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5/31/2006 3:41 pm

William had been away sixteen months, two weeks, four days and thirteen hours when he stepped off the plane in Fort Benning, Georgia and into his wife's waiting arms. Operation Desert Storm has taken a lot out of the Staff Sergeant during his time in the desert and he almost couldn't believe he was actually back on American soil.

Diana couldn't let go of him as they stood there, hugging, kissing and laughing through tears, their young daughter squealing and squirming as she was mashed between them, caught in their embrace. They made a happy picture as they held on to one another as if they were the only three people left in the world despite the chaos of the other families uniting around them.

Later that evening, after the celebration dinner, when all the families had retired to their respective hotel rooms, the baby was snuggled safely in the crib and they were finally alone, William sat in a chair near the window waiting for his lovely bride of seven years to emerge from her shower.

When she did so, she nearly took his breath away. She was a few pounds smaller than when he left, but even more beautiful than he remembered, although he always thought she was the most beautiful person on earth.

She stood there nervously watching him as he watched her. The short baby doll nightie she wore was that deep shade of pink that always looked so good on her, falling to about mid-thigh, low cut, with tiny bits of lace hugging her large, heavy breasts. Her dark hair fell around her shoulders, framing her bare, freckled face, pixie nose and bright glowing green eyes. William realized he wasn't breathing, and when he finally inhaled, it was a sharp, ragged breath that hurt his chest.

"Come here." Diana's lips curled into a smile as she crossed the room, her eyes locked to the shining blue of William's eyes. She was so happy to see him, so happy he was home, but her heart ached as she looked at him. He was so much thinner than he'd been when he left, and his face had changed. He looked as if he'd aged five years.

She urgently stepped between his legs, wrapping her arms around him, kissing him fervently. Nearly two years of fear, love, hurt, worry, need, want and desire was contained in that single kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tight, and they nearly smothered one another before they finally came up for air, clinging to one another tightly.

"I've missed you," Diana whispered against his lips.

"You have no idea, baby girl. These have been the longest days of my life without you and the baby." He wiped away the tears that had suddenly slid down her cheeks, and then kissed her where the drops had been. In turn he kissed each eye, then her tiny, upturned nose before gently kissing her lips again.

"Stand back and let me see you." He gently pushed her away. She stepped back a bit and stood there, turning slowly as he moved one finger, instructing her to do so. It was all he could do not to literally ravage her where she stood. They had been good together in the years they had been married; their sexual appetites for one another matched perfectly. He had waited so long to have her naked before him again.

She had been very young when they married, and her teen-aged body had filled out into luscious womanly curves, but she still looked like the young girl he'd fallen in love with. He noticed the corner of her lower lip caught between her teeth and smiled slightly. She always did that when she was nervous. He imagined she wasn't quite sure what to make of the man who sat examining her now.

"Take off your gown, baby girl. I want to see all of you." He had dreamed of her body every night he'd been gone. He knew every line, curve and freckle, and wasn't in the least disappointed as the gown was lifted over her head and dropped to the floor in a silent whisper of silk next to her slender feet.

Her nipples were hard, pointed, the softest shade of pink, teasing him. Her arms at her sides, her sex barely covered by a tiny triangle of dark pink g-string that matched the gown at her feet, she was innocence and vixen all rolled into one. He slid slowly from his chair onto his knees and slowly crawled the short distance between them.

Diana watched him, her breath caught in her throat as she watched the muscles ripple in his arms and back. The faint light of the room cast a golden glow on the soft, blonde fuzz that coated his back. Her whole body ached with the need to run her fingers through that light mass of curls that matched the thick, blonde hair that covered his chest.

When he reached her, he lifted his head and found that yes, it was exactly as he had remembered. Her petite stature at barely 5'1" made it so that his mouth was perfectly even with her sex from this position. He faintly pressed his nose against the silk and inhaled. A growl ripped from his chest. All those nights away from her and he'd never forgotten the scent of her, freshly bathed, lightly lotioned in a gardenia scent, and aroused, just for him.

Her hand came to rest atop his head as a whimper vibrated through her chest. His head tilted, his chin and mouth pressing against her, grinding lightly as he forced her to part her thighs a little wider. With his teeth, he tugged the silk, dragging it down. Using nothing but his mouth to tease her as he worked, he tugged until he had the panties around her knees, and then pushed them to the floor.

He lifted his head once more and pressed his face into the thick, dark mass of curls. His tongue sought her treasure, and finding what he searched for, he drew his tongue through the soft folds of her, tasting her for the first time in a very long time. She groaned. Her hips thrust forward, thighs parting wider as her hands found the dresser behind her, balancing herself against it and barely remaining standing as her knees threatened to buckle.

William lifted her right leg, placing it over his shoulder and slid his tongue inside her, lapping at the thick nectar that awaited him. Urgently, he licked her, probing inside her, then taking her clit into his mouth and sucking it hungrily. His tongue swirled and danced across that sensitive bundle of nerves, driving her nearly to madness with the sensation of his hot, wet mouth wrapped around her. It had been way too long. It took only moments of his teasing before she was softly crying out, her knees trembling as her body rocked against him, soaking his face with her juices.

As soon as he knew she had orgasmed he stood, ripping his pajama pants off. His cock stood out from his body hard, throbbing and proud. She reached for him, but he pushed her hand away, a deep, hoarse "no" falling from his lips as he placed his own hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

She obeyed readily, her small pink mouth immediately wrapping itself around him and pushing forward until she had all of him she could handle in her mouth. She held there for a moment, letting her mouth and throat adjust to the thickness of him. She withdrew to the very tip of him, dragging her tongue in circles around the flared tip, then greedily devouring him again, pressing further and further each time she repeated this motion until her nose was pressed against his belly.

Lost in the ecstasy of her mouth, his hand tangled itself in her dark hair and he held her there, grinding against her face, growling and groaning as he tried to drive himself deeper. Her nails digging painfully into his thighs brought him quickly back to reality.

He jerked her up by her hair, his cock popping from her mouth as she gasped for air. He crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her almost violently, his tongue invading every part of her mouth, stealing her breath again before he pushed her once more to her knees, his hand still tangled in her hair. She swallowed him, her mouth working urgently up and down the length of him. Her throat ached from the roughness of his thrusts, but she never hesitated as she pushed her throat down onto him once more, greedily working to have him explode in her mouth.

Once more he jerked her to her feet, kissing her, wrapping his arms around her naked body and grinding his cock between them. He kissed her all over her face, her neck, biting at her collar bone and shoulders as if he planned to eat her alive.

"I want to come in your hot mouth," he growled as he kissed her. "But I want to be deep inside your pussy at the same time. You are making me crazy and I can't make up my mind."

Diana took matters in her own hands, shoving him roughly back toward the bed. He was surprised at her strength and caught off guard by it. He fell back on the bed and she crawled on top of him, positioning herself and impaling herself on his cock before he could speak.

Diana shuddered as she pushed herself onto him, crying out as he instantly hit bottom. It had been so long since he had been inside her. She had forgotten the proportion of her tiny body to his better than average cock, and she was almost as tight as the very first time he'd taken her. She held herself pressed against him, her breathing ragged, grinding her clit against his pelvic bone and twisting her hips with him throbbing inside her. She leaned forward and kissed him, then whispered, "Tell me just before you come."

She began to ride him. The first few strokes were slow and easy as her body adjusted to him inside her, but her movements quickened and she was rising and falling onto him in a frenzy. William's hands cupped her breasts; his mouth moving from one nipple to another and back again as he fed from her engorged nipples. He was nearly the edge fast - too fast. His balls tightened painfully and he barely got the word "cumming" from his lips.

He was shocked by the sudden release of her pussy walls from around him, but was instantly blinded by light shooting through his brain as her mouth replaced her pussy, moving almost as fast as her lips as she fucked him with her mouth. He exploded almost instantly, gagging her with the rush of seed that had been building for what seemed like forever. She never let up, her mouth latched around him as she sucked every last drop from him and then slowly licked him clean of their mingled juices.

After a few moments she crawled up his body, wrapping herself around him and nestling her head in the crook of his arm, her wet sex pressed against his hip bone. He bent to kiss her, loving the combined taste of them on her lips.

"Where did you learn to do that, young lady?" He asked her, still out of breath.

She giggled softly, drawing her small fingers through the curls on his chest. "I didn't learn anything anywhere. I just wanted to give you what you wanted."

"Oh, baby girl, you've more than done that. My God how I've missed you." He kissed her again, softly this time, turning to face her. His hands slowly traced the outline of her body. He knew by memory every sensitive spot on her body, and grinned as she squirmed and squealed each time he hit a ticklish spot.

Her hand snaked itself around his semi-hard cock and began to toy with him. Her eyes glittered as he arched his hips, thrusting into her hand and groaned. She stroked her hand up and down the length of him as slowly as she could, taking the time to gently caress his sac between strokes.

"Do you have plans for that, little girl?" He asked her as he teased her nipples, watching her through half-lowered lids."

"Mmm..hmm... I most certainly do, soldier. I've got big plans." She inched her hips closer to his and slid the head of his cock between her thighs, rubbing the tip of it against her still swollen clit.

He could stand it no longer. He rolled himself on top of her and between thighs that parted willingly. He sank inside her, thrusting forward until there was no place else to go.

His mouth covered hers with a growl just as she whispered, "welcome home, soldier."

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