Nice Night  

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Nice Night

“Nice night isn’t it…”

She looked up and smiled. She had noticed him throughout the evening and hoped to meet him. She offered him a light as they stood on the balcony looking at the stars in silence. He was tall and muscular. They talked about the weather, the news, people they both knew. His voice was calm and deep, his arms strong and well defined. His luscious blue eyes looked her over with a sly shyness. She became increasingly aware of her desire for him, and felt a strong need building within her.

She touched his arm as they talked. Her fingers felt electrified from feeling his soft skin, sending shivers in the warm, balmy night. The conversation moved to a more personal realm; where they worked, what they did in their spare time. Slowly licking her lips, she tried to bait him with little comments here and there, unsure whether he was interested. He seemed so analytical and methodical. Not cold, but not ogling her in an obvious manner. She leaned against the balcony railing, giving him a good view of her full breasts. Letting her blouse slip down her shoulder, she watched his eyes for signs of hunger. She adjusted the collar of his shirt, and felt his hot breath on her cheek. As she slowly moved away, she brushed her body against his, hoping to detect a hardness. Biting down on her lip, she again moved closer.

He reached out and swept the hair off her face. They kissed tenderly, but she could feel her yearning increase. His tongue caressed hers, his lips full and hot. He reached down to her slim waist then pressed his hand into her firm ass as he drew her closer. With his other hand, he touched her breasts, massaging them as her kisses became more frenzied. He rubbed her nipple between his fingers, her silk blouse slipping between. He lowered his head and began kissing her neck, inhaling her deep perfume. She moaned as he squeezed her nipples harder. Her hands ran across his arms and she buried her face in his beautiful hair dark.

He kissed and licked his way down her neck and gently opened her blouse to reveal her breasts. She was wearing a black silk bra and he could see every curve perfectly. He pulled it down and took her creamy nipples into his wanting mouth. She moaned, louder this time, and pulled his head into her. His tongue darted back and forth over her now rock-hard nipples. He lost himself in her fleshy mounds as he continued to pleasure her. Her hands reached down his back and around his waist. She rubbed his hardness through his pants and slowly let the zipper down. She reached in and freed his cock, playing with it between her fingers. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, breast still in mouth, and looked towards the balcony door. They had been leaning against the railway in full view of the party but no one seemed to miss them yet. He seized her hand and moved to a darkened corner of the balcony.

She trembled at the full sight of him as he let his pants fall down. She knelt in front of him, feeling a hunger she never knew was there. She firmly grabbed his cock and brought her mouth closer. She teased him with her tongue, gently planting kisses and licking along the shaft. He grabbed onto the back of her head, his hips bucking slightly. She continued to move her mouth down towards his balls, and gingerly took one in her mouth. She loved the feeling and it was difficult not to get carried away. She began stroking him, while sucking one then the other ball. He tightened his grasp and began to moan.

“Oh, fuck yeah.”

He pulled her head onto his throbbing cock, as his increasing need built up. She wanted to taste him all night, had wondered how he would look and feel in her mouth. He could scarcely breathe as she moved up towards the tip and gently kissed it. Taking his whole cock into her mouth, the end hit the back of her throat. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, the whole time using her hand in counter-rhythm, her tongue and mouth played with his length. His breathing became deeper and deeper, and he began to moan as she licked and sucked.

He could feel a small amount of teeth gently grating, but instead of hurting, it made him increasingly wild. He began to force her head up and down his shaft - wanted to fuck the pretty little mouth he had been admiring all night. She kept taking it all in, over and over. She became increasingly excited, and was aware of the wetness seeping into her panties. He clutched the wall behind him, and she changed the rhythm playfully, now sucking hard, now letting her mouth gently slide over him. Her soft mouth was filled with his cock and he began to tremble and moan loudly as he felt an orgasm building from within. He grabbed the back of her head again and fucked her mouth as hard as he could. She began to moan as his excitement swelled up, and he came in her mouth, shooting load after load of creamy sweetness. She greedily drank every little bit, surprised that someone could taste as good as he did. When he stopped trembling and let go of her long blonde hair, she kissed the tip one last time.


She could barely keep her eyes open during the commute home. It had been another sleepless night. Her thoughts kept returning to him and their brief time together. He had held her closely after he had released into her warm mouth, but they were shortly interrupted when some of her friends came out onto the balcony, and then his sister wanted to leave right away. She never got a chance to give him her number, although in retrospect he didn’t seem too eager to ask.


“You’re still thinking about her, aren’t you?”

His sister Shelly looked just like him; they were often mistaken for twins. Her long dark hair was a stark contrast to her piercing blue eyes. She studied his face, wondering at his pain.

“I’ve already apologized for tearing you away, but we were going to be late picking up our parents at the airport. It was your idea to meet them in the middle of the night, not mine.”

He sat on the couch without replying and buried his face in his hands, his mind pre-occupied with plans on how to find her. He had called the host and some friends that were at the party, but no one seemed to know her. She was a friend of a friend of a friend; she only met up with them at a particular nightclub; they didn’t know how to get in touch with her.

Clubbing had never been his thing, but he suddenly had an urge to dance. He got up and looked at his sister.

“We’re going out”.


He had been coming to the club for weeks and hadn’t seen her. Sitting at the bar, he ignored the throngs of women that tried to throw themselves at him. He had only met her once, and yet was still compelled by her touch and her lingering kisses.


She sat alone in her apartment, sipping a glass of wine. She felt heartbroken, yet knew there was nothing to be heartbroken about. They had talked for several hours and ignored anyone that came out to join them. But they had only met once, and she was feeling rather stupid for taking such risks with a stranger. She decided to go out and try to move on with her life. It was fairly late that Saturday night, but the club would just be getting started. She dressed in a flowing black skirt that accentuated her hips and came just above her knees. Her red halter top curved around her breasts, and her strappy, black heals drew attention to her shapely and toned legs.

At the club she spotted him sitting at the bar. Her heart stopped, and she wasn’t sure whether to run up to him or run out. He turned around and through the crowd saw her. Her blonde hair flowing, that pretty little mouth beckoning him with red lipstick. They walked towards each other and for a moment they stood there, not knowing what to say. He reached out to her and grabbed her hand. He pulled her out of the dance club without saying a word, his mind racing, wondering what he was doing, what she was thinking, how hot she looked, how he wanted to take her then and there.

Without letting go he hailed a cab, and gave directions to his condo nearby. She squeezed his hand back, as nervous as a virgin, not really knowing why she was allowing this strange and wonderful man to take her to his place, without saying anything to one another.

He barely waited for the elevator doors to close, he could smell her perfume in the cab, and it was driving him wild. He pressed against her and they slammed against the wall, locked in a passionate embrace. Their tongues danced as their hands already began undoing buttons and lifting up shirts. The doors opened and they stumbled to his front door, breaking their hold only long enough so he could unlock it. Once inside he dropped to his knees and lifted up her skirt to reveal red satin panties. He pressed his mouth to her, and inhaled her dampness. As she let out a gentle moan, he removed them to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy, glistening with her juices. He brought his tongue to her clit and lightly caressed it. He flicked his tongue a few times and reached his fingers up to her slit. With his mouth still pressed against her, he pushed inside with one finger, trembling with desire as it was coated. She was soaking wet and couldn’t stop moaning with delight as he pleasured her. He was like an animal and she pushed his head into her. He bit down at her clit while he shoved three fingers into her wet hole, and it brought her over the top.

When her breathing calmed down, she looked down at him, still on his knees, face covered in her scent. She reached out to him and took his hand as she led him through his apartment, leaving her panties behind. He let her lead him until she found his bedroom. She stripped him of his shirt, and then undid his belt and pants. He stepped out of his boxers, and removed his shoes and socks. She stared at his toned and muscular body, and smiled at his huge cock that she had masturbated to in recent weeks. She removed her halter top and red satin bra then slipped out of her skirt. As she sat on the bed to remove her shoes he lunged at her and covered her with kisses. He playfully bit her neck and cupped her breasts in his strong hands. She started getting wet again, and felt his throbbing member against her thigh. He took one of her breasts into his mouth, and sucked on the nipple as he held the other between his fingers. She started moaning, and could feel her pussy tightening as his fingers squeezed harder and his mouth became more frenzied. She climaxed, screaming loudly, even though all he had stimulated were her very sensitive breasts. He held her tightly as she trembled, and could feel her gushing.

He stood up and reached for a condom in the nightstand. She removed her shoes, feeling a bit sheepish for coming so hard. He lay down and pulled her on top of him, wanting the chance to play with her breasts again. She lowered herself onto him, slowly, teasingly lifting up ever so slightly. He smiled at how beautiful she looked, body glistening with sweat, hair dishevelled, pussy red and swollen. He loved to watch as his cock slid into her, and sat back enjoying everything she did. She rested her hands on his chest and breathed out as she took all of him in. He filled her up perfectly and she couldn’t help but wonder how he seemed to almost stretch her. She began moving up and down over his shaft, their eyes now locked as he again fondled her tits. Their pace quickened. He was afraid to breathe, she felt so good. He tried to concentrate on pleasing her again so he wouldn’t come too fast. This had never been an issue before, but he had never felt home either. He played with her nipples as before, this time pulling ever so slightly then more and harder as she moaned again. She reached down and rubbed her clit, his eyes widening at the glorious sight right in front of him. He could feel her tightening as she screamed out. She threw her head back as she was riding him. His senses overloaded with her sex and he came, violently gripping her, each spurt lasting longer than he had ever remembered.

She collapsed on top of him, and they were both speechless. She rolled off of him, and nestled herself into his arms. She looked up at him and smiling said “Nice night…”

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