop by to read and participate in his blog.

I told him that, we'll say Sue, was not my name and that we had not talked in some time and now I knew why...because of Sue. I thought it funny that he was imploring her to be honest with him and be his friend when he could not be bothered to extend the same fucking courtesy to me. I was about to tell him that and he says, "Drishya?. Mea culpa." and logged off.

THE NERVE!! The fucking jerk just logs off. He doesn't apologize to me for treating me the same shitty way that Sue is apparently treating him. He doesn't even extend me the fucking courtesy to fake an excuse and try to seem like a decent guy. No, he was totally okay with letting me know that he is a lying waste of space that if he was on fire I am too good to piss on him to put it out. Sadly, I thought that I had a decent amount of stuff in common with this person and that he and I had actually foraged a friendship.

Shows what I know...I guess I really am a fucking putz.

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