Apology Accepted  

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Apology Accepted

God he hated the attention, women coming up to him at all hours of the day, flirting, bothering him, distracting him from his work. Sure, he was good looking, you would have to be stupid not to notice it, he knew he drew women to him. But he didn't want that kind of attention all day, every day. He had even been told once by a random woman on the street that he was Prince Charming, come to take her away. No, he did not want that kind of attention. But that did not stop him from taking care of the way he looked. He was tall, about 6'2, with dark hair and stormy eyes that commanded attention wherever he went. Women adored him, every inch of him, and he had countless, meaningless affairs. They meant nothing to him and one or the other eventually grew bored with each other. These affairs usually ended badly, most of the time with a door slammed in his face, or a drink dripping down his neck. None of these women could give him what he wanted, what he needed. He didn't want some brainless piece of beautiful plastic like the ones he filled his bed with. He wanted someone like himself; ruthless and professional, quick witted and intelligent, someone to have a serious conversation with, or just laugh at a stupid joke together.

She almost hated men. For years since college she had been forced to kiss ass and flirt her way to the top. She was the top exec at a prominent ad agency and didn't take any crap from anyone. She hated the way that she was expected to paste on a fake smile and show a lot of cleavage to get anywhere in life. Her male co-workers leered at her when she walked by; spouting lewd comments that made her skin crawl. She was groped constantly by her boss and she threatened to quit almost every day. But even though on the most part she hated it, she also liked the power she had over men, the way she could control them with just her body. Armed with that knowledge she went to work each day, dressed to the nines in form fitting suits designed to tease rather than be efficient. She elevated her 5'5 figure to 5'9 regularly with her famed designer shoes and usually let her long brown hair hang down to her waist. But finally being at the top she realized that she was lonely and she blamed men for it. Eventually she let the blame develop into resentment, which led to the horrible place she was at. Now whenever a man, or men got to her, got her blood boiling, it exploded into incredibly insatiable lust. Hating the power that men had over her by making her so horny against her will, she took it out on them, by going to clubs, picking out men and taking them home, practically them. She fucked them hard, roughly, violently, releasing everything until she was spent. But it eventually came back to threaten her and she knew she would need it again.

"Jesus Christ!" he roared as he sprinted down the sidewalk. He was late for another meeting, his career on the line. "Excuse me, god, excuse me!" he called out as he pushed past crowds of people, rushing. He was getting a lot of dirty looks, people muttered hateful things as he struggled past. Suddenly his cell phone rang. "Godammit!" he muttered as he dug in his briefcase for the device. Holding it to his ear he tried talking as he pushed past more people. The next thing he knew, he was inches from a woman so stunning, he stopped in his tracks, knocking her to the ground, her coffee spilling, spreading a vicious stain over a light gray suit that looked new. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, her body was incredible. She was somewhat short, but lithe, she looked strong, her enticing calves sticking out from under a knee-length skirt. He was jolted as she kicked him in the shin, struggling to get up.

He held out his hand, but she just brushed it away muttering "Jesus, it had to be today!" She got up and glared at him hard, fear striking his heart. She stalked away, muttering under her breath.

God she was pissed. Today out of all days she had the most important meeting of her life in an hour and a fucking ruined suit that she had just bought. She had gotten everything ready early so she would have time to go out and enjoy a cup of coffee before her hectic meeting. She went to the closet in her office and pulled out of a dry cleaner's bag, the spare suit she kept there. Just as she was stripping down, standing in her office in her black bra and lacy thong, her thigh high stockings slightly askew, her phone rang. Hurrying to answer the phone, she heard a knock on the door; frantically realizing she had left the door unlocked. Her boss walked in with all his machismo clearly in view, his eyes wide and mouth agape as he stared at her, half naked in the middle of her office. She hung up the phone quickly, pointing her finger at the door. "Get the hell out Robert!!" she screamed as her boss of 3 years gaped at her body "Get out!" she cried out again as he turned and walked out. "Great! Just Fucking Great!" This seriously had to be the worst day ever. Quickly dressing, she adjusted her hair and slipped on her shoes on her way out the door. As she headed for the conference room she was aware of her co-workers snickers and whispers as her face turned red and she walked a little faster.

He sulked back to his apartment after his meeting. He had been late and had been reprimanded for it, two weeks leave, no pay. On top of all that he felt like a humongous prick for the way he had treated that woman. He hadn't even apologized or gone after her, trying to explain. All he could do was stare like a fool at her, practically drooling over her. Feeling sorry for himself he decided that what he needed was a long night in the club and some medication, the kind he didn't want, some plastic bimbo that would swoon over him and let him feel good about himself for at least an hour before he told her to let herself out. He got out of his chair and went to get a shower, then get ready for the inevitable boring night at the club.

Her meeting had been awkward, her boss ogling her across the big oak conference table as she tried to hide her face. She left the office in a huge hurry, getting a cab and rushing through her front door. She sat around her living room for a while, watching some stupid soap opera, feeling embarrassed and exposed. Eventually, her feelings evolved into the ever-present resentment for men, for that prick who had knocked her down and not apologized, for her boss who couldn't keep it in his pants, and for all the other countless assholes invading the planet. She decided she needed a hard night of rough sex, then forcefully kicking the fucker out of her house. She got up and dressed for the club.

Standing in front of her mirror, she finally picked a look she was comfortable with. She looked at her body; her tight little hips encased in the short black leather skirt that hung right below her ass, her c cup tits snug in a revealing black top with a plunging v neckline. Adding jewelry and doing her hair she was ready, zipping into thigh high black leather boots that boasted a 5 inch heel. She walked out her front door, feeling people's eyes on her, loving the power she had over them as she swayed to the curb to hail a cab.

The club was large and flashy, filled to the max with gorgeous women and men who all had one thing on their minds. He let his eyes wander as he strode to the bar, looking around at half naked men and women gyrating, sweaty and groping to loud thumping music. He saw nothing of interest and turned to order. Gin and tonic in hand he stood talking to the pretty waitress in her short cocktail outfit, flirting shamelessly until she had to leave to take more orders. Turning back to the bar he began scoping out the action at the bar, talking in random bursts to the bartender as he waited on people.

She walked into her favorite club, feeling her pulse race as she drank in the sight of hundreds of beautiful men right there at her fingertips. She walked to the bar, catching the eyes of everyone around her. Here, she savored the attention, fed off of it. As she reached the bar she began to look at the offerings around her as she ordered. As her drink was placed in front of her she gave the bartender a friendly wink, giving him a sly smile, for he was the only one who knew why she frequented a place like this. Sipping her drink she let her eyes roam around the room until they fell on the most arousing hunk of masculinity she had ever seen in her life. He stood at the bar, eyes glancing around as he chatted occasionally with the bartender. He was downright amazing, tall and dark, handsome as they come, beautifully toned and muscular looking in snug blue jeans that showed off narrow hips and a tight black t-shirt that generously displayed strong looking, but not overly muscular arms and broad shoulders. Looking at his body, she instantly felt a jolt of hot lust as she realized she must have this man. She would take him and make him hers for tonight. Walking slowly, sneakily, she got behind him and slipped her soft hands around his waist, her fingers heading for the general direction of his crotch.

He looked up in surprise as he felt hands on his body. He turned around slowly, a big grin on his face as he looked into the playful eyes of the beautiful creature that held him captive. As his eyes focused on her face, his smile faded and she pushed away from him, recognizing each other from their confrontation that afternoon. She glared at him hatefully and threw her drink in his face.

"You bastard!" she shrieked at him as she turned on her heel and stalked away. He stared after her and felt lust so strong it almost knocked him on his ass. Her passion and anger made her seem even more electric and sexy and he knew he had to be with her. He rushed off into the crowd, his eyes searching for her.

"God-fucking-dammit!" she muttered as she stormed away, her hormones still raging like a river inside her. Suddenly she felt a strong hand on her arm, which turned her around and forcefully pressed her against a wall. She pushed her hands hard against his chest, fighting to get away as he tried to explain. His voice was deep, alluring, and it made her stop and look at him. He let her up slightly, but this time she did not resist.

He leaned his head down to here ear and whispered huskily into it, making her shiver " Listen, I know what a prick I was today, but you were so god damned beautiful I couldn't have said anything if I wanted to." He spoke earnestly, quickly, trying to make her understand. Her eyes locked on his, looking deep into them, her rage melting as he leaned down again to speak in her ear "The way you looked at me back at the bar, god, it was so hot, and now…I want you so badly, you're like nothing I've ever seen!" he whispered with hoarse intensity, his hands on her hips as he pressed his body into hers, making her feel how hard he was for her. Her lust instantaneously grew hotter as she gasped and pushed him away. He started to protest but shut his mouth as she grabbed his hand roughly and dragged him across the dance floor and into a dark corner. Looking out on hundreds of glistening bodies grinding to the music, she backed her body up against his, feeling him. She began to move, pressing her ass hard against him as her breathing deepened, gyrating her hips against his. Closing his eyes he put his hands on her hips, stroking the leather of her skirt, the soft texture driving his body crazy as she moved against him in rhythm to the music. Slowly, she guided his hands along her body, up her abdomen to her breasts.

As his hands were filled with her breasts he felt her head lean back and rest against his chest as she panted and sweated against him. His brain was on autopilot as she stroked his hard-on with her ass through their clothing. Daring, his hands wandered to her thighs, sending electricity to both of their brains as his fingers made contact with her damp skin. He moved his hands around and ran them up to her ass before running them back around to stroke the soft skin of her inner thighs. As she ground her body harder and harder into him he moved his fingers upward under her short skirt, over her pussy. His eyes snapped open as he realized that he felt her hot skin under his fingers. No lace or silk barriers covering her soft, moist skin.

She gasped hard feeling his hands on her pussy and she arched herself against him as his finger ran itself up and down the length of her slick lips. She ground into him hard and moaned as she felt his lips on her neck. He was nibbling and licking the skin of her neck as his fingers found her hard little clit. She cried out as his finger brushed over her little bud and she worked her body down onto his fingers, feeling them explore her, his lips hot and wet against her skin. As passion grew faster and hotter, she whimpered in disappointment as he took his fingers away from her body. She felt his hands now on her shoulders as he spun her around and kissed her hard, leaving her gasping for breath. Wanting to take him there and then she grabbed onto his hand again, dragging him once more across the dance floor, only this time heading for the door. As they stumbled outside she quickly hailed a cab and shoved him through the door. Giving the cabbie her address, she looked over at him, her eyes dark with lust, her eyes ravaging him, taking him in from head to toe.

He felt her eyes on his body and he leaned over, his body large next to hers, and kissed her hard, his tongue forcing entry into her mouth as he slipped a large hand around her waist. As the kiss deepened and lust grew to a boiling point he moaned as he felt her hot little hand sliding into his lap, sliding between his legs and stroking him as they kissed with wild abandon. The cab slowed and he reached into his pocket, throwing bills at the cabbie and dragged her from the vehicle and to her front door. She pressed him against the door, still kissing him as she worked her key into the lock and shoved him through the door. As the door closed he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as he slammed her against the door, his mouth once again devouring her lips as he felt her hands on the front of his jeans.

With him holding her tight to his body, they continued to kiss as they moved through the house, heading for the bedroom. She felt in control and she loved it, needed it that way. Stumbling through the door, they tumbled onto the bed; her straddling his waist, kissing him as she madly began ripping his clothes away. She felt his hands on her hips and kissed him with more force. Unexpectedly he stood, picking her up with him. He turned and sat her on the bed hard. She looked into his eyes hard, a slightly confused look on her face. She thought to herself, "what the hell is he doing, doesn't he just want to fuck and get the hell on with his life?" Her confusion grew as she looked at him more, a grin on his face. She had no idea what was going on, but stared hungrily at him as he playfully toyed with his zipper.

Looking down into her eyes, her face flushed with desire, he said with a laugh, "I don't believe we've been formally introduced." He grinned "My name is Eric, and… what is yours beautiful?" he asked as she stared into his eyes.

"My n-name?" she stammered, confused still that he wanted to go through all this get-to-know-you shit and not just fuck instead. He nodded, looking at her agitated face seriously. She swallowed and gasped out between breaths "M…My name is…. Is… S-Sarah" she got out, feeling lost and irritated and insatiably horny.

He walked up to her, his big hand tenderly stroking her hair back from her eyes as he said "Sarah? Pleased to meet you Sarah." He watched her close her eyes, feeling his strong fingers on her cheek, so gentle.

She sighed deeply, feeling his fingers on her face, thinking how soft they were for such large hands. Then with shocking clarity she remembered those fingers on her pussy and her lust grew once more. She ripped at her clothes and was almost out of them when he reached out his hands and stopped her, bringing her hands tight against her sides, looking into her frenzied eyes. He pushed her body back onto the bed, laying her out in the middle of it. She felt him climb her, straddle her waist, his muscular thighs squeezing her body tightly. She watched as he pulled off his shirt, her eyes drinking in the sight of his naked chest, his muscles rippling as he moved on her. She watched as he took his shirt in his hands, forcefully ripping it, tearing four long strips from the fabric.

She watched him with wide eyes as he gently guided each of her hands to the metal bed posts of her bed. After securing them to the posts with two of the fabric strips, he slowly kissed his way down her stomach, her body trembling under his lips. He slid his hands down to her thighs where he played with the zipper of her boots. Moving his body down along hers he placed his mouth on her skin, above the leather of her boot. He sucked the skin into his mouth, licking it as she moaned and writhed under his touch. He slowly slid one zipper down, taking the boot from her. He repeated the process with the other leg, putting his lips on her skin, licking and sucking as his fingers guided the zipper down her leg. Taking the boot from her, he wrapped his fingers around her ankles, spreading her legs slightly as he tied them to the metal as well.

She looked into his eyes, passion and rage burning. She had wanted to be the one wielding control, needed it, but he had taken over the minute they stumbled through her bedroom door. She watched as he put his hands on her body, caressing her lightly before ripping her clothes from her body. She trembled, her body shuddering with desire as he climbed over her, still in his jeans. He knelt between her legs, the rough fabric of his jeans kissing her thighs. She moaned as he put his hands on her hips, leaning forward and catching her lips with his. She kissed him back hard, pulling her head back slightly and softly bit his lower lip, looking hard into his eyes.

He growled, her teeth biting into his lip driving him over the edge. Suddenly his hands were all over her body, massaging, stroking, squeezing and palpating her soft hot flesh with his fingers. The feel of her skin set his nerves on fire. His lips found her nipple and she cried out as he bit into it softly. His hands were roaming all over her now, on her thighs, her calves, arms, breasts, stomach, anywhere he could reach.

She moaned, adoring the feeling of his fingers on her skin, staying only seconds in one place before they moved on, filling his hands with some other part of her delicious anatomy. She longed to touch him, burned with the need as she begged him to untie her hands. "Please Eric," she cried out "Please I need to touch you, please, I'm begging you!" His head rose, looking her in the eye. He paused his fingers before moving off her, standing away from the bed. "No! Don't move away!" she cried out in desperation, "please come back, please! I need your hands on me!" she whispered now, weary with desire. She stared at him as he smiled at her and settled himself in a chair near the foot of her bed.

He smiled as he moved the chair, placing it so it was directly in view of her incredible cunt, spread out just for him, aching for him to shove his hard cock inside her. He heard her whisper, eagerly, desperately as he stared at her "Please Eric, please come back, please touch me, stop staring at me and touch me!" She whimpered as he smiled, staring, devouring her body with his eyes.

She writhed, wanting him to put his hands on her again. She lifted her head and looked into his face. He just smiled at her, his hands stroking his hard cock through his jeans. She licked her lips and prepared to beg again when he stood and came over to the bed, running his hand up her body, making her shiver when he stopped at her throat. He leaned down and kissed her hard, hungrily, forcing his tongue between her lips. Breaking the kiss after several moments, he moved down her body, sliding between her open legs once more. She trembled and moaned lightly as he ran his hands up her legs, his fingers stroking the skin of her inner thigh excruciatingly softly.

He ran his fingers along her skin, his fingertips dangerously close to her pussy. He could feel her heat radiating from her body and he shivered, wanting badly to taste her as she moaned and writhed under his fingers. He moved his face down, inches from her body, kissing her soft thigh as she moaned and begged. He rubbed his cheek against her thigh, the light stubble feeling sweetly rough against her soft skin. He heard her moan as his tongue caressed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

She begged, begged for more, her body going crazy, insane with lust. "Please, please Eric, I'm begging you, please just touch me!" she cried out, her breath making her body heave. He smiled up at her and moved his face closer, her body tensing as she anticipated his tongue. To her surprise he softly blew chilly puffs of air against her hot flesh, her cries gaining fever pitch. She moaned as she felt the tip of his tongue tracing the outline of her pussy lips. She bucked her hips upwards; trying to capture his tongue as he suddenly stuck his tongue deep into her, making her cry out with pleasure.

As she cried out he quickly removed his tongue and began licking the length of her sweet, wet slit, collecting as much wetness on his tongue as possible. His brain exploded. She tasted like nothing he'd ever tasted in his life, like dark chocolate or champagne, but better than both. She cried out in ecstasy as his tongue flicked over her clit, sending sparks to her brain. As he gently licked her hard clit she rotated her hips, grinding her pussy into his mouth.

Slowly she felt her orgasm, felt it building slightly upon itself. Crying out she felt him, as if in frenzy his tongue went wild, attacking her pussy, devouring her, his tongue driving deep into her body. He shifted and began ferociously sucking and licking her clit, taking it between his teeth as her hands fisted and her body tensed. Still ravishing her clit with his lips, he brought his fingers to her body, slamming two thick fingers into her, making her scream and her pussy clench as he dragged his fingers against her g-spot over and over again. Her brain was going haywire, her entire body on fire as she came hard, suddenly and violently as his fingers continued to strum her g-spot, making her shake, his tongue and lips ravaging her clit.

He tasted her come, licking it up fiercely as wave after wave of her orgasm rushed over her body, making her body tremble. He brought up his face, grinning at her, her beautiful face gone slack from her orgasm. She smiled weakly and he slid his body up the length of hers, resting on top of her, his hard jean-covered cock pressed snugly against her spasming cunt. He brought his face to hers and kissed her tenderly, brushing his lips against hers in a gossamer touch. Breaking the gentle kiss he brought his fingers up to her lips, running a fingertip along her bottom lip, making her taste herself on his skin. She lazily stuck out her tongue and ran it over her lip before she reached out her tongue and stroked his finger with it, making small motions with her tongue against his skin that drove him insane. Looking into his eyes she sucked the finger into her mouth, caressing it with her mouth and tongue, licking his thick finger clean.

He smiled down at her, realizing that he had found her, the one he had so desperately searched for. She made his heart scream with pure passion and he wanted her more now than ever before.

She looked deep into his eyes as she felt his hands stroking down her body, coming to rest gently on her hips, his fingers caressing and stroking the skin under his fingertips. Slowly she felt him grinding his hard cock against her body and she recognized his need. She closed her eyes and felt his lips probing her neck, whisper soft kisses along her collarbone and shoulder. As he pressed himself harder into her, she began slightly rolling her hips against him as she watched his eyes close and his fingers began digging into her hips. Pressing her mouth against his ear she whispered to him, "Eric, Eric, please, please untie me, please I need to touch you" she proclaimed as he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her, her eyes gleaming in her beautiful face.

He leaned his body forward and kissed her softly, his tongue lazily caressing her own as he untied her hands. He brought them down, running his hands up and down her forearms, stroking the skin as he laid each arm on the bed. He leaned down and put his mouth on her throat, kissing a trail down her body, his lips passing over her breastbone, between the valley of her supple breasts, down to her pubic bone. He picked up her hands, placing soft kisses against the smooth skin of her wrists. He moved down her body, sliding his hot skin against her soft skin, and reached out to untie her ankles, her body shuddering against his as he ran his thumbs against the skin behind her ankles.

She looked into his eyes as she ran her hands down his arms, trailing her fingernails against his biceps and shoulders. Gripping him by the shoulders she pulled his body up beside hers. Turning onto her side, she hooked one leg over his hip and kissed him hard, her soft hand caressing his face. She closed her eyes as he put his hands on her body, caressing her breasts, his fingers stroking her sides, her arms, any part of her he could reach.

He smiled as she reached out and traced his strong jaw line with her fingertips, sliding them gently over his lips. He put out his tongue and caught one of her fingers between his lips, sucking it hard into his mouth. As his tongue caressed her skin he watched as her dark eyes began to burn brighter with lust. With quick, calculated movements, he had her flat on her back, his lips upon hers. Kissing her passionately, he began grinding his body into hers with feverish intensity.

She stopped him, pushing his body away slightly. Looking hard into his eyes she commanded in a whisper, "Take off your clothes, now!" Feeling in control she watched as he stood and began yanking his clothing off as fast as he could. She laughed as he leaped back onto the bed, returning to his place between her legs. She grabbed his face in her hands, bringing his face to hers, her mouth upon his, kissing him with hunger. Her eyes snapped open and her breathing stopped as he quickly entered her body, shoving himself in completely.

He stared into her eyes, not moving, the look of wonder on his face, as he was poised above her, blinking and gasping. He felt heaven; her tight wet flesh wrapped around him was beautiful. In the back of his mind he heard her, whimpering, her fingers plucking at his shoulders frantically. Suddenly he heard her call out, her voice hoarse with desire "Move, Eric, please move!" as she tried to move her body upwards, trying to move him against her skin. Hearing her voice brought him back into reality and he began thrusting his hard cock into her over and over, stroking her deeply every time. He could feel her body under his, trembling hard as the sensations overloaded her brain, his cock stroking inside her pussy bringing her body closer to orgasm. He brought his hand to her pussy, his fingers feeling the junction of their bodies, feeling them connected, part of one another, his fingers brushing over her clit causing her to moan and dig her nails deep into his back as he thrust his hips wildly, driving his cock deep inside her. He screamed out, the pain and pleasure riddling his body, driving him to thrust harder and faster inside her. The bed was rocking, moving along with his movements as he fought to catch up to the phantom of his orgasm.

As he pounded away at her pussy she felt her body begin to tense and clench. She cried out in release, her pussy clutching his cock hard. She closed her eyes as her muscles clamped onto his cock, sending him over the edge as he slammed into her body, his cock exploding insider her. He thrust into her harder and harder, non-stop as her body exploded into another orgasm. She cried out, gasping out in between breaths, "Oh god Eric, fuck me hard, Oh Jesus! I need your cock hard Eric!!" He gripped her hips hard, his fingers digging into her skin as he pounded harder into her as she came again, riding the tidal wave of her orgasm. She panted hard, her body shuddering as her orgasm faded. He began to slow, their bodies slick with sweat and each other's come.

Breathing hard she looked into his eyes as he lay on top of her, his softening cock still inside her.

He looked into her face as she whispered, "Shower?" Nodding he stood shakily and lifted her into his arms. She clasped her hands around his neck as he carried her into the bathroom. She held onto his shoulders, their bodies pressed together as he leaned down to start the water. He sat down on the toilet, waiting for the water to heat up.

He smiled down at her and ran his hands along her skin. "You know," he said with a grin, "I really am sorry for this afternoon"

She just closed her eyes and laughed, her brain reliving all that they had just done and whispered, "Apology accepted."

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