Staking His Claim  

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5/31/2006 4:01 pm
Staking His Claim

You kneel before your Master with your back straight, hands resting upon your thighs, knees far enough apart for your lips of pleasure to part slightly revealing the glistening moisture of your sexual excitement. Master has allowed you to dress for the evening. You are wearing a pair of skin-tight black leather chaps that sensually encase and caress your beautiful long legs. Your feet are in a pair of black stiletto heels. The chaps come to the top of your thighs on the outside of your legs and they come up to almost touching the edges of your silken labia on the inside of your thigh. The black leather garter-like ties attach to the supple black belt circling your small waist. Your creamy white skin is accentuated by the blackness of the soft leather. Your cunt is newly clean-shaven; your Master prefers a shaven look. While kneeling, you can feel the tightness of the chaps pulling your pussy lips even farther apart adding to your erotic arousal. You are so hot you feel your own moisture dampening the edges of the chaps. Your top is a matching black leather vest cut in a peasant look that leaves your breasts clearly exposed. The gold-chained clips are tightly attached to your engorged nipples sending sharp pains of delight through your body. Your shining brunette hair is worn short as you always do and your Master commands you to not wear makeup. He feels that you are naturally beautiful. This causes you to smile both inside and out because your Master is pleased with you and he finds you a naturally beautiful pleasure slave.

Around your neck is a thin black leather collar with a gold ring for a leash to be attached. Your Master says, “Pleasure, we are going out tonight. While we are outside, I will allow you to walk…but I expect you to walk directly behind me and obey the commands of the leash. However, until we leave the house and when we are inside the club, I expect you to crawl before me on the leash.” This sends a chill down your spine since you love to crawl for your Master. The total feeling of submission, through being leashed and forced to crawl like an animal in front of your Master, is one that you have come to enjoy.

“Let’s go to the car”, Master commands. You almost purr as you uncurl from your kneeling position and began to crawl to the garage. You feel your muscles stretch sinuously as you slink on the leash in front of your Master. You can feel his eyes riveted upon your bare bottom and you do your best to give him a show as you saucily undulated the cheeks of your beautiful ass You intentionally placed your knees wider apart each time you crawl. You can feel this spreading your ass cheeks at every step giving your Master an unobstructed view of your wet and swollen pussy lips and occasional glimpses of your tight puckered anus. You hear a sound of approval from your Master and are thrilled that you are giving him visual pleasure. You so enjoy being a naughty and dirty slut for your Master. You crawl into the back seat of the car and lie quietly. You luxuriate in the sensations of the cool leather upholstery touching and hardening your nipples.

You exit the car and follow your Master into the foyer of what appears to be an up-scale warehouse building. As he signs in, he is greeted warmly by the very attractive blonde receptionist. A feeling of jealousy tightens inside your chest.

“I can tell by the look in her eyes that she has the fire of pleasure in her belly”, commented the comely blonde.

“I saw the same exquisite fire when I first laid eyes upon her”, your Master agreed. “ I’m also happy to say that I have not been disappointed in her sexual appetite and willingness to please.” You inwardly smile at the compliment from your Master and stand a little taller, push your breasts out a little fuller and lift your beautiful ass a little more provocatively.

“Look how your slave is sending her nonverbal message of territorial protection”, observed the blonde. “This one is full of the passion for delight. I love her height, her slim and elegant build and those gorgeous long legs. If you need any help in her registration, I would be glad to lend a helping hand in subduing her”, offered the blonde.

A strange feeling was overtaking you. As this beautiful blonde woman was offering to help, you could feel her eyes travelling across your body. Her eyes seemed to cloud over as they stopped and took in your breasts, your ass, and your wet and excited sex. What surprised you, as much, was your response. You were being on by this sexual attention. Other women have never really appealed to you before, but you were enjoying this obviously lustful attention by this blonde stranger. You also began to check the blonde out in an obvious sexual manner. Long straight and lustrous blonde locks framed her very pretty face. Underneath her tight black sweater, you could see very large and erect nipples showing through her tight black sweater. You would have loved to see below her waste, but the registration desk blocked your view. Your skin was tingling in sexual excitement and you could feel the rose in your cheeks starting to flare when your budding fantasy was interrupted by a loud command from your Master.

“Assume the position”, ordered your Master. This was the first command that you had learned. Secretly, it was also your favorite. At this command the slave is immediately to drop to the floor and lie upon her back. She is to bring her knees to her chest and then allow her legs to gracefully fall open. Her arms are to lie straight along the side of her body. This ultimate position of compliance and obedience opens the slave’s labia and exposes her points of pleasure to her Master. At this point, the Master can physically take the slave or admire her sexual beauty. From a slave’s perspective, you particularly enjoyed opening yourself completely to your Master and you reveled in the sensation of control by your Master. You likened it to an animal rolling over on its stomach and offering its neck to a superior foe. It was your ultimate and favorite signal of surrender and submission.

“Pleasure, you are forgetting your position”, angrily stated your Master. “ You are my pleasure slave. You are to be enjoyed by any free person at any time. If I want a male friend to enjoy your physical gifts, you will give them to him. If I want to share you or if I decide that you are to be enjoyed by a woman, then you accept that as your very enjoyable duty. The appraising looks that you were giving Stefanie are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated”, finished your Master.

Lying on your back with your legs open in front of another woman has a curious effect upon you. Yes, you are being properly chastised, but you can also feel the eyes of the attractive blonde receptionist, Stefanie, centered upon the core of your sex. You can’t help getting more excited by the second. You feel your juices flowing out of your hot and wet cunt. You can feel them seeping down out of your pussy and slowly approach, then moisten, the tight opening of your ass. You feel so cheap and dirty exposing your cunt and ass to this beautiful woman. Further, you feel like a wanton whore by being excited by the whole scene. You have never experienced another woman, but you yearn for the touch of this blonde stranger.

“Stefanie, it appears that you have fueled the fire of my beautiful, but, tempestuous slut”, observed your Master. “I will indeed ask for your assistance in her registration process, if you are interested.” The blonde gave a husky and throaty answer of acceptance and then abruptly departed.

“Come Pleasure, it is time for you to be properly registered”, said your Master. You saucily crawl through several sets of doors until you reached a small quiet room full of soft, multi-colored pillows and curtains. A large man wordlessly appears, looks over your body and nods approvingly.

“You seem to have the knack in finding the most pure in pleasure”, mused the stranger. “You can see the lust and passion oozing out of this one just by looking at her. Do you want your brand on her biceps or her inner thigh?” he asked.

Brand!…what were they talking about.

“I like the inside of her thigh”, answered your Master. “The biceps ruins the beauty of the woman. She is too beautiful of a pleasure slave to disfigure her lines.”

“Do you want to use a local or no anaesthetic?” queried the large man.

“None, I’m having Stefanie help manage her senses”, stated you Master.

“Have you chosen a name for the registry?” the large man asked.

Your Master looked in your eyes, saw your concern and told you what was to happen. He told you that all slaves need to be registered and each slave bares the mark of their Master. It is a brand permanently seared into the skin. Each slave also has her name entered into the slave registry to finalize the process.

“You may give the registrar your name”, ordered your Master.

“My name is Pleasure”, you proudly stated.

“I’ve never heard a more appropriate name”, happily observed the registrar of slaves. “Strip and follow me”, he commanded.

You complied quickly and crawled behind him obediently into one of the curtained rooms. Inside was a table eerily similar to an exam table in a gynecologist’s office, but with higher, longer, but more comfortable looking stirrups. You climbed upon the wider table and your legs were spread and strapped into the stirrups.

“Do you want me to strap her arms?” asked the registrar.

“No, she may have use for them…please elevate her body and head so she can see comfortably”, your Master said. “Stefanie, she is ready for your assistance”, your Master announced.

At that, the curtain parted and in walked the beautiful blonde receptionist. She made immediate eye contact with you and proceeded to stand at the end of the table between your spread legs. Slowly, she pulled her black sweater over her head and revealed the most perfect set of breasts that you had ever seen. They set high on her chest with no hint of sag…they were porcelain white with tiny blue wisps of veins in the succulent orbs. At the tip of each breast was a large strawberry colored areola that was swollen with heat. In the middle of each areola was an incredibly large and erect nipple. They were at least a full ½ inch in length and were the circumference of your ring finger. Your mouth moistened involuntarily at the thought of one of those large nipples between your lips. She smiled at your hooded eyes and told you she was glad that you found her attractive. Next, she pulled down her camelhair skirt to expose boyishly slim hips that were crossed by a black lace thong. Turning, she removed her thong and showed you her slim but very firm buttocks.

She stood directly in front of you and, with her eyes connected with yours, began massaging her own breasts. She took her globes in her hands and kneaded her tits pleasurably. Her fingers grabbed her nipples and pulled and tugged at them making them even more extended. She twisted her nipples until she squealed in pleasure and excitement. Slowly, she cupped her left breast and brought the nipple to her lips and seductively ran her tongue over the excited end.

“I see that you like this”, Stefanie observed. You had not realized that you had been mirroring her movements kneading and pulling on your own breasts and nipples. Though smaller in size than hers, your breasts were as equally as sensitive. “Would you like me to do this to your hard nipples, Pleasure?” she asked.

The whore inside of you exploded and without hesitation you answered, “Yes, Mistress.”

She came around the side of the table and gently traced the outline of your breasts with her painted fingernail. She began lazily crisscrossing your breast with her nails playfully eluding your super-sensitive nipples. Slowly she increased the pressure until she was not so gently scratching your breasts…a moan of pleasure escaped your lips.

“I knew you liked the pain, you’re just like I am…a slave, a slut, a whore, to my physical pleasures and releases”, she lustily observed. She took your nipples between her fingers and began to twist and pull.

“Oh, God”, you involuntarily cried out as the pain and pleasure threshold began to increase.

“Does that hurt?” she asked.

“Yes”, you whimpered.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked.

You were almost embarrassed by the immediate answer from your lips, “No, don’t stop.”

“Do you want me to do it harder?…Do you want me to make it hurt more?” Stefanie pressed as she continued to increase the pressure of the pulling and intensity of the twisting of your nipples.

“Yes, do it harder…do it harder! Make my nipples flame with pain. I want it to hurt and feel the loveliness of pain. Make me beg for pain and release my beautiful, Mistress’” you groaned.

Suddenly, you felt her hands leaving your breasts to be replaced with her lips and mouth. You watched mesmerized as she suckled your breast and nipple. Soon you could feel the ridges of her teeth scraping your full nipples. First, she gently nipped and the end of your tit. Soon she became more brazen and began biting harder into your nipple.

“Yes, yes. Bite my nipples…bite them harder”, you pleaded, as you took her head in your hands and pulled her mouth tighter on to your breast. The only thing you could think of was to increase the exquisite pleasure of the stinging and biting pain that was being introduced to your breast. Your legs were straining at the stirrups trying to spread wider to provide some form of relief from the excitement that was flowing from the folds of your incredibly wet pussy.

You weren’t really sure when she stopped biting and sucking your tits. Time was becoming inconsequential…the only time now important was how long must you wait for your release and orgasm. You came to your wits and noticed that this beautiful blonde was now kneeling between your legs.

“Pleasure, do you want to feel another woman’s tongue inside of you?” Stefanie coquettishly asked. “If you do, you’ll need to beg me to do it”, she slyly added.

Another woman going down to lick and kiss you at this spot has never entered your mind. The naughtiness of letting another woman make oral love to your cunt has got to be the dirtiest and sluttiest thing a woman can do. But, God, the thought of the ecstasy that she could bring you was making you waver and shake uncontrollably in anticipation. She made your decision for you when you felt her finger trace the outlines of your cunt lips. The undersides of your lips are silky smooth and very sensitive. She slowly spread the swollen lips and peered directly into your vaginal opening. You could feel her breath on the wetness of your vagina. She was now gently blowing a stream of air across your sexual opening tingling the senses and setting your mind reeling. You had to feel the tongue of this blonde woman on your sex or you were going to explode.

“Please, Stefanie I beg you to eat me and make me come”, you pleaded. “I want to be tasted by another woman and feel the pleasures that your tongue can produce. Lick my wet hole and suck my hard clit until I come. Please, Stefanie I beg you.”

You feel her breath getting closer until you feel the gentle lick of her tongue along the side of your cunt lip. You thrust your hips up trying to drive the foreign tongue deep inside of you.

“Yes”, you scream, “Eat me, taste me, fuck me with your tongue.” You can’t believe how vulgar you are talking and you can’t believe how gloriously vulgar you are feeling. You are an animal that needs physical release….that’s when it really hit you…you are just that, an animal to be pleased and provide pleasure to others…what a beautiful role to fill!

You feel Stefanie’s skilled tongue lapping up and down the slit of your pussy lips. She licks rings around your opening slowly getting closer with each lick. Gently, the tip of her tongue teases the opening and then she FORCES her tongue deep into your vagina. Her hands are underneath your ass squeezing your cheeks and digging her nails into your skin. Your hands are brazenly spreading your lips and cunt wider so your female lover can explore deeper inside of you. You push your pussy onto her face as you feel her tongue snaking inside of you.

Her fingers soon replace her tongue. She knows how and where to touch you that a man can never know. She is taking you to new and different levels of excitement. She is ramming and finger fucking your cunt furiously one moment and then the next she is slowly swirling one finger inside of you touching spots that no one has ever found. You can barely find time to breathe as she lifts you from one pleasure plateau to the next.

“It is time my beautiful slut”, Stefanie murmurs. With that she puts her lips to your blood filled clit and begins to ravenously suck. Soon you are about to enter into the arms of a tremendous orgasm when she suddenly pulls her mouth from your clit and cries out “Open your eyes slave and see what is being done to you.”

You open your eyes as you feel her mouth returning to your most sensitive spot. She is sucking your clit vigorously and now begins to finger fuck your cunt. You see and feel the registrar pulling your right leg away from Stefanie’s face. In his right hand is an electric branding iron that he is bringing closer to your skin. NO!, they are going to brand me like a cattle! But you are helpless in more ways than one. Physically you are restrained and sexually you are so close to a momentous orgasm that you are powerless to stop either one of them.

The branding iron presses into the inside of your right thigh just as your crest into your uncontrollable orgasm. The sizzle and smell of burning flesh fills your nostrils…it’s your burning flesh! The pain is like nothing you have ever experienced before. White and blue lights dance before your eyes. White-hot pain and heat are coming simultaneously from your thigh and your cunt to meld inside of your brain. Tears begin running down your face…not tears of pain…tears of pleasure as the pain of the burn and the delight of the ecstasy couple to produce the most incredible orgasm ever.

“Yes, make it hurt, give me pain…give me more. I love it. The pleasure that pain produces is something I want more of. It makes me feel more alive than I have ever felt…it takes me higher than I have ever been. I am a slave to pleasure and pain”, you offer as you slump in physical exhaustion.

Stefanie turned to your Master and said quietly, “I knew that she had the fire of pleasure in her belly, but she is exquisite.”

“Pleasure”, your Master begins, “Turn about is only fair play. I want you to tell me how you will please Stefanie and me for all the delight we have brought to your body….

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