Love's Temptation  

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6/2/2006 7:23 pm
Love's Temptation

She should have known better than to trust him, he had done nothing but lie to her from day one. Of course she hadn't been aware of this fact until it was too late. Way too late.

John had asked Melissa out on a magical first date and had completely bowled her over. A whirlwind romance that turned into roller coaster ride that had stopped abruptly, leaving shattered dreams and broken promises. He had made so many promises to her, and had seemed to mean each one. She had lived for those promises and had felt gutted when they were broken for harshly.

The first time they made love had not been exactly planned. They had decided on a drive in the country, which had started out very well and had the makings of a very romantic day. Sideways glances as John drove deftly round the country lanes with eyes that promised so much love, a hand that found hers at every opportunity, and gently held her fingers before stroking her thigh and back to her hand between changing gear. Large, soft gentle hands with nice long fingers and manicured nails.

He stopped on a quiet lane and they stepped out of the car and enjoyed a short leisurely stroll further along the lane to a bench that over looked the surrounding country side. They sat awkwardly holding hands, not really sure of how each other felt and nervous of pushing things too far. Slowly, tentatively John put his arm around her waist and felt her melt into his embrace. Her head turn and their eyes met and slowly their lips met.

They stayed like this, savouring the feel of each others lips, and the taste of each other for minutes that seemed like hours, before breaking apart and looking deep into each others eyes. Melissa was so happy. She moved her body into his so that her back was tightly into his chest. Not a word was spoken as he dipped his head, and his lips found her neck, tasting her. Her head moved back resting on his strong shoulder so as to expose more flesh for him to move his lips against. God it felt so good.

His arms travelled across her body, brushing against her breast, sending shivers through her frame. Her hands moved so as to feel the strong legs that were either side of her. Solid, muscular legs that were encased in blue jeans. Her hands moved up to cover the large hands that were caressing her from breast to hip. She turned in his arms so that she was facing him and their lips met in a long, passionate kiss, tongues dancing in unison, her hands on his back moving in firm circular movements.

They parted for a moment and Melissa moved so she was sitting with her legs draped one over each of his, and leant contentedly against his chest, face nuzzling into his neck. Somewhere in the distance they heard voices approaching, but were to engrossed in the glorious feeling of being so close to each other, until a voice broke into their world and asked for directions. Only semi-aware of what the stranger was asking, they both shook their heads and said they didn't know, and returned to their own sweet world as the voices moved on again.

They stayed like this for what seemed a lifetime, then got up to walk back to the car holding hands and stopping often to kiss, oblivious to all that surrounded them. On getting back to the car they got in and moved gently away, determined to find some space that they could call their own and be alone in. They drove for a while till they came to a cafe and stopped for a drink, while again leaning on each other and enjoying the feel of one another. Then John pulled from his wallet a lottery ticket and told her that it was for them if it ever came up. She was so happy and contented. It all felt so right, and they continued their quest for their own place to sit for the afternoon, without interruptions.

As they drove the tension gradually got stronger between them and they were forced to pull over and kiss again, but this time John's hands were everywhere, holding her, stroking her until he found the button of her jeans and opened it, his hand travelling down her torso and down beneath the waistband of her panties till he found what he was looking for. Melissa gasped as she felt his fingers move on her sex and then deep within her. The seat somehow got reclined and the sensations going through her body surprised even her.

His mouth was grinding down on hers, his tongue deep in her mouth, exploring. He kissed her breasts through the shirt she was wearing while with his other hand he pushed her shirt out of the way exposing her stomach and breast. He took a nipple in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue and gradually worked his way down, kissing and licking as he went, to her belly and told her how gorgeous it was before allowing his tongue to explore there too, his fingers working in and out of her, making her more excited than she had ever been in her life.

It was in this excited state that somewhere on the outside of their world they heard a very large engine, and broke apart to the sight of a lorry going past the car and the driver looking straight at them. John looked back at her and realised that not only were her breasts exposed, but that her pussy was visible and that the drivers going past would have a birds eye view of his hand, her pussy and would be able to guess without much effort by hits movement, what his fingers were doing. He pulled his hand away and covered her with her jacket, pulled her shirt back down and gave her a long, lingering kiss as he said they would have to find a place for them to carry on where they had had to leave off.

They eventually found that place and pulled off the road and travelled up the narrow dirt track with large stones sticking out of the earth and huge dips in the ground from either wear or from stones being moved, and stopped. John got out and walked a little further along the track so that he could be sure that there would be no interruptions. Satisfied, he returned and opened the door for Melissa and went to get the travel blanket from the boot and jumped over the wall by the side of the car, into a field full of tall grasses, and preceded to flatten an area and lay the blanket down. Melissa managed to clamber over the wall and lowered herself into the field. She hadn't managed it half as gracefully as John had, but she was there now.

John stretched out on the blanket and motioned for her to do likewise. She sank slowly down and bent her head to place a kiss on his mouth and his arms encircled her, holding her to him. He could feel her melt again and surrender to him. He gently pushed her down and lay over her taking his weight on his elbows and again kissed her long and hard. He raised himself and took the boots of her feet and shirt of her back, then undid her jeans and slide them down her legs along with her panties before undressing himself. John lay down next to this minx that had taken over his mind and being and again took a nipple in his mouth and teased it with his tongue while he parted her legs and gently inserted a finger in her sex. Melissa moaned, this was ecstasy but she wanted him and she wanted him now.

Her arms were round his body feeling his skin and she put gentle pressure on him and said that she wanted him. He needed no second invitation and moved his body again over hers, replacing his finger with his long, thick cock. It slid in with a gentle push and as he marvelled at how tight she felt, she raised herself to meet him, and he was totally in. He lowered his head and began kissing her again, her face, lips, and neck, she tasted so good, moving deep within her, savouring every twitch of a muscle, every thrust to meet him, her whole being.

After a little while he pulled out of her and she raised up and positioned herself above his mouth while he licked and drank from her till she could stand it no more and lowered herself on his now extremely hard shaft and started to ride him, rotating her hips and swaying ever so slightly. Faster she went seeming to make him go deeper with each downward thrust of her body until she could feel herself beginning the crescendo of an orgasm. She slowly reached behind her and slid her hand down between his legs till she was past his balls and near his anus, to that most sensitive area between, applied gentle pressure and rubbed in small rotations until she could feel him shudder, go like iron and suddenly get much larger inside her.

Only then did she allow herself to feel the waves of her orgasm go through her body and at the same moment, she felt his seed fill her pussy with its hot, sticky sweetness. Melissa leant forward and placed a kiss on his lips, letting her tongue trace along his teeth and dance with his tongue, then gently she place her head on his chest and smelt the sweet smell of sweat that their exertions had created.

All the while Johns' hands had been busy stroking and holding her breasts or hip, moving her to him, feeling the loveliness of her skin, not allowing her to escape from him, though that she might wish to seemed beyond belief. She moved on him and his arms that had gone round her instinctively, moved with her as he slipped out of her and felt the chill of the air about them touch his cock, that was no longer hard and yearning, but could still feel every movement they had made together. He released her and sat up, not bothering to turn to look at her, staring beyond the trees that blocked them from view.

He felt her hand on his back and got up to pull on his clothes and returned over the wall to the car. He got a box of wipes out and cleaned his cock of their cum and only then did he look at her. Her clothes crumpled by their weight and the horny look in her eyes that said she wanted him again. She looked like the vixen he had once called her, but she also looked like a little girl and sex goddess, so sexy. He threw her the wipes and cleaned herself up and got dressed. It was even harder for her to climb the wall back again, but John held her hands this time until she reached the other side and stood before him. He noticed her crumpled clothes even more now, but they only made her seem even more sexy.

They got back in the car, all previous tensions gone and in its place had a new awareness of each other. There would be more times that they made love, but none could ever match this first time, could it?

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