Night Watcher  

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Night Watcher

Spring Summers was sitting on her front porch enjoying the warm spring evening. When she was born her parents thought the name Spring was perfect for her as she was born on the first day of spring.

She lived on the end of a dead end road with only two other houses close by. Dillon Bonner lived across the street from her and further up the street Mr. & Mrs. Cassin’s lived.

For over a year Spring had watched a bevy of beauties come and go from Dillon’s house. Each one looking like some model right off the fashion magazines covers.

Spring had always been curious as to why someone like Dillon lived on the same street she did. He worked for some big advertizing firm as an executive and drove one of those low slung sport cars. He always had some beautiful girl hanging on his arm or showing up on his doorstep at all hours of the day and night. He seemed out of place in the little house, like he should be living in some huge mansion or pent house somewhere. He just looked and smelled of money.

She met Dillon a little over a year ago when he came to her aide. She had been quite embarrassed by the whole thing but he assured her there was nothing to be embarrassed about in the least.

She had come home from work early one day to find her live in boyfriend sleeping with some woman in her bed and kicked him out. He came back the following night trying to get her to take him back. When she refused to let him inside he started yelling some very mean and hurtful things to her.

Dillon had just walked out his back door to take the trash outside when he heard the commotion over at her place. He came across the street to see if he could help when he realized the asshole might get violent. Dillon ducked the punch he tossed his way and quickly knocked the guy on his ass. He picked him up and tossed him in his car and told him to be on his way or he would call the cops.

Spring apologized to him for the noise and thanked him for coming to her aide. He had realized she was embarrassed and told her there was no need to be, he bid her goodnight and went back to his place. Over the next few weeks they would see each other coming or going from their homes and would always say hello.

She had worked late one night getting home around 7:30. Dillon saw her pull into her driveway and walked across the street to say hello.

“Getting home kinda late tonight aren’t you Spring? Don’t suppose you’ve had dinner yet have you?”

“Well no, I was going to make myself a sandwich, didn’t feel like stopping at the store.”

“Good, then you can come over and have dinner with me. I’ve two steaks on the grill with a couple of potatoes that my brother was supposed to be sharing with me but he got caught up at work and had to cancel on me.”

“Thanks for the invitation Dillon but I really need to take a shower and get this dust off of me.” Spring worked in a small factory where she worked on an assembly line drilling holes into plastic tubes that fit the windshield washer assemblies in cars.

“Go ahead and take your shower we have plenty of time yet, the potatoes aren’t quite done so the steaks aren’t on the grill yet. I won’t take no for an answer, come on around in back when you get done with your shower,” he said over his shoulder as he walked back across the street to his back yard.

He was looking through the lens of the telescope his brother had gotten him for his birthday when Spring walked through the gate to his backyard. He had felt sorry for her months before he met her formally. He had seen that worthless guy that lived with her bring one woman after another home while she was working. First time he had seen the guy he could tell he was a slick user. Women hardly ever saw that but another man could usually pick out a smooth player easily.

“So how do you like your steak?”

“Medium well thank you. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Well you can get us something to drink while I tend to these steaks. There’s beer in the fridge and a huge picture of ice tea if you would rather have that. I’ll have a beer.”

She walked through the patio doors to his kitchen and grabbed them both a beer from the fridge. She noticed his kitchen was spotlessly clean with all new appliances. She walked over to the sliding door to ask him if he wanted a glass with his beer, which he refused.

Over their meal they talked about the weather, their work, hobbies, music, movies and books. He was rather fascinated when he found out that she loved to fish. He had seen her loading her car many times with all her fishing gear and was surprised that a woman would have so much tackle. The women he knew only liked to lounge in the sun and would never get caught putting a worm on a hook.

While she was talking Dillon found himself looking at her more closely, now that he was getting to know the woman. She had a pretty face with big blue eyes that seemed to twinkle when she smiled. Her hair was the color of chestnuts, hanging past her shoulders and he would bet his last dollar it didn’t come from a bottle. She was around 5' 5", give or take a inch and rather plump. Dillon would never call a woman fat, he felt that was very rude, he did have some manners, not many, but a few.

He was wondering what kind of a pervert she would think he was if she knew that he had watched her twice through his telescope when she was making love to that worthless piece of crap that used to live with her.

The first night he had the telescope he had set it up in his bedroom window to look at the clear night sky that was full of stars. He was looking through the lens getting ready to aim it towards the sky when it moved across her bedroom window where he could clearly see her and her lover making love on the bed. He found himself watching them instead of the sky. He watched for a few minutes then felt like a damn voyeur before leaving the telescope and going to bed. Trouble was, the few minutes he had watched, left him with a rather stiff prick that he had to manually take care of.

A week later he hadn’t seen Spring come home and thought the asshole had some other chick up in her room again so he decided to sneak a peek only to find out it was Spring in bed with him. Again he found himself watching this time he actually got to see a clear view of her huge tits as the guy sucked on them. His dick sprang to life and he jumped back from the telescope like he had been caught spying. After that night he had put the telescope down in the garage not wanting to find himself secretly watching his neighbors sexual habits again.

“Dillon you’ve drifted off into space on me, I’m sorry if I was boring you.”

“You weren’t boring me at all Spring, I was just thinking that you and I should go fishing together one day soon. My brother is always to busy and not much fun but I’d really like to spend the day fishing with you. It’s always more fun fishing with someone then it is alone, unless of course your wanting the peace and quiet. So what do you say, let’s make a date to do some fishing? I’ll clean and bone them if you fry our catch, is that a deal?”

Spring was shocked that he would ask her to go fishing with him, she didn’t know what to say.

“Come on, I know you want to say yes and besides I know you weren’t lying about liking to fish, I’ve seen you loading your car with your fishing things before. I know where I can get us this big pontoon boat that we can spend the day on the lake on. It’s got a fridge and a grill so we can have our meal on there as well. Do you have to work this weekend?”

“No, but.”

“No but’s about it, be ready at 6am Saturday morning. I’ll come over tomorrow night and load your fishing things into my truck so we can leave bright and early.”

“Ok, it sounds like fun and I was planning on going fishing this weekend anyway.”

She helped him clean up their dishes from their meal and offered to help with the dishes. He pointed out the dishwasher and let her help him load it before thanking him for the meal and heading home.

Friday night as soon as she drove into her drive he was there to get her things for their fishing trip in the morning. They loaded the back of his truck with her things then said goodbye until they met in the morning.

She was up at 5am, showered, dressed and ready to go by 5:45. She had made some fruit salad last night, plus fried some chicken just in case they didn’t manage to catch their lunch or dinner whatever the case may be. She had also packed some cheese and crackers, then filled her big thermos with ice tea.

Dillon saw her lights go on and hurried to get himself around. He waited till 6am before driving over to her place. He wanted to give her enough time to get her womanly things done. He knew how long it took women to get ready to go anywhere so he patiently waited till the agreed time before knocking on her door.

He was surprised that she was ready and really surprised when she told him she had packed them some lunch just in case they didn’t catch anything. He loaded every thing into the back of the truck then went around to help her in.

“So just where are we going fishing at,” she asked him?

“I know someone who lives on the chain of lakes, it’s his boat we’re going to be using today. There is some great fishing on those lakes, every thing from bluegill, perch, bass, pike, walleye, and some huge tiger muskies.

“I’ve fished there before and your right about the great variety of fish there.”

He turned down a paved road that had a huge sign stating it was a private drive. There was a tall fence with a large ornate gate in front of them. Dillon had a remote that opened the gate allowing the truck to pass through before closing behind them. The drive was tree lined and went quite a ways back before opening onto a clearing where a huge house stood. The house was done in cedar shingles and stone, it was magnificent for a lake house.

He pulled into the garage which he also opened with a remote control. “I come out here a lot so I have all the gizmo’s to get in and out,” he told her when he saw the questioning look on her face.

After he parked the truck and helped her out he went to a door where there was a security box located, after entering the security code he opened the door that led out to the back of the house and the lake.

Spring was awestruck with the site before her. Whoever lived here, lived in what looked to be a private cove. There were no other houses in view in the cove. A long dock led out to a boat house where a speed boat was housed. The pontoon was tied to the other side of the dock area ready to go. Further over near the end of the cove was a huge building where a amphibian plane was sitting bobbing gently on the water. Whoever lived here had to be rich as hell to live like this.

She turned around to tell Dillon how lucky he was to have a friend who lived here when she saw the back of the house for the first time.

“Oh my goodness,” she said instead. The back of the house was almost entirely glass. No matter what room you might be in it had a view of the lake and woods surrounding it. The second floor had a huge balcony that stretched the length of it.

“It is something isn’t it? Private, quiet, peaceful and a damn great view to boot.” “You have a very lucky friend Dillon, most lake houses are usually set so close together you don’t have any elbow room, let alone this kind of privacy.”

“Shall we get the boat loaded so we can get busy catching our dinner,” he told her laughing.

Fifteen minutes later the boat was loaded and they were easing their way away from the dock. She had been on a couple of pontoon boats before but never anything this luxurious. There was a center island on the boat that had a gas grill and stove. To the side of that were two refrigerators, one for food he said and one for drinks. Around the back and two sides were seating benches that also pulled out into eight lounge chairs.

The canopy was canvas that had two separate parts. One part was the canopy that covered the center area of the boat and the other were four long steel rails that when lifted could be opened to release another canvas that gave the boat four walls to inclose it if they wanted to spend the night on the lake. He showed her that the boat could be separated into two sections to give privacy and how the lounges turned into two double sized beds or one double and two singles.

“This is the best part though he told her walking her over to the back of the boat where he pulled up two side panels that lifted and folded out. He lifted a cushion then a lid to reveal a toilet. You pull this latch to release the door part which swings out so you can close the door while you do your business then it all goes back into place in less than a minute. It has storage tanks just like in a motor home,” he told her.

“This has to be custom built, I don’t think I’ve even heard of one having a bathroom in it before,” she told him.

“It is custom built but there are some high end boats like this, that a potty comes standard on,” he told her laughing.

They had been on the water about 20 minutes heading to his secret fishing spot when some people in a speed boat stopped to say hello. Everyone was on a first name basis so he must come here quite often she thought. They finally arrived where he wanted to fish and they set about hooking up their rods. Spring noticed a lot of red ear sunfish swimming around close to shore along with some bluegills.

Dillon caught the first fish, a bluegill, but Spring landed three in a row after his first one. She only kept two of them the third being to small to fry. She caught four more within five or six minutes. Dillon now had four to her seven catches.

“Are you using some kind of secret bait over there,” he asked her? “I haven’t seen you put one worm on yet.”

“I’ve been fishing with these mini scented worms for a few months, the gills and sunfish seem to love them early in the day, but I’ve found that by evening they seem to prefer a real worm. Would you like to try one?”

“Thanks I’d love to give them a try.” He took one of the little yellow fake worms from her, and noticed that she had her line set up with a leader, so he did the same to his. Within an hour they had caught 20 good sized sunfish and bluegills.

“This is fantastic, we keep this up and we will have a good amount for dinner tonight. What do you say we cruise on down to another spot I know over on one of the other lakes? There is also a great sandbar over there where we can take time out for a swim as well. It was already hot as hell out and only around 11am, the forecast for today had been hot and humid.

Spring wasn’t going to tell him that she didn’t own a suit, she was to chubby to wear a swim suit so she just told him she hadn’t packed a suit as she didn’t think they would be swimming only fishing.

“So, you can swim in your shorts and top, I’m going to swim in my shorts. It will be a relief to take a nice cool swim in-between our fishing.”

Spring actually loved to swim, she had lived on a lake with her parents until the age of 12 and was an excellent swimmer. They were the only two people on the sandbar so they waded out to fish off it. They started catching a bunch of crappie and a couple of white bass. They kept 10 of the bigger crappies and released the rest before Dillon decided it was time for a swim.

They ate lunch after their swim then relaxed on the boat for an hour or so just enjoying the day while their clothes dried out. They fished some more then headed back to the cove so Dillon could clean the fish.

Spring insisted on gathering up all their gear and loading the truck while he cleaned the fish. After she had everything packed into the truck she went back to the boat to make sure it was as neat and clean as when they took it out that morning.

When they got home later that day Spring took the iced fished to her house and told Dillon to come over around 7 for dinner. She showered and changed into a loose summer dress then turned on the grill. She already had a salad tossed in the fridge, and some potato salad she had made last night. They enjoyed their meal, and talked about movies and music for the next hour before Dillon said good night. She thanked him for the fun day they had spent fishing and he thanked her for cooking dinner.

Spring was glad the day was over. Not because she didn’t have a great time fishing with Dillon, but just being with him the whole day had been a little stressful on her libido. Damn he was a good looking man and more than once she had caught herself looking at him wondering what kind of a lover he was.

The night had cooled down so she left her bedroom window open to let in the fresh cool air. She slept in the nude when she slept alone, it was the only time she didn’t have to be embarrassed about her body. When she was in a relationship with someone she always slept in something.

Dillon didn’t know what possessed him to bring the telescope up to his room when he got home. He had a terrible urge to look across the street into Spring’s bedroom and just couldn’t help himself. The sky was clear and there was a full moon out so he had plenty of light.

She was in bed, the sheet pulled up to her chin, her left arm flung across the top of her head. He watched her toss and turn for about 10 minutes and was just about to head to bed himself when he saw her pull the sheet down from her breasts. With her right hand he watched as she slowly rubbed her finger over a nipple. The telescope was powerful enough that he could actually see it grow and harden as she rubbed it slowly.

His cock began to stir when he saw her slip her finger into her mouth, wetting it before rubbing her nipple again with her moist finger. She did the same with her other hand then lowered it to her other nipple rubbing both of them now. He noticed her legs moving under the sheet and figured she was getting aroused and probably wet now.

Dillon reached for his cock without thinking about it and began to stroke it slowly while he watched her playing and tugging on her nipples. She played with her nipples for a long time before he saw her lift a breast to her mouth and suck her own nipple. His cock jerked in his hand as he watched her playing with herself.

Spring was pent up with sexual frustration and spending the day in the company of Dillon had not helped matters any. No wonder women flocked to him, he had an sexual magnetism that just exuded from him. She was fantasizing about him making love to her and felt the hunger in her body stirring to life again. It was her fantasy and she could think about her handsome neighbor if she wanted to.

Dillon was stroking his cock slowly, wondering what it was that she thought about when she masturbated. He hoped it wasn’t that worthless idiot who used to live with her. Maybe she thought of two men making love to her, maybe a woman, could be someone she worked with, a movie star, hell it could be just about anybody or anything for that matter.

Right now Dillon was imagining his mouth at her breast, he knew her tits were real and not like the fake ones most of the women he dated had. Small breasted women never did turn him on, but he would have preferred that they at least be real. He was a boob guy, he loved women’s tits. He like to touch them, hold them in his hands, stroke and fondle them, not to mention he just loved to suck on them.

He saw the sheet start to slide further down her body with the movements of her legs. Spring took her left hand and slid it down her body under the edge of the sheet, he could see her legs open wider as her hand now hidden from his eyes must be exploring her pussy now. She lifted her left leg, now bent at the knee and the sheet fell away to expose her belly. The precum was dripping from the head of his cock now, rock hard and throbbing as he watched her.

Spring was trying to imagine how Dillon’s mouth would feel against her pussy lips, his tongue dipping into the recess of her pussy, his tongue lapping at her clit, then his mouth covering her clit sucking it gently. She dipped her finger into the wetness of her pussy to rub the cream on her clit. She rubbed her clit in slow circles, making it firm and grow as she massaged it gently with her finger.

Dillon moved the telescope a little further to the left, trying to get a better view of her hand in her pussy. All of a sudden she moved her body sideways slightly, rolling her head off her pillow and now giving him a perfect view of her finger rubbing her clit. He almost blew his load, he slowed his hand not wanting to cum until he was sure that Spring was about to climax as well.

Spring could almost feel his mouth at her clit, his soft, full lips surrounding it as he sucked her clit. Did he like to get the woman off with his mouth before fucking her, or was he one of those men who just liked to warm her up that way before shoving his cock deep into her?

There before his eyes was his secret desire. He had always had fantasies of larger women, when he masturbated it wasn’t his current lady friend or model he was thinking about as he jacked off. He was thinking of huge tits that filled his hands, that he could mold and caress. Or how they would feel wrapped around his cock, or his face buried deep between them. As he watched Spring he could almost see his hands pushing her belly out of his way as his mouth dined on her pussy. The soft flesh he could feel instead of boney hips.

Spring was close to coming, her clit was throbbing and hard. She wondered what kind of lover Dillon would be. Would he be a slow and gentle lover, taking his time to allow them both to get as much pleasure as possible? Was he into foreplay or just the quick fuck? How often did he enjoy making love to the women he dated? She only ever saw women at his house on the weekends, but then maybe he went to their homes during the week.

What was she thinking right now he wondered as he stroked his cock, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer and from the tenseness he was seeing in Spring he didn’t think she was either?

Spring’s orgasm began, the tightness in her loins tugging at her, her clit burning, the muscle spasms in her pussy starting as she brought herself to climax.

Dillon felt his seed flowing through his cock and explode in his hand as he watched Spring get herself off. His body tensed with each spurt of his thick cream filling his hand until the waves of pleasure receded and he watched as she pulled the sheet back up over her body turning on her side to go to sleep.

It was a long time before Dillon could let sleep overtake him. He lay there in bed staring at the ceiling hating himself for the pleasure he had gotten from spying on his neighbor.

Dillon only slept a couple of hours before waking up feeling tense and nervous. He was going to pull the telescope away from the window and put it in his closet but he looked through the lens just wanting to get a glimpse of Spring sleeping. What he saw had him sitting back down in his chair, again being a voyeur, as he watched Spring slide the dildo in and out of her pussy.

She had woke up a short time ago, aroused and wet. She had been dreaming of Dillon making love to her. She reached in her night stand and took out one of her dildo’s and eased it slowly into her pussy. She wondered how his cock would feel inside her pussy as he fucked her. Damn the man for making her above average sexual appetite be even more active then normal. Spring usually masturbated at least three times a day but lately she was waking up every two or three hours at night full of pent up sexual frustration.

As he watched he wished that was his cock sliding in and out of her pussy instead of in his own hand. He had found a couple of larger women attractive to him but never had an opportunity to go further then it just being an attraction. Once when he was on a business trip he had saw a woman sitting in the hotel bar that was built like Spring, he had felt an instant attraction to her and almost offered to buy her a drink when some friends of hers arrived. He didn’t want to intrude but had always regretted not making her acquaintance.

Was he going to let this desire of his for Spring be another regret or was he going to do something about it? Shit, here he was watching her secretly again and jacking off when he wanted to be over there buried deep inside her. What was she doing?

He watched in fascination as she slipped the dildo all the way inside her pussy then bent her left leg so that her heel was resting against the end of the dildo. He saw the cord so it was electric. She probably had it on high, the vibrations feeling good inside her. He understood why she was holding it inside of her with the heel of her foot. It allowed her hands to be free to roam over those huge tits of hers.

She was almost there, the vibrations from the dildo rotating inside her pussy as she played with her nipples, her body crying out for release again. Within a few more minutes she had again brought herself to orgasm. She didn’t immediately remove the dildo from her pussy, enjoying the feeling as she came slowly down from her sexual high. Thank god today was Sunday and she didn’t have to work, she would have been exhausted not having hardly any sleep and the little sleep she did have was restless.

Ok, that was enough he was thinking. He wanted Spring not just physically but emotionally as well. Now how could he get her interested in him? He knew he was going to have a hard time convincing her of his sincerity. He wasn’t stupid by any means and convincing Spring that he truly was attracted to her was going to be his biggest obstacle to overcome.

He saw her sitting outside on her front porch that afternoon and walked over to say hello. “Can you believe this heat,”he asked her?

“It is miserable isn’t it? Thank god for air conditioning!”

“I had a great time yesterday Spring and I was thinking we could do it again this coming weekend if you don’t have any plans.”

She was surprised that he would want to repeat their day on the lake again. “I don’t know if I will have to work next weekend Dillon so I can’t say yes. They usually never tell us if we have to work the weekend until Wednesday or Thursday’s at the latest.”

“That’s ok, why don’t we just go ahead and make plans and if you end up working we can always cancel them until the following weekend if you do have to work.”

“Sure, why not. It’s supposed to be hot and humid all week and they usually don’t make us work the weekend if the heat is miserable out. I had fun and enjoyed being on a lake again.”

“Good, then we will plan on leaving the same time next Saturday. I’ll see you next Saturday Spring.”

Dillon had been trying to figure out all week how he could approach Spring about going out on a real date with him. Getting her to go fishing with him was one thing but actually going out to dinner and dancing with him would be a different matter.

“Ok, let’s get going, I’m dying to start catching dinner not to mention to try to out fish you this time,” he told her laughingly. He had stopped over to her house last night to see if she had to work or if their fishing date was still on. She told him she would be free so they agreed to meet again early in the morning.

They used his friends pontoon again, this time Dillon taking them further in the chain of seven lakes. Spring was looking over the maps of each of the lakes, which spanned almost 10 miles. Each lake was unique in the fish that you would find there and the layout of the lakes.

“I see something new has been added since we were here last weekend,” she told him pointing to the fish finder mounted at the rear of the boat.

“I always use this when I fish this lake. It has many deep spots and ledges where the fish hang out so a little help electronically keeps things interesting. They don’t seem to stay in the same areas. One day you might catch a hundred off this ledge but the next day you might be lucky to catch two or three.”

“Well they move where the food is, and where they spawn. Not to mention the temperature of the water at different depths. As hot as it has been this last couple of weeks, they will stay a little deeper in the water. Coming in closer to shore in the evenings to feed when it’s cooler.”

“Oh no, I see that I’m going to have a hard time out fishing you, even with a little help with the fish finder on my side,” he laughed.

He dropped anchor and they set about to see who would be catching the most fish. Spring had caught the first gill then Dillon reeled in three perch in a row. She changed her bait to using colored grubs instead of the scented mini fake worms. She had barely moved her rod after her cast when she got a hit. She reeled in a huge gill that was almost as thick as her hand. “Beat that,” she told him smiling.

“Damn woman, that fish should be mounted and I would almost bet it’s one of the largest caught on this lake. We’ll get it checked at the bait shop when we get over to the other lake later.”

Spring was catching one gill after another and in 20 minutes she had tossed twenty four into the live well.

“Your using some secret bait again aren’t you,” he teased her.

“Nope, just fishing with some grubs is all,” she laughed at his teasing.

They had been fishing for a couple of hours before Dillon lifted anchor to head over to the next lake and the bait shop. He dug her gill out of the live well and took it in to have it measured and weighed.

“Holy shit Dillon that’s a killer gill, it may be a state record or at least a record for this lake,” the attendant told him as he went about weighing and measuring it then checking state and lake records.

“Two pounds, three ounces Dillon, close but no cigar buddy. State record was set in 1983 on Vaughn lake by a Gary Salyor with a two pound, twelve ounce whopper. Lake record is two pounds, five ounces, but I’d still get this baby mounted if I were you, it’s a beauty, size and color wise. Get your butt over here so I can take your picture and get it on the wall in the lake map guides.”

“I didn’t land this one Ralph, my friend Spring here did and I swear she had to be using some kind of secret bait, but she swears it was only a grub!”

Ralph laughed out loud at Dillon’s remark, “so your out fishing him huh? Well get on over here Spring so I can take your picture.”

Spring had her picture taken with her catch then Dillon filled the gas tanks while she used the bathroom in the little store. He bought them both a ice cream cone from the dairy bar next door to the bait shop before they got back on the boat.

Spring was looking around the lake while she ate her ice cream cone as he steered the boat to the next lake. His cock was stirring in his shorts watching her lick that damn ice cream cone. He could feel her tongue making those lazy circles around his cock, slick with the chilling ice cream. He had to look away before it became real embarrassing for him.

He headed for a sandy shallow spot so he could take a quick swim to cool down his ardor. He was in the water before Spring turned around yelling at her to come on in for a quick swim. She joined him in the water and for the next half hour they enjoyed the cooling feel of the water on their heated flesh.

The sun was beginning to go down so Dillon set up a small fold down table on the shore where he began cleaning the fish they had caught that day. He left the huge gill she caught in the live well, he was going to have it mounted for her as a surprise.

While he was cleaning the fish Spring took out the six ears of corn she had soaking in water and put them on the grill. She sliced some tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions for a quick tomato salad to be tossed with a little olive oil. She had made some cole slaw last night and made a small vegetable dish last night with some spinach dip. She also had two chilled bowls of fruit for them for dessert.

She took him another cold beer while he finished up cleaning their catch. He rinsed the fish in fresh clean water then gave them to her to fry. She dipped them into the egg wash then into the flour mixture before putting them in the skillet on the grill. He sat the table while she fried up the fish and put the rest of the food out. Twenty minutes later they were enjoying their evening meal. Dillon had turned on the portable radio, that was on board to a easy listening channel. The sun had gone down so he turned on the boat lights and hanging lanterns that all ran off the boat batteries.

They had cleaned up the table after their meal and were sitting back drinking their beers and enjoying the calm music that was playing on the radio. He stood up, then took her hand pulling her up with him. “Dance with me Spring,” he asked her as he pulled her into his arms.

Spring was shocked when he pulled her into his arms to dance. This was quite unexpected so she was a little stiff in his arms at first. In a few moments she had loosened up and was enjoying dancing with him. He moved closer, tucking her hand into his chest. She could hear him breathing against her ear then she imagined that she had felt him kiss her hair.

She stiffened in his arms, she pushed herself back from his chest and told him she thought they better be getting back it was getting late. She moved over to the side of the pontoon and began gathering up her tackle.

He had no idea what had just happened. She was all warm and soft in his arms then it was like her body had been replaced with a cold hard piece of steel. He started the engine and headed back towards the house. It took them a little over20 minutes to make the trip back. All the time he kept stealing glances at Spring, did she feel his lips brush her hair and that is what made her upset? Well dammit, he couldn’t help himself! He had forced himself all week not to get that damn telescope out and just lay in bed frustrated replaying the scenes of her masturbating in his head for a week.

He docked the boat and tied it down while Spring began loading the truck with their gear. She had hardly spoke to him on the ride back and jumped off the boat as soon as he docked.

She wanted to get home, she needed to put distance between them before she went and did something she would regret. She thought Dillon was playing with her, this was all some kind of game to him. Tomorrow over drinks or at the gym with his buddies they would probably all get a laugh when he told them that the overweight neighbor of his he had befriended had thought he was putting the moves on her.

It started raining and you could hear the thunder off in the distance moving closer. They were going to get one hell of a thunderstorm before they made it back home. He was loading the cooler into the truck as she headed back out to get her rods and tackle box. He asked her if she would give him a hand putting up the cover over the pontoon. The rain was really coming down now and they were both soaked by the time they got the boat covered.

She grabbed one of the thick towels she had brought and began drying herself off best she could. She took one of the others and laid it across the seat in the cab of the truck to keep from getting the seat wet when they sat down. She knew he was trying to figure out how come she was in such a hurry to leave so she made small talk.

“Good thing we got off the lake when we did, that wind is really picking up now.”

“Yes, we would have had to pull into one of the coves and drop anchor until this blew over.”

He turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. He tried again and it wouldn’t start. He got out of the truck and opened the hood to have a look. “Spring will you try to start it please.”

She moved over behind the wheel and turned the key, the engine just kept turning over but wouldn’t start. After ten more mintues of trying to figure out what was wrong he closed the hood and told her he was going to have to call a wrecker to tow them back.

“Come on Spring, let’s get inside the house so I can call for a wrecker. I’ll turn on the fireplace so you can warm up.”

The inside of the house was every bit as magnificent as she had imagined it to be. She took her shoes off at the door not wanting to track up the house. Dillon started the fire and she sat down in front of the fireplace to warm up. The temp had really dropped when the storm hit, at least the humidity should go down now after this storm she was thinking.

Dillon handed her a cup of hot tea while he was on the phone talking to a wrecker service. “How long do you think it will be? Can you give me any kind of idea, a ballpark time of some sort? Never mind, I’ll try to call someone else.”

Spring watched as he picked another number from the phone book and dialed it. “Thanks but I already tried them, they are in the same fix as you are it seems. I’ll just call again in the morning, thanks for your help.”

“Looks like we aren’t going anywhere tonight. This storm has knocked power out all over town and they have been inundated with service calls for a dozen or more accidents caused by downed trees and poor visibility on the roads. Neither one of them said they could get out here for at least five or six hours.”

He had no sooner finished talking when they lost power in the house. He lit the two candles on the mantel then a couple more that were on a stand and a table by the window. He took a candle from the mantel then reached for her hand pulling her up. “Come with me and let’s get you dry.”

He pulled her along to a bedroom then reached inside the closet to get her a blanket. “You can wrap up in the blanket and we will dry your clothes down in front of the fire. I’ll be back to get you in a few minutes.”

Before she could say anything he was out the door. She slipped her shorts and top off, thought about leaving on her bra but then decided it was to uncomfortable with it being wet so took that off as well. She bundled herself up in the blanket and gathered her wet clothes to put in front of the fire.

“Good, your ready, come on let’s get back to the fire and get these clothes dried out. I borrowed some of the owners to wear until mine dry out,” he told her explaining why he was in dry clothes.

He fixed them another cup of hot tea using the fireplace to warm the water. The storm was really raging outside and Spring walked over to the window to watch. “I love storms, the power of them.”

“I suppose you grew up wanting to be a storm chaser, chasing tornados all over the place,” he told her coming up behind her.

“Not really, but when I was eleven we lived on a lake when a tornado hit. My brother, sister and I were swimming when the storm came. Mom had us come in and get in the basement when the alarms went off. Moms brother and father lived with us at the time and were working on a boat in the basement workshop. The door blew open with a crash and I went to close it.”

“I looked out at the lake and saw the funnel come down and touch the water. I was entranced watching it, I couldn’t move. Leaves and debris were flying through the door as I watched. It was sucking up the water, you could actually see the shore line disappearing. I could see an old lawnmower, a barrel, part of a boat and fish twirling around in the funnel. My father saw where I was and came to get me just as it cut lose and lifted back up into the sky.”

“My god Spring that must have been a site to see.”

“When it cut loose it was like a giant wave crashing against a breakwater wall. There were fish on roofs, in yards, on the edge of the shore, things that had been sunk in the lake were tossed everywhere. After the storm people all around the lake were out tossing the fish back into the water. We grabbed nine that were in our yard and got them back in the water quickly. Not one house got damaged in that storm other than debris in the yards.”

the storm people all around the lake were out tossing the fish back into the water. We grabbed nine that were in our yard and got them back in the water quickly. Not one house got damaged in that storm other than debris in the yards.”

“I’ve never seen a tornado other then when they show one on TV. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to see something like that.”

“We had a dog, his name was Bear. He was a German Wired Haired Setter that according the experts at the Vet University was a throw back to prehistoric times.”

“What,” he asked with a questioning look?

“We got him as a puppy. Dad, Uncle Bill and grandpa were going to train him to be a bird dog when they went hunting. He kept growing and growing and growing until he was the size of a small pony. He was huge! His paws were bigger than my uncle’s two hands put together. His dog house was like a kids playhouse and his chain was a calf chain. He was so gentle and loving, we loved him to death.”

“So I take it they did some kind of tests on him at the University then?”

“Yes, they took blood, hair, nail clippings and skin to test. They even tried to buy him from my dad to study but dad said absolutely no way. After the storm we went to check on him and he was gone. His fence, house and all were gone. I was bawling my eyes out as were my brother and sister. We just knew he was dead, dad drove us all around the lake, up and down the road out front looking for any sign of him or the house. We searched for him for hours but found nothing.”

“That must have been a terrible thing for you kids to lose your pet that way.”

“We were outside still cleaning up the yard when a state police officer came to our house. They found our dog! But you will never guess where they found him. Twelve miles away, alive with his house wedged between two silos on a farm in the next town.”

“You’ve got to be kidding! He was alive and still in his house?”

“Yes, and he was so frightened he wouldn’t let anyone near him. They called all the area vets knowing someone would have to know who that huge dog belonged to. It took my dad and uncle on a power company’s ladder to get him into the box with them and get him down. He was so glad to see them he almost knocked all of them out of the box before they could get it closed.”

“That must have been a site to see.”

“Made the nightly news, and in the papers. He died two years later all his organs were so huge it just killed him. Anytime I read or hear of someone saying that this person was a “gentle giant” I always think of Bear.”

Dillon had put his hands on her shoulders while she was telling him the story of the dog. He had pulled her back against him and now had his arms wrapped around her while they stood at the window looking out at the storm.

“Spring why did you pull away from me tonight when we were dancing on the boat,” he said softly against her ear.

She was just realizing she was wrapped in his arms again. She didn’t even remember him putting his arms around her. “Dillon I can’t and won’t be a little diversion for you.”

“What makes you think that is what it would be Spring?” He didn’t remove his arms from around her, afraid she would move away from him again.

“Come on Dillon, I’m not stupid. I’ve seen the women come and go from your house and I’ve never seen one who remotely fits my description.”

“So because of that you can’t believe that I would be attracted to you? You just assume that looks and a fit body is what I’m looking for? Do you think that I am that shallow of a person Spring? Not that your not attractive, because you are and just as desirable, especially to me.”

“Dillon I don’t think your shallow at all, I just know that had I ever seen a woman you were with who resembled me I would probably think differently.”

“Spring I have always been attracted to women who are larger than the norm. I’ve never had an opportunity to pursue dating one, because frankly Spring, I’ve not met any in my line of business.”

“Dillon if you truly wanted to be with someone like myself I’m sure you would have done whatever it took to make it happen.”

Dillon knew it was going to take him forever to convince her that he was being honest with her. Holding her like this already had his hormones into overdrive, his cock was stirring to life and he knew that Spring could feel his arousal as well. “Spring do you think that a man can become aroused by a woman he’s not attracted to,” he said pressing up tightly against her.

“Yes. If it’s been some time since the last time he was with a woman, any woman who just happened to be handy would give him the relief he wanted. He didn’t have to be attracted to her, to need her.”

“So you think that I’m in need of some relief and you just happen to be the handy one available, is that it?”

“Dillon I’ve not seen a woman at your place in over a month, which doesn’t mean that you have not sought solace with someone at their home in that time. But I do know that in all the time you have lived across the street from me I’ve never seen one woman at your home who didn’t fit the mold of the model types.”

“Tell me something, don’t you think that your attractive to a man?”

“To some men, certain types of men yes, but not to men who look like you.”

“What about that worthless piece of crap that was living with you? He was built like me?”

“Yes, well you know what happened there. Guess that’s why he was screwing every woman he could get his hands on. I was nothing more than a place to live, guess he thought he had to fuck me for his room and board.”

“Well I don’t need a place to live, so there must be some other reason I want you, right?” He kissed the side of her neck, then nibbled on the lobe of her ear. “Spring I want you in the way that every man wants the women he wants to be with. I’m not playing a game with you. I am truly attracted to you, I have been for a very long time.”

Spring was running out of excuses and her body was beginning to betray her words. Just being held in his arms was having a field day with her over active hormones.

“I’m going to tell you something that may make you really pissed at me, but I want you to know. I want nothing between us but our bodies wrapped in passion. It happened by accident but from the first I couldn’t help myself. I’m not proud of it by any means but once I saw I could not stop myself.”

“Dillon what are you talking about?” Spring was trying to squirm around in his arms but he held her fast.

“I was having trouble sleeping one night so I set up my telescope my brother got me for my birthday to look at the night sky. When I was raising it, your room came into view. You were making love with your ex and I couldn’t pull my eyes away as I watched. I sat there thinking to myself what a lucky bastard he was to have you in bed.”

She was shocked, she tried to squirm out of his arms but he held her tight.

“Let me finish before you try to run away from me. I watched, jealous of him touching you. I got a raging hard on watching you two making love. I’ve sat in the dark, not being able to help myself, watching you masturbate. I’ve watched and masturbated along with you each time. I fantasize of me being with you, the one who is giving you pleasure.”

She was so embarrassed, she didn’t even want to turn around to look at him.

“I watch and wonder what it is that your thinking of as you pleasure yourself. For the last six weeks you’re the one who has given me solace without knowing it. I’ve not desired another woman only wanting you.” He spun her around quickly so he could see her face.

She couldn’t look at him and tried to pull away. “Dillon please let me go?”

“No, not until you let me kiss you. I mean it Spring, I won’t let you go until you let me kiss you.”

She kept her eyes lowered when she asked him if he would give her his word he would let her go if she kissed him. “Will you Dillon? Will you promise to let me go?”

“I can’t Spring, because I know it would be a lie. I won’t be able to stop with just one kiss from your lips. But I will promise you that I will go no further if you honestly wish me to stop.” He knew she would not let go of her blanket so he held her with one arm as he lifted her face to his for his kiss.

Spring kept her mouth tightly closed as he kissed her. She knew that she could very easily get caught up in his kisses, and she would forget all about her good intentions. She heard and felt him chuckle against her tightly closed lips.

“That’s not going to work Spring.”

“You said you would stop if I.....” She didn’t get to finish her sentence as his mouth took advantage of hers as she spoke. His tongue delved deep into the recess of her mouth forcing hers to submit to his.

Spring shivered. Not from the dampness from the storm raging outside, but from the storm building inside of her as Dillon’s kiss forced her into surrendering to him. She melted in his arms, his kiss sparking a flame within her. Slowly the fire took hold of her, smoldering, until igniting into a raging inferno.

She couldn’t deny the passion she was feeling and kissed him back. She became the aggressor, her tongue demanding his attention. She had dreamed of what his kisses would be like, but not even in her fantasies did it come close to the fire he had started.

Dillon pulled her down to the thick carpet with him. He reached for the cushion from the chair quickly putting it under her head, never taking his mouth from hers. He lay half on top of her, forcing his leg between hers, effectively holding her captive. He pressed his knee up against her dampening pussy, hearing her little moan of pleasure.

He almost jumped when he felt her hand at the zipper of his slacks, as she slid her hand inside pressing lightly against his swelling manhood. Now it was he who moaned in his pleasure. His slipped his hand inside the folds of the blanket finding her warm, soft breast. He shuddered as it filled his hand to overflowing. He pulled his mouth from her lips and placed it at her breast.

Spring jerked at the first touch of his mouth against her breast. When his tongue slid across her nipple she shivered in her pleasure. As he gently took her nipple in his mouth and began to suckle it, she whimpered in her pleasure. She placed her hand at his head urging him to take her deeper into his mouth.

Dillon’s fantasy was right here in his mouth, and laying underneath him. He molded her breast as he nursed it’s nipple. He was so caught up in his desire he was taken by surprise when Spring pushed him away, then quickly over onto his back. She kissed him hungrily as she pushed his briefs away from his burgeoning cock.

She pulled her mouth from his quickly and before he could reach for her she had impaled her mouth down the length of his cock taking his breath away. He hadn’t expected her to do that, not that he minded, but he hadn’t even had the pleasure of tasting her yet. Dillon was a very attentive lover, and he prided himself on making sure his partners were well taken care of before seeing to his own fulfillment.

Her mouth was velvety smooth around his cock and her tongue tantalized him teasingly with each stroke of her mouth. Spring was very talented with that mouth of hers and was driving him crazy with it.

Spring hadn’t been able to help herself when she took the lead in their lovemaking. She had an uncontrollable desire to taste him. To feel the warmth and hardness of him in her mouth. She needed to know how his cock reacted to the ministrations of her mouth and tongue.

Normally Spring would have never done this act of lovemaking this quickly. She had learned a long time ago that this kind of pleasure was a two way street.

Three men she had dated over the years had been the type who either did not go there with the woman or had spent very little time in seeing to her pleasure in the oral department. Yet she hadn’t dated a man yet who didn’t want, or in fact expected it from her. One man she had dated had gotten so upset with her when she refused to give him more oral pleasure the first time they had become intimate. She told him that he had spent all of a minute attempting to pleasure her and that was the exact amount of time she would return the pleasure.

Spring had instantly known that Dillon was not going to be that kind of lover. He was very attentive to her every need in the times they had spent together. His attentiveness during those times had shown her that he would probably be just as attentive intimately.

“Spring, you must stop dear,” he said trying to pull her away from the lavish attention her mouth was giving his cock. She didn’t stop, and he realized that she was determined to see to his pleasure before her own. Her mouth was soft velvet against his hard cock. The gentle sucking of her lips drew a long moan of pleasure from him. He had to get her to stop before he lost all his control, which was quickly slipping away from him.

She loved the feel of him in her mouth, firm, hard and throbbing. That was such a turn on to her, especially to know that he was enjoying her efforts. She was anxious to know the taste of him, to know that she had brought him to completion. She enjoyed giving him this pleasure, a very intimate pleasure that two could share.

He had to get her off his cock, she was driving him crazy with her mouth. He grabbed her shoulders and in one swift move had her on her back, his cock making a slurping noise as he came out of her mouth. She was tangled in the blanket making it easier for him to subdue her again.

“No, please let me finish Dillon,” she begged him?

“It’s my turn Spring, I need to ease off or I’ll cum, and I don’t want to do that until I have had the same pleasure of tasting your nectar.”

“Let me finish Dillon, then you can have me. I need to taste you Dillon, I’ve fantasized so long on how you would feel and taste in my mouth, please let me know your taste?”

“I promise you can continue after I’ve pleasured you.” He didn’t give her time to say anything, pulling the blanket away quickly, spreading her legs apart and burying his face deeply into her moistened pussy.

In an instant he was driving her crazy with his tongue and mouth. He was an expert at eating pussy, that was clear in how quickly he had brought her to her first orgasm. She had never had a man work her clit the way he did, any woman who had had the pleasure of his expertise in this area had been a very lucky woman.

He was dying to be inside her but had given her his word that he would let her finish what she had begun earlier. He had gotten her off four times and she was begging him to stop, to let her have her turn again. His cock was throbbing for release so he reluctantly lifted his mouth from her sweet pussy.

She kissed him deeply before going back down on him and that pleased him. He had known quite a few women who did not care to kiss after he had been pleasuring them orally. Knowing that she enjoyed tasting her nectar from his lips made his cock all the more eager for release.

Dillon was going to cum soon, she could feel his veins protruding, how his cock was twitching more and more in her mouth. His balls were constricting, ready to send his cream flowing hot and quick into her waiting mouth. She wondered if he would be creamy or more fluid when his sperm filled her mouth. She didn’t have long to wait as she felt his warm, thick cream filling her waiting mouth. She shuddered as it slid across her tongue, her small orgasm following his.

She kept her mouth around his cock, gently licking every last drop from his sensitive cock before removing her mouth. He pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply. “My god, you are persistent in getting your way woman, not that I really minded.”

“And you sir are extremely talented in giving the same pleasure to your partner. I’ve never felt like I was hanging off the edge of a mountain before, only to be jerked back to safety over and over again.”

Dillon was about to say something when they heard a huge crash outside. They both jumped up to see what had happened. Nothing out in front looked out of the ordinary so they went to the back of the house to check. They didn’t have to go to far to see the huge tree that was laying across the back yard, just missing the house by inches. They had ignored the storm raging outside to the one that was raging inside of them.

The tree had taken down the power lines, which were draping across the back of the house, as well as out front which he hadn’t noticed when they first looked outside.

“Looks like were staying here tonight, no way are we going outside with all those power lines down. Come on, we might as well be comfortable and settle in for the night.” He had a hold of her hand pulling her with him as he led her upstairs to the master bedroom.

“I think I should sleep in the other bedroom Dillon.”

“No way. I’ve only had a small taste of the pleasure of having you in my arms. I’m not going to waste another night without having you in my bed. I’m still hungry for you Spring, I’ve not even begun to enjoy you yet.”

“Maybe we should sleep in the guest room then, I feel kind of funny sleeping in the owners bed, nor do I think he would appreciate us using it either.”

“Your wrong there hon, I know for a fact he would love to have us use it,” he told her smiling as he led her to huge king size bed.

“What makes you think that,” she asked him?

“Because I am the owner Spring. This is my home, my private domain, where I come to enjoy the peace and quiet from work and friends. Only a few close friends know that I live here.”

“This is your home? Then why do you live across the street from me?”

He smiled at the puzzled look on her face. “I use that house for business purposes actually, plus I would rather stay in a house then an apartment when I’m working in town. I come out here as often as I can, three or four times a week.” He pulled her down onto the bed with him.

“I don’t understand. This house is beautiful and it’s clear you love it out here so why not live out here?”

“I want my private life just that Spring, I want it kept private. Only about a dozen close friends have ever been out here or know that I own this house.” He turned her face towards his and kissed her slowly and deeply. “In case your wondering, you’re the only woman who has ever been out here, or in this bed,” he told her after his kiss.

He pulled her down onto the bed with him, leaning over her body, kissing her passionately. “Before this night is over your going to believe that I truly do desire you, will always desire you, and have been in love with you for months while I have secretly watched you through the telescope. Your not leaving my bed woman until you tell me that you truly believe I’m being honest with you.”

Dillon gave her no time to speak as he kissed her hungrily, but by morning there was no doubt in Spring's mind that he was very sincere in his feelings for her.

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