Stop the planet...I want to get off  

rm_Drishya 38F
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5/22/2006 5:45 am
Stop the planet...I want to get off

Here I am...writing in this blog at 830am edt on my day off that has now become not really a day off. For those of you who do not know me, I am a retail store manager. Yesterday was the day from hell...I was working on a sunday which is rare for me anymore because one of my assistant managers needed the day off. The day started with me being unable to get into my mall at the time I was to start work because the rent-a-cop assigned to unlocking my corridor was late for work. Then I am finally able to get into the building after waiting for an hour and a half to find the store a complete mess from the night before. Once the store opened, we were dead...LOL, of course, simply because I had to be there. Sometime later in the afternoon, the power went out in the mall approximately three times for about 90 seconds a time. After the last time, I could not get my register to boot. For those of you who have never worked in retail, the cash register computer is the life blood of the operation. That is how we sell the merchandise, price check, check the daily sales tally, clock in, clock out, etc etc etc.

So, I call the company emergency helpdesk number to find myself waiting for a call back. I finally get one and it is some southern hick that I can barely understand what he is saying as we have a conversation about why I called. I am not a computer genius but, I know my way around a machine. I had to actually tell the man, "Do you honestly think I would be calling if turning the machine off and rebooting solved the issue?" I think not!

Well the technician agrees with me that it sounds like hard drive failure and that we will have to handwrite all of our transactions until a register tech comes to look at the pc, install a new drive, AND THEN I have to figure out where to get the OS for it from (as we still run on DOS). My company tells me they can send me a disk overnight which means we have to conduct business by handwriting every transaction until the very least, sometime on Tuesday.

I hate my job.

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