Morning Sex  

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7/19/2005 3:56 am

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Morning Sex

Don't you love morning sex? You know the kind I'm talking about. You're able to sleep in for the first time in weeks, you're naked, warm, wrapped in blankets, groaning as you slowly awaken and stretch out your limbs in undisguised delight? With luck, you had terrific sex last night, and your thighs and pussy are wet, traces of cum still on various parts of your anatomy (always so tough to get out of your hair!) You smile as you stretch, thinking of last evening.

All dressed up, hair, nails, the works, wonderful dinner and conversation, you even missed the show because you lost track of time talking and laughing, so instead you went to a carnival arcade, played silly games, acted like kids. Eventually more adult entertainment was desired, so you began with a romantic movie and drinks by the fireplace, and then exploded with wild sex in several rooms of the house. Wonderful. And now, this relaxing morning awakening after a dreamless night of sleep. Turning slightly, I look over at the strong shoulders of the man still half-asleep next to me and feel the rush of heat as desire runs through me all over again.

I like to watch him sleep, his hard muscles barely hidden by the single sheet he chooses to wrap himself in. His face is relaxed, stubble on his chin already ferocious, it always chafes my inner thighs when he pleasures me. Yum. At the direction of my thoughts I smile and pull off my blankets. I turn to my side and back up against him, squirming, until my naked ass cheeks make contact with his sheet-tenting groin. There's that special perk when you wake up next to a virile man. Morning boners - what a marvelous invention.

I sigh as I wriggle up and down in lurid invitation. He's awake now, of course, and I hear the smile in his voice as he wishes me good morning, strong arms already stroking me from shoulder to hip. He removes the sheet covering him and I gasp as I feel the heat and hardness of his cock pressing against my cheeks.

He nuzzles the back of my neck, biting gently, causing goose bumps to raise all over my body. I turn my head slightly so we can kiss, and his hands eagerly claim my damp pussy. I moan as he teases my clit and then toys with my tight ass. Then he turns me over on my stomach and lays over me, his hardened cock sliding lengthwise between my ass cheeks as I helplessly wriggle. I'm so wet, it is amazing, and I squirm as his talented hands find my nipples and squeeze while his hips grind against my willing ass. Now, please, now, I beg him shamelessly.

He lifts me to my hands and knees. I moan as he effortlessly slides his cock into my drenched pussy. Oh yes. His hands are on my hips as he strokes, and I reach down to finger my clit. Oh yeah, play with yourself, baby, he says, as he continues to fuck me hard.

I squeal as he inserts a lubed finger into my ass, in time with his hard strokes. He is biting my neck, whispering things to me. He tells me what a naughty girl I am, getting on my hands and knees for him, letting him play with my ass. I clench my cunt muscles on his cock in excitement as he tells me how nasty girls love getting their asses fucked.

He replaces one finger with two, continuing to fuck me. Then he adds another, taunting me, wanting me to beg. Whimpering in anticipation, I beg him to please fuck my ass, and he smiles as he pulls out of my pussy and fits the massive head of his cock at my tight hole.

He slowly and relentlessly pushes all of his thickness into me. I shudder, so turned on, as I feel my ass so completely filled. He strokes my shoulders, my waist, my nipples without moving, giving me time to adjust. Then he bites the back of my neck as he begins to fuck me with force. He is huge - so hard - I'm toying with my clit and can't help but orgasm as he begins to pound hard into me.

I yell as I cum, clenching hard, shaking. He gives a few more powerful thrusts and follows, grabbing my hips hard, forcing his cock as far as he can into my ass. We are covered with perspiration, shuddering, exhausted. He carefully pulls out of my tender ass and we both lay back in our bed, breathing hard, hearts still pounding. Wow.

Great way to wake up, he says. Yes - Happy Anniversary, baby, I say. And to you, he replies. What time do you suppose we should get the kids from my folks? I ask. Later, he says, closing his eyes. Much later. I need a nap.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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7/19/2005 8:17 am

Well now I have a morning boner, or mid-morning boner! Whew! you are so good when you're bad!

rm_beeman7699 59M
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7/19/2005 9:00 am

wow..wonderful have expressed many of my fantasies better than I could even have imagined truly have a wonderful sense of lovemaking...on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level...I am intrigued..Someday I hope to be able to experience all you have expressed in your writings...keep up the good work...and I look forward to more of your "musings"

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