Flight Fantasies  

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Flight Fantasies

Yeah, so what am I supposed to do? If you go to sleep, I'll be all by myself and what if I need to puke?"

Deanna took a deep breath of the metallic air and sighed. "Paige, what am I going to do if you puke? If you're going to puke, you're going to puke. I might as well be asleep so I can miss it."

The blonde girl fidgeted in the tiny seat and groaned. "You know I'm afraid."

"And you know I'm tired!"

"And you know I hate flying!"

"And you know I hate whining!"

"And you both know I hate bickering," Vivian interrupted the pair. She ran an impatient hand up into her curled brunette locks and sighed. "How long is this flight anyway?"

"Three hours to Detroit," Deanna grinned. "Then a two hour layover. Then a five hour flight to New Orleans."

Vivian shook her head and rolled her green eyes. "And why do you look so excited about this?"

"CEMETARIES!" Deanna shrieked, hopping up in her small economy class seat and clapping. "DEATH! SKULLS!"

Paige turned and glanced at her two best friends, her skin pale. "I don't feel so good, guys."

"We're not even moving yet," Vivian dismissed her claim and turned back to her magazine. Lucky. Vivian had a shopping addiction. Fuck it, they all had a shopping addiction. Henceforth why that had become such good friends.

Deanna grinned. "I'm going to sleep now. Good night."

"You can't leave me!" Paige pleaded, but Dee's brilliant brown eyes were already locked shut.

Vivian grinned. "She's not going anywhere, dumbass."

Paige frowned and turned back to the miniscule window of the Boeing. "I hate this."

"Shut up and go to sleep," Vivian demanded before disappearing into her magazine.

Paige frowned again, then sighed. This really sucked. She was afraid to fly and neither of her best friends gave a shit. In fact, Deanna was already fast asleep. Snoring. Great.

* * *

Her eye lids fluttered slowly as her mind raced. Her thong warmed. This was her greatest fantasy. This was hot. This was everything she'd hoped to find in New Orleans. And right now, it was playing across the backs of her eyelids.

The bar is smoke-filled and dirty. A dive bar. The definition of a dive bar. It's named "The Dive". The beer's the same as the upscale clubs, though, and far cheaper. This is where she wants to be. This is where she belonged. She had diverted from her best friends when they had gone across the street to the Flamingo Club. Yes, it was a strip bar. Not her style. She would just pass her time here, in this smokey oasis of dirt, grime, and great music. Yes. The jukebox was spinning Brand New. It was like an omen. 'Come to me, Deanna!'

"Here I am," she thought to herself. "Here I fucking am."

"Drinking?" came a deep question from just over her right shoulder. She turned and met questioning, bright chocolate eyes. "What's your poison?"

He grinned and she couldn't help but smile, herself. "Tequila."

"Hard," he smirked and it left and lewd tension hanging in the air. "The good stuff?"

Deanna yawned and opened her eyes. It was just a dream. But the stranger had been so seductively alluring. She didn't want to wake up. Before Paige could realize that she had stirred, she shut her eyelids and prayed she'd fall quickly back to sleep. The Flamingo Club, she forced herself to think. I want to be back at the-

The first male wasn't as tall, roughly 5'10". Husky. With shortly-cropped chestnut brown hair and exceedingly plush eyelashes of the same honey shade. His smile was always childlike in its outright innocence, but more a smirk in the possibilities that it hid. His best friend and partner-in-crime was taller. Over 6'. He, like the first male, had brown hair. Cut even shorter. His smiles hid no covert kinkiness, and instead, he was clearly a court jester. Deanna had lost herself in his eyes hours ago.

"Are you listening to what he's saying?" the second male questioned with a laugh. "You're not, are you?"

Deanna could not suppress a grin. "Of course I'm listening."

"No, you're not," the first male smirked. It was that delicious, promising look that said so much and yet so little.

Deanna shook her head defensively. "Yes, I was!"

"Then what's my name?" the man questioned her with a childish grin. "And what's his name?"

Well, that did it. Deanna hadn't been listening and now she was busted. What had the pair said their names were? Well, the first man- the talker and the smirker- he had said his name was something like David. Or Daniel. Or-

"I'm Paul," he said with a lopsided grin. "You didn't know that, did you?"

Deanna blushed.

"I'm Chris," the second man smiled. "But you can call me Monkey Head."

Chris and Paul erupted into laughter at this, and Deanna-

Deanna yawned.

"I SAW THAT!" Paige shrieked and began hopping up and down in her seat. It felt like the every passenger on the plane turned and glared at them before Paige calmed. Then she frowned. "I saw you yawn, Dee, I know you're awake! And you must have been having a great dream, because you were moaning for a while there."


"Yeah," Paige giggled. "You were moaning some guy's name. Umm, I think you said-"

Vivian rolled her eyes. "She said, 'OH PAUL!'"

Paige snapped her finger. "Yes! That was what you moaned. Over and over and over again."

Deanna tried to change the subject. "You look very calm, Paige."

"I like this flying stuff after all," Paige smiled and then began searching through her purse for some buried treasure. "They said that we were flying over the Grand Canyon and I thought that-"

"If we're flying over the Grand Canyon, we've got a giant problem," Vivian snorted.

Deanna placed a piece of gum into her mouth and nodded. She wanted to get back to her dream. It had been wonderful, so far. The last time she dreamt of spending time alone with two men, they had been the Chancellor of Germany and President Bush. That had been a rather disappointing dream. Not sexy in the least. She laughed to herself at the memory and blew a slow bubble of pink.

Paige stuck her finger out and popped the bubble with a grin. "So I didn't see the Grand Canyon. It wasn't there."

"The Grand Canyon isn't in...wherever we are," Deanna laughed. "So no shit."

"We still have another hour," Vivian added before disappearing back into her magazine. This time, it was a copy of Cosmopolitan.

"Let's play cards!" Paige clapped.

Deanna yawned for effect. "Nah, I want to get another hour's sleep so I'll be fresh for our cemetery tour."

"Cemetery's are creepy," Paige shivered.

"No they're not," Deanna frowned. "They're fun and fabulous!"

"You know what's fun and fabulous?" Paige questioned, but Deanna had already turned her back toward her friend. She was snuggled into the pathetically small airline pillow, eyes shut tight. She was praying to revisit her earlier dreams, just as her best friend was praying to play a game of Bullshit.


"Deanna," Chris whispered softly, delicately as he snaked the right string of her camisole down her shoulder. "Do you want this?"

Deanna could only nod.

"Are you sure you want this?" Paul questioned, his voice gruff with need.

Deanna turned toward his voice, taking in his body. He was perched against the headboard of the small motel bed. Sweat already darted his forehead from their earlier activities. But a blowjob was a blowjob, and she knew that what Chris was inquiring meant so much more than oral sex. For his part in the play, Paul was simply watching now. His clothing- aside from his navy blue boxer briefs- had long since been discarded. Chris was clad in only his boxers. Deanna was being undressed.

As the Chris tossed her camisole across the room, she whispered softly, "Yes."

"Yes what?" he challenged her with a wanton smile.

"I want this."

"Want what?" Paul growled. "Tell us, Deanna. What do you want?"

"Stop teasing me," she pleaded with the men. Her legs moved without any thought, and she quickly found herself straddling the shorter male's body. "I want you," she demanded.

"What about me?" Chris laughed, approaching the bed.

"And you," Deanna smiled. "I want you both."

Chris stood beside the bed, reaching forward to run a hand absently through Deanna's long, dark hair. "I want you."

"I want her more," Paul growled, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her downward for a kiss. He tasted like the cigarettes he had been smoking all night, and the cheap Tequila shots they had imbibed earlier. He tasted like a dream and reality and every sexual fantasy she had ever endured all at once. He broke the kiss just as her mind began to swirl. "Lay down," he instructed, flipping their bodies and towering over her in his hands and knees. "I want Chris to watch me take you."

Deanna took a deep breath and sighed. "I want you inside me. Now."

"Fuck you're such a whore," Paul growled as he tugged his briefs off.

Deanna cringed.


"I'm not a whore!"

Paul laughed at this as he positioned himself outside her body. "You are. You are my whore tonight." He pushed himself forward and moaned at Deanna's body's tight embrace of his own. "And you're a tight whore, Deanna. So tight."

"Mmm," Deanna offered, unable to think. Only able to feel. To feel this sexy stranger filling her body to bursting.

"You like that?" Paul demanded, driving roughly into her body and lunging forward before slowly dragging himself backward.

Deanna nodded her head from side to side in pleasure.

"DEANNA!" Paige shrieked into her best friend's ear. "WAKE UP!"

"Why?" Deanna groaned, her eyelids still shut.

"We're over the Grand Canyon!"

If her eyes were open, Deanna would have rolled them. Instead, she kept them shut tightly and listened to the sound of Vivian laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Paige demanded.

Deanna drifted back to sleep as Vivian began to try and explain, pretty much in vein, that the Grand Canyon was located on the other side of the country.

* * *

She was staring down into his mesmerizing, bright brown eyes. His eyes were shut in obvious pleasure, his breath loud and ragged. She enjoyed this reaction to her movements, and continued to swirl her hips slowly. "Mmm, Chris, you're so big."

"Hey!" came the objection from across the bedroom. "You didn't say that-"

Deanna blushed. "You're big too, Paul."

"Thank you," the other male nodded before disappearing into the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on and she focused her attention back to the taller man.

"You like that, baby?"

"Mmm," Chris growled.

"Touch me!" she pleaded, reaching forward to take his large, long fingers into her hand. "Touch me here," she stated and directed him to her plush breasts. "I want you to-"

"Let me be on top?" he pleaded, interrupting her as he cupped her breasts softly and rubbed his thumbs quickly over her erect nipples. "I want to be in control."

"No," Deanna taunted him with a grin.

"Yes," he grinned back, flipping the pair quickly and easily.

"You're so-" Deanna began with a grin.

"Perfect," Chris nodded. "You are beautiful, Deanna."

"You're beautiful too, Dee," Paige snorted and continued to sip from her juice box. Yes, juice box. Paige was a teacher even on her vacations, apparently. Because her entire carry-on piece was a backpack, filled to bursting with Capri Sun.

"Huh?" Deanna stammered, opening her eyes to stare at her strange friend.

"You told me I was beautiful!"

"No, I didn't!"

"Yes, you did!" Paige rolled her eyes and took another sip. "You were moaning and you said I'm beautiful."

Deanna turned cherry red. "I did not!"

Vivian shook her head and peered up from a magazine, this time it was Vogue. "You were moaning, Dee."

Deanna tried to hide her face inside her hoodie. "About what?"

"OH DAVE OH MIKE OH FUCK ME HARDER!" Paige squealed with delight. She loved embarrassing her friends. "And you were loud enough that the people a few rows up asked you to shut up."

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Paige, shut up!" Deanna tried to signal her friend to quit.

Paige put the juice box down and sighed. "Are you awake now?"

"Unfortunately," Deanna grumbled.

"Good," Paige smirked. "Now we can play-"

"Please fasten your seat belts, stow your trays in their upright positions and make sure all overhead bins are locked tightly shut. We are preparing for landing. Welcome to New Orleans," came the friendly voice of their pilot over the intercom.

Deanna smirked right back at Paige. "HA HA!" Paige stuck her tongue out and Deanna stuck hers out as well.

Vivian rolled her eyes as she began repacking her magazines into her bag. "You two are idiots!"

"But we're fun!" Paige defended.

"And fabulous!" Deanna grinned.

"Right," Vivian frowned. "Now once we're off the plane, we'll go down to the Baggage Claim and look for my sister. Then we're going to-"

"THE CEMETERY!" Deanna proclaimed with glee, hopping in her seat as high as the seat belt would allow. "Woohoo, people are just dying to get in there!"

As the plane began to approach the runway, Paige squeaked softly and clutched Deanna's hand. "I take it back, I'm not as brave as I thought."

Deanna patted her friend protectively and smiled reassuringly. "That's okay, Paige. You can hold my hand."

"Good," Paige smiled but she still continued to look freaked out. She clutched Deanna's hand tightly and frowned. "Why are you so hot?"

"I dunno," Deanna giggled. "But I am pretty hot, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are," came a male voice from behind their seats. Deanna turned and peered through the tiny crack in the seats to meet amused brown eyes.


"Hot," he smiled. "You are hot."

Deanna rolled her eyes and turned back to face straightforward. "That's kind of creepy," she whispered to Paige.

Paige grinned and whispered back, "But Dee, he's hot! I was talking to him while you were asleep and he's really cute. He's totally your type!"

"Whatever," Deanna frowned.

"No, seriously," Paige smiled. "His name is Chris and he's going to be in New Orleans for the same length of time as-"

"WHAT?" Deanna shrieked just as the wheels touched down on the runway.

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