Not a Moment Too Soon  

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Not a Moment Too Soon

The cool air took my breath away, as I paced nervously, waiting for Bryan to meet me a store near the St. Louis arch, in the parking lot. We had been talking for about 6 months online, and had decided it was time to meet. So we set up a rendezvous at a public place. My stomach fluttered nervously as I noticed a taxi cab approaching. I wiped my sweaty palms on my jean jacket, took a deep breath and watched the man getting out the cab. He stared at me for a minute before walking toward me. My heart pounded in my chest, I could feel myself shaking...

I said, "Is that you, Bryan?"

He said, "Yes, I can't believe your really here. I didn't think you would show up." He held out his arms and said "I have waited all this time to meet you, do I get a hug?" I smiled and stepped close to him. He wrapped his arms around me. I heard him take a deep breath. "You smell so good," he said. I looked up into his twinkling, hazel eyes, and time seemed to stand still. I tried to think of something to say, but I felt speechless.

After a few minutes, I said, "Ready to go up in the arch.?"

He nodded his head yes. We walked over to the waiting taxi cab, he got in first, then I slid in next to him. I could smell his cologne, it was my favorite...Polo. The smell was intoxicating. I shifted nervously in my seat as I felt myself getting wet. I looked at Bryan, he was staring intensely at me with lustful eyes. I lowered my gaze to his jeans, he had a huge bulge. I licked my lips as the thought of tasting him crossed my mind. "Do you want to skip the arch and go to a motel?" he asked. My wild imagination had other ideas for him. I said "No, we can go there later."

The taxi pulled to the curb in front of the arch. I eagerly jumped out of the car and waited for him on the sidewalk. He paid the driver, then grabbed my hand and we walked toward the arch. We went inside and got in line for the next elevator up to the top. I could hear it creaking as it came down. I said, "Is this elevator safe?" He stood behind me pressing himself very close to me and whispered... "Don't worry, just relax and have fun." We got on the elevator with about 10 other people. It lurched and squeaked as it slowly made its way to the top of the arch.

The doors opened to a wonderful view. I walked over to a window, and stared at the breath taking view. I knew I had made the right decision, when I decided to visit St Louis. Quite a bit of time passed before I noticed Bryan walking back and forth, he caught my eye as he walked past me...I watched his ass moving in his tight jeans. Suddenly he turned around, looked me in the eye, and said "See anything that you like?" My face turned red as the heat rushed through my body. I noticed that everyone else was getting back on the elevator to go back down.

We were alone. I could not control my desire any longer. I walked up to Bryan, wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled him close to me and kissed him deeply. I felt sexual energy shoot race to my wetness. He pressed his hips close to me. I could feel his hardness against my leg. He ran his fingers through my blonde hair as I continued kissing him.

He slid his hands up my silk shirt and began caressing my breasts. It was more than I could stand, I began rubbing his bulge as I rocked myself against him. He clumsily unbuttoned my shirt and I unzipped his pants. The thought of anyone catching us, excited me even more. I slid down onto my knees, took his hard cock out of his jeans and teased it with my tongue. Lightly flicking it up and down the entire length. I twirled my tongue around the head, which was slick with pre-cum. I started slowly sucking him, bit by bit, very slowly, tormenting him with my mouth.

"Suck me fast and hard," he begged. I increased the speed of my suction, taking him in and out, faster and harder. Working my way down to the base of his dick. I slid my hand up my short skirt, into my lace panties, I rubbed my freshly shaven lips. Then ran my fingers up and down my wet slit. This excited him even more as I continued milking his rod with my hot mouth. Bryan said, "I need to taste your juices."

I stopped sucking, then laid back on the cold floor. He knelt down, pulled my soaked panties off of me, then began covering my thighs in small kisses as he worked his way up to my pussy. He reached my clit and began lavishing me with loving licks. I trembled as his mouth pleasured me. He slid a finger into my cunt, probing me as he devoured my snatch. My cries of ecstasy echoed through the arch as he drove me closer to a climax.

Then he started tonguing my pussy and massaging my clit with his fingers. The sensations were so intense that I knew an orgasm was approaching fast. Bryan must have sensed it to. He buried his face deeper into me, lapping my juices with his magical tongue. I screamed in pleasure and sprayed my liquid on his face, just as I heard the distant noise of the creaking elevator. He sucked the juices off my cunt and thighs. Then he stood up, put his cock back into his pants, pulled me up and helped me fix my clothes.

The elevator doors opened before I could pick my panties up. Bryan scooped them up and shoved them in his pocket. We quickly boarded the elevator, riding down in silence. When we got outside, the gentle breeze tingled my wetness. A taxi pulled up to the curb to let some passengers out, Bryan ran to catch the driver so we wouldn't have to walk back to my car. He patiently waited for me to walk to the car, holding the door open for me. The leather seat stuck to my ass as I slid into the toasty warm cab. He told the driver the address as he scooted himself very close to me. I could feel the heat of our passion building. The ride back to my car seemed to take forever.

The anticipation of what was to come made me so hot. The taxi pulled up along side my car, I paid the driver. Then we got into my car, looked at each other, then were overcame by lust again. I climbed onto his lap, slowly kissed him, entwining out tongues, until we were both breathless. His hands rubbed my body like feathers.

He pulled back from the kiss and said, "I want you to fuck me, now!" He pulled his erection out of his jeans, while I unbuttoned my shirt. I straddled his cock, and slowly pushed my cunt down, taking him in, a little with each stroke. He put his hands on my ass and pushed himself deep inside. I rocked my hips as I squeezed my pussy muscles tightly around his beef. I slid myself up and down his pole, faster and harder, with each stroke, bouncing on his balls as he enjoyed my tits jiggling wildly in his face. He rammed his hips upward every time I pushed back down. Just as I was ready to cum, he held my hips still and shot his load deeply inside me.

I said, "I need to cum."

He shook his head no, and said, "hold it in," I protested as he lifted me off of him back into the drivers seat. He put his prick back in his pants, and said "be right back." He got out the car, walked into the store, while I suffered.

After 5 minutes time passed, he came back out carrying a sack. "Lets go get a hotel room," he said with a wicked smile on his face. I buttoned up my shirt, and fixed my skirt. Then I started the car, followed his directions to the Hilton, throbbing the whole way there. We left the car in the hands of a valet, I went to the counter to get a room. While Bryan waited patiently by the elevator. The bell boy took us up to our room. I ordered some champagne from room service. Then laid on the bed to catch my breath. I watched as Bryan started taking things out of the sack. He had bananas, strawberries, pineapple rings, grapes, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

After room service delivered the champagne, I decided to take a shower. Bryan started at me intently as I started slowly unbuttoning my shirt, seductively letting it fall. Then I unhooked my blue satin bra, letting my tits bounce out. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I walked over to Bryan, pulled his shirt over his head. Then I unzipped his pants, pushed them and his boxers to the floor. I led him to the shower, turned the water on, got in, started lathering up a wash cloth. Then I handed it to him.

He said, "Hold onto the shower curtain rod while I wash you. You can not move your hands until I am done." I grabbed the curtain rod and held on tightly as he caressed my ass with the slippery wash cloth. He worked his way to my breasts, taking extra time to wash them very slowly. Then he started nibbling on my ears as he made his way lower. I quivered as he massaged my lips and clit with the cloth. I felt as if my knees were going to buckle. He worked me into a sexual frenzy again, then started washing my legs and back. Then he told me to close my eyes as he poured shampoo in my hair. His fingers awakened every nerve in my body as he massaged my scalp.

Then he said, "You can let go of the bar and rinse your hair now." The water pouring over my head was refreshing. I felt so relaxed. Then Bryan said, "Go lie on the bed, I will be there in a few minutes." I climbed out of the shower, wrapped myself in a big bath towel, then went back into the bedroom. It was a bit chilly so I crawled under the warm comforter. I must have dozed off, the next thing I knew, I was awaken by something cold touching my pussy lips. I lifted my head, and saw Bryan holding a banana. He said, "I'm starving, I'm going to devour you." He pushed the banana into me, filling me completely.

Then he slowly started pouring chocolate syrup from my boobs down to my cunt, followed by whipped cream. He began licking the chocolate and whipped cream off of me. He twirled his tongue lightly around my nipples, working his way his way down the trail of stickiness. Then he parted my lips with his tongue, and began lapping up the sweet treat. He buried his face in my pussy, eagerly nibbling the banana he had shoved inside me. I screamed in pleasure as he slowly ate me. I began shaking as orgasm approached. He said, "Cum, so I can slurp up your sweetness." His lapping tongue, quickly took me over the edge as I was slammed with a powerful orgasm. My cum soaked him as he continued licking me.

He pulled his wet face up and said "Now I'm ready to fuck you hard, get on your knees." So I positioned myself, he got behind me and started rubbing his cockhead up and down my slit, teasing my clit. He rammed his dick all the way into my tight, wet pussy in one stroke. It felt so good. He stroked my cunt, faster and faster, his balls hitting my clit with each slam. He reached around me and grabbed my tits, holding them as he pounded my pussy harder.

My cries of passion filled the room, making him even more excited. I listened as Bryan's moans increased. I knew he was going to cum soon. I gripped his cock tightly with my cunt, milking him as he fucked me. I reached down and started teasing my clit, with my fingers making my climax stronger. We both exploded simultaneous. His cream filled me as I covered his thighs with my juices. Then we collapsed on the bed. He rolled over next to me, wrapped his arms around me, and went to sleep. We napped for a few hours. Then got up to shower before getting a bite to eat.

We decided to go to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner. I wore a slinky red dress that barely covered anything. I didn't bother wearing a bra or panties, so my outfit didn't leave much to the imagination. We asked for a table in a dimly lit corner. After we ordered our food, we talked about the wild sex we had that afternoon. This began to heat me up again. I felt my face flush as my desire began to build again. We looked into each others eyes for a few minutes.

It was as if I read his thoughts. I slipped my shoes off, then slid my foot up into his chair. He reached under the table cloth and caressed my foot. He pressed my foot up against the hardness in his pants. I heard him unzip his pants, I felt him pull his cock out, then he started stroking his cock with my foot. I took an ice cube out of my water glass, reached under my short dress, and began soothing my hot clit with it. Bryan stroked his cock harder with my foot as I teased my clit with the ice cube. The desire in his eyes melted me and he watched intently. I could feel the slick pre-cum on my toes. I wanted to taste him. I slowly licked my lips as I started fucking my hot cunt with the ice cube. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, stuck an ice cube in his mouth, then slid underneath the table. I felt his hands roughly push my legs apart. He moved my hand, then sucked my clit into his mouth. I gasped as the ice intensified the feeling of his mouth. I pressed my wetness against him.

The waiter walked over to the table, and said, "Would you like something from the bar to drink?"

I struggled to find my voice as Bryan continued flicking me with his tongue. "T-t-two gl-las-s-es of ch-am-m-pagn-ne," I stuttered. The waiter nodded his head and walked off. I could hear Bryan laughing under the table. I stuck my hand under the table, grabbed his hair, and pushed his face back to my wetness. He started tonguing my pussy, in and out, faster and faster. It was all I could do, to sit still when the waiter delivered the champagne. He looked at Bryan's empty chair, then at me. He smiled, then said, "Enjoy your drinks, ma'am."

I handed a glass of champagne under the table to Bryan, while smiling sweetly at the waiter. He laughed and walked off. I jumped when I felt Bryan's cold mouth on me again. The champagne in his mouth tingled me. I felt like I was going to explode any minute. Then he stopped licking me and slid back up into his chair.

My clit was pulsating...I couldn't stand it. I had to cum. I stood up, grabbed Bryan by the hand, and pulled him out of his chair. He followed me to the ladies bathroom. He looked around nervously as I pushed him in the bathroom, then went in behind him, locking the door behind us. I pressed him up against the wall with my tits, while unbuckling his belt and pants. Then I slid his pants down and pulled his hot throbbing cock out of his underwear.

I said "Fuck me hard, I need to come!" I walked to the counter by the sink and bent over, Bryan scooted over to me, and pushed my short red dress up over my bare ass. Then he stuck his dick in my slit...gliding it up and down from my clit to my pussy. Suddenly he rammed his hardness into me so deeply that I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He fucked me hard and fast, rubbing my g-spot with every thrust. He started slowing down his rhythm, making my building orgasm fade. I pushed back against him, trying to get him to fuck me faster. But he kept going slower and slower.

Then he pulled out, turned me around, and lifted me up on the counter. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and slid my pussy onto his cock. He thrust into me as I rode him up and down, faster and faster. I felt an orgasm building. he said, " I'm going to cum." Then he started kissing me and I drove myself down on his dick very hard. My juices sprayed out onto his cock as he shot his hot liquid into me. After a few minutes he lifted me off of his rod back onto the counter. I looked down at his legs. My cum was running down his legs. His pants were soaked. I laughed and said "Ooops." He breathed heavily as he pulled his wet jeans up and zipped them back up. He said..."I wonder if we can get our dinner to go, since my clothes are soaked."

I hopped off the counter and unlocked the bathroom door. We headed back to the table, I handed Bryan my keys and told him to meet me in the car. I sat down to wait for an employee to come along. The waiter brought the food out...already in to go cartons. He smiled and said..."Since you two already had dessert, I thought you might want your dinner to take with you." Then he handed me the bill. I gave him a huge tip for being so understanding. Then I left the restaurant, joined Bryan in the car and said, "Lets get back to the hotel and get you out of those wet clothes."

When we got back to our room, he stripped off and headed for the shower. I watched his muscles wiggle as he walked. I felt the heat building up inside me again. I laid down on the couch in front of the fireplace. The sound of the shower running was soothing. I concentrated on it and the fact that I knew Bryan was in there naked. I slid my hand up my leg into my wetness. I closed my eyes, thinking about all the hot sex I had that day. My nipples hardened as I teased my clit with my finger tips. I didn't notice the sound of the shower stopping.

I slid my fingers on one hand in and out my pussy, fucking myself while continuing to tickle my clit with my other hand. I felt something hot press up against my face, I opened my eyes to see a very aroused Bryan standing there, stroking his cock. The tip was touching my cheek. I turned my head to lick his cock while touching myself, but he stepped back so I couldn't reach him. His eyes were on my pussy. I watched him stroking his cock as he watched me fingering myself. The head of his cock was purple. It was the biggest his dick had been all day. It must have been over 8 inches long. He moved his hand faster along the shaft of his prick.

I twirled my fingers around my clit faster, and fingered my cunt faster. I started shaking as a wave after wave of orgasms hit me. Bryan stepped closer to me and sprayed his cum all over my tits. Then he rubbed his cum into my breasts with his hand. I grabbed his hand and slowly sucked the cum off each of his fingers. He slid onto the couch with me and we laid facing each other. He wrapped his arm around me. We feel asleep like that. When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. On the table by the couch there was a note that said...I waited my whole life to meet someone like you. You got here...Not a moment to soon. Take Care, Bryan.

Later that day I drove back home, to Arkansas. I felt so sad cause the weekend was over and I didn't get to say good bye to him. The next day at work I was in a terrible mood. Everyone avoided me. I was grouchy and depressed. I logged on to the Internet to see if Bryan was online. He wasn't. I turned the computer off, sat back in my chair and thought about the passion I had felt that weekend. It was over and now I was alone again. Tears filled my eyes. A knock on my office door startled me. I said, "Just a minute," I wiped my eyes with a Kleenex. Then I said, "Come in."

I looked up, just as the door opened. I couldn't see who it was, because they were holding a dozen red roses. I said, "May I help you?" Then he lowered the roses, where I could see his face. It was Bryan. My mouth feel open in shock. He said, "I couldn't get you out of my thoughts. I have to be with you." I stared in amazement, trying to find my words. Then I said, "You got here, Not a Moment to Soon!"

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