Lost Paradise Found  

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Lost Paradise Found

It was not the first time I had seen her today but this time the sight of her is taking my breath away as she walks to my table at the "Tiki Surf Bar". It seems like a month, but it's only been 14 hours since I first laid eyes on her.

It was in San Francisco as we waited to connect with our Hawaii flight, when she caught my eye. Sitting opposite her waiting for our flight to board, she was deeply engrossed reading a book, and I was able to discreetly observe her. Obviously dressed for travel comfort in dark blue sweats, it was hard to determine anything about her body except that she was average. That was not what first attracted me to her. It was her beautiful face, stunning dark blue eyes, auburn hair reaching to her shoulders that made my wait in the airport quite pleasant.

Following her onto the aircraft she was seated in first class and I in coach, so I was not able to say anything to her, even though had I had the opportunity, I probably would have been too shy. Why would such a striking woman, at least 15 years my junior, be interested in talking to me? I thought.

Our next encounter was while connecting to our Tahiti flight in Honolulu. That was like a blur since our flight arrived late and we almost missed our connection. On the scurry to our next plane we realized we were headed to the same place, and standing in line next to her gave me the opportunity to introduce myself.

"Hello, my name is Bob. It appears we have the same destination."

"Hi, she said, holding out her hand to me, I'm Norma, Norma Jean from Atlanta."

I was captivated by the southern lilt to her words that makes the English language sound so sweet. Upon boarding the plane, we were once again separated. That was 10 hours, and a long sound sleep ago.

Arriving in Tahiti, I met her again in the baggage area and engaged in small talk until our bags were retrieved. We discovered that we were both married, but taking separate vacations from our spouses.

"Do you mind me asking where you're staying while here, Norma Jean?

"I'm staying at the Paradise Resort."

I couldn't believe my luck! "So am I," I said, "Would you like to share a cab?"

"Yes, Bob, that would be nice."

While being driven to the Paradise, we chatted like magpies; both wide awake after sleeping on the flight over. We couldn't believe how beautiful the scenery was on the way to the hotel. Eventually the cab pulled into the canopied area in front of the main entrance. I offered her my hand and helped her out of the cab. Her hand was soft and held mine a bit longer then necessary, not that I minded at all. A porter helped with the luggage and pushed the carrier into the lobby, where we both checked in. As luck would have it we were on the same floor two doors apart.

In the elevator going to our rooms, I said, "Norma Jean, I read in the brochure that there is a Tiki Surf Bar in the resort. After we are settled into our rooms, would you meet me there and let me buy you a drink? We could watch the sunset together."

"Thank you, Bob, yes I'd like that, I'll see you in an hour."

I arrived first, and although there was hardly anyone there, I selected an out of the way table near the beach. As I sipped my Manhattan, I saw Norma Jean standing at the door to the deck-like bar. At first I didn't realize it was her. What caught my attention was a very athletic, tanned woman, with the longest legs I could imagine. Her legs were those of a runner, as they flexed walking... walking toward me! My eyes moved up, drinking in the sensual sights, round tight hips, a

flat belly with a hint of a six pack showing above the

very low cut bikini bottom. She was wearing a cut off shirt, that was straining to contain softball-sized breasts, not large, but very fitting to her athletic body. That's when I realized it was her.


Now, sitting here, feeling like the luckiest man in the world, as she

walks toward me with a huge smile on her face that not only melts me, but makes me feel so at ease. I'm also thankful I decided to wear my bathing suit.

"Norma Jean, you're a stunning woman. Please take this chair, the view is spectacular, in more ways than one."

"Why thank you, Bob, what a sweet thing to say and what a gentleman to stand and greet me and pull out my chair. I thought chivalry was dead."

"Oh no, Norma Jean, there's nothing dead about me. Take my word for it." Looking into her beautiful eyes I continued, "Ever since I saw you walking toward me, I'm suddenly very much alive."

She looked at me with the sexiest smile I've ever seen, telling me with her eyes that she knew exactly what I was referring to.

"How long have you been waiting for me?" she said.

"Not long." I replied, "What would you like to drink?"

"Why I do believe I'll have the same thing you're drinking. That is a Manhattan, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is indeed." I waved to the barkeep and he came to the table to take our order. "Would you like something to eat Norma Jean?

"No thank you, Bob, I'm not hungry."

While we waited for our drinks we watched the sunset and were struck by its beauty. I found myself watching her more then the sunset. She was an attractive and sensuous woman and I found myself fantasizing about the charms underneath the bikini. The cool evening breeze coming off the water made her nipples hard and I could see them straining against her thin top. I had to shift in my chair to accommodate my growing member.

Several drinks later, mingled with flirty small talk, I wondered why she would travel halfway around the world, alone, to an island paradise and decided to ask her. "Norma Jean, it isn't any of my business, but I can't help but wonder what brought you to Tahiti by yourself, leaving your husband behind."

"Bob, my husband and I have had an odd marriage, the second marriage for both of us. We each have older children from our first marriages. What makes it odd is his complete lack of libido. I didn't marry him to be celibate. It's been three years now and I've realized that things are not going to change. I told him I was going away for a few weeks to decide what I was going to do about our marriage."

I reached across the table, taking her hands in mine and looked into her eyes. "I'm truly sorry, Norma Jean. A marriage like that is no marriage at all. I can't imagine a man not wanting to make love to you. Look at you, your drop dead gorgeous. He's either blind or insane." Her eyes filled with tears and spilled onto her cheeks. I reached over and brushed them away with the back of my hand.

"Thank you, Bob, for saying that. It's been a long time since I've felt like a desirable woman."

The old Bob would have been delighted to take advantage of this situation, but her vulnerability somehow stopped me. I liked this woman for who she was and not just her body. I suppose that comes with maturity. Given our age difference, I almost felt like her father at this moment and wanted only to comfort her.

By this time, the sun had set somewhere beyond the sea and darkness engulfed the beach save for the brightness of the full moon that glistened silver off the ever present waves that caressed the sandy shore.

I stood up and said, "Let's take a walk on the beach and stretch our legs before going up to our rooms for the night. We've been sitting for too long the last 24 hours."

Rising from the table she said, "That's a wonderful idea. Let's go."

We walked across the small boardwalk leading away from the bar and down the few steps onto the beach. We were both a little tipsy as we started our walk and Norma Jean more so then me. A few times she lost her balance and bumped into me, so I offered her my arm, which she took and held onto tightly. We talked as we walked, but her breast rubbing my arm was distracting to say the least. My fatherly instincts quickly faded into lust for this beautiful woman hanging onto my arm.


Bob's strong masculine arm felt good as I held onto him. I knew my breast was rubbing against him and I knew it was having an effect on him, because it was affecting me. My nipple was hard and yearned to be touched.

I had been instantly attracted to him when we were waiting to board our plane. I had seen him watching me during the day and it excited me. He was my height and nicely built, a ruggedly handsome man, with a twinkle in his eye. I wondered what was behind that twinkle. When I realized that we were booked into the same resort I was pleased, and being assigned to the same floor, two doors apart, was icing on the cake.

I saw the way he looked at me when I walked toward him at the bar, devouring me with his eyes. My tiny bikini bottoms became wet and my nipples betrayed me. As we sat and talked he couldn't keep his eyes off my breasts. I saw him wiggling in his chair and adjusting himself, and I was pleased.

When he asked why I had come here by myself I told him the truth and the truth was painful. His response was comforting and I began to like him more and more. Now walking on the beach with him made me wonder what his story was.

"Bob, why are you here alone?"

"My wife and I have been married for a long time. Like most marriages it was great in the beginning. Children came along and it was still good, then something began to happen. To make a long story short we grew apart. We don't like the same things anymore, or goals are different, we don't agree on much of anything. You could say we have irreconcilable differences. I came here to clear my head and when I return one of us will file for divorce."

I'm sorry, Bob. Divorce is hard on the whole family, but I'm sure that's where my marriage is headed."

We walked arm in arm under the star filled sky in silence. We were comfortable with each other and no conversation was needed. The moon was full and glistened off the water and the waves lapped at our bare feet. It seemed like a magical night.

I turned around and looked back at where we had come from. We had walked a long way from our resort and my legs were tired, not being used to walking on semi-hard sand. Semi-hard like my cock from walking beside this beautiful woman. I looked at my watch and couldn't believe it was 3AM.

"Norma Jean, do you mind if we sit on the beach for awhile before heading back?"

"Not at all, Bob. That's a wonderful idea, my legs are tired."

High tide was in so we walked away from the water and sat down on the sand. Norma Jean shivered.

"Are you cold? I saw you shiver."

"Yes, a little, I just felt a chill."

She leaned into my side for warmth and I put both my arms around her and pulled her close to me. We sat like that and watched and listened to the waves washing ashore, her head on my chest and my chin resting on the top of her head. We remained like that for a long time, both relaxed and content.

Slowly, Norma Jean sat up and looked into my eyes.

"Kiss me, Bob."

She didn't have to ask twice. I placed my hands on each side of her beautiful face and kissed her with all the sweetness and tenderness I felt for her at that moment. Her lips were soft and warm and responsive.

She traced my lips with the tip of her hot tongue and sucked on first my bottom lip and then the top. I had never kissed nor been kissed like that before. Taking the cue from her I reciprocated. We didn't simply kiss; we made love to each other's lips in a sensuous oral mating dance.

My cock was hard and my desire for this woman overwhelming. I pulled her close to me, crushing her breasts to my chest, deepening our kiss, my tongue searching and finding hers. She moaned and I was lost. I gently lay her down on the deserted beach and looked at her bikini clad body.

"Norma Jean, I want you more than I have ever wanted a woman."

"Take me, Bob, please take me."

With trembling hands I reached behind her and untied the strings to her bikini top and then slowly pulled it away from her body revealing her lovely breasts. They took my breath away. My hands covered them and molded them, her nipples hard under my palms. Norma Jean's eyes were closed and an expression of pleasure adorned her face.

My mouth sought each nipple in turn and I suckled with abandon, unable to get enough of her hard and growing nipples. She arched her back toward me and moaned as I nibbled and tweaked them, her hands holding my head, silently telling me she wanted more.

"Norma Jean, I have to see all of you."

Her bikini bottoms slide easily off her legs and feet and I placed them with her top. I looked at her from her lovely face to her feet and back to her face. A Goddess lay before me. Perfectly and proportionately formed, her skin milky white in the moonlight, in contrast to her thick dark auburn bush that covered the entrance to paradise.

"You're the loveliest creature I've ever laid my eyes on. How in the world could your husband not want to make love to you everyday of his life?"

"Never mind him now, Bob, he's far away and you're here. I want to see you. Please stand up and remove your swim trunks."

I did as she requested, freeing my cock that was in such need of her. She smiled, showing her appreciation of the long thick steel hard cock that was standing at full attention.

Standing tall and proud before me, he was magnificent. His body was hard and muscled, broad shouldered with black hair on his chest that tapered to his pubic hair. I stood and walking slowly toward him. Putting my arms on his shoulders I pressed my body close and kissed him passionately, hungrily. He responded and our kisses were warm and wet and wonderful. My hand wandered from his shoulder down his side to his cock. He gasped when I held it in my hand, stroking lightly.

"I want to taste you, Bob."

Kissing my way down the front of his body until I was on my knees, I dipped the tip of my tongue into the small opening and tasted the drop of pre come perched there before licking the glossy head. His taste was divine. Holding his balls with my free hand evoked a soft groan from deep in his throat. I took all his cock into my mouth and sucked greedily and felt it grow harder. His hands were entwined in my hair and I felt his hips begin to thrust in and out of my mouth. His legs began to shake and not wanting him to come yet, I pulled free and stood before him looking into his hooded eyes.

"Fuck me, Bob. Please fuck me. I'm so wet for you and need you to make love to me."

I took his hands and pulled him gently to the sand where we lay on my cover up, and spread my legs wide.

"I want to taste you first, Norma Jean."

Bob inserted a finger deeply into me and out, sliding it up to my clit where he lingered and rubbed. It took my breath away and I moaned with pleasure. He stopped and placed his finger into his mouth and sucked my juices from it.

"MMMMmmmmmmmm, I have to have more of your sweet nectar."

He positioned his mouth between my legs and spreading my labia, his tongue buried itself inside of me, and using it like a cock, tongue fucked me. The sensation was driving me wild, my mind imagining what his big cock would feel like. Suddenly he was sucking my clit hard and fast. My hips of their own volition began to thrust upward as my hands held his head.

"That feels so good, Bob! So good! Ohhhhh YES!

My body was out of control, my knees wrapped tightly around his ears as I felt an orgasm build and build until an explosion racked my body. Somewhere off in the distance I heard myself scream.


Norma Jean's body shook and convulsed harder and longer with her orgasm than I had ever experienced with another woman. Just when I thought it was over, it wasn't. Every time I sucked or nibbled her clit her body shuddered again. This woman was incredible, but my cock was in dire need and I couldn't wait any longer. Placing the head at her entrance I pushed my rod all the way in with one long and hard thrust. Her inner muscles grabbed me and I couldn't believe how tight she was.

I laid on top of her, kissing her sweetly, letting her taste herself on my mouth, as I began long slow strokes......in and out...in and out...in and out in a steady rhythm.

"Norma Jean, you have no idea how good it feels fucking you. You're so warm and wet and tight and I love what you do to me. I need to feel a breast in my mouth to suckle like a babe as I fuck you."

My mouth sought and found her breasts and nipples and ravished them as I fucked her faster and harder. She arched her back giving me free access, loving it as much as I did. Our bodies giving each other pleasure as it was meant to be. We couldn't get enough of each other. She whimpered and moaned and I grunted like an animal as my cock plundered her pussy like a mad man.

"I'm coming, Bob, I'm coming, I'm coming," she screamed!

Her pussy squeezed my cock with each wave of her orgasm and I couldn't hold off any longer.

"Norma Jean, you pussy is so damned tight and feels like heaven"

My balls were tight to my body and I felt come rise and shoot out my cock like a cannon.

"I'm coming, Norma Jean, I'm coming!

"Oh, Bob, I can feel your hot come hitting my cervix. Give it to me! Your cock feels so wonderful! Oh yes! Yes, give it all to me!

We were breathless and clung to each other enjoying the aftershocks of our mutual climax. When I looked at her, tears were running down her cheeks. I reached up with my hand and brushed them away.

"Norma Jean, did I hurt you? I'm sorry if I did."

"No, Bob, you didn't hurt me. You made me feel wonderful. It's been so long since I've made love and so long since I've had orgasms like tonight and I'm happier now, at this moment, then I have been in a very long time. Thank you for that."

I lay on top of her kissing her beautiful face and whispering to her how wonderful she was. When my cock softened and slipped out of paradise I rolled off and took her into my arms. We were both too exhausted for the long walk back so we slept where we were, on the beach.

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Great story, fantastic setting, and with a satisfying finish.

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Who was a writter of these stories? You? Did you try to sell some of these and earn some money?

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very nice, sensual .....love your story

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