Almost Sex  

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10/9/2005 6:52 pm

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Almost Sex

I had just hung up the phone with him; it had been about 10 am when he called. I had started to think he wasn't going to call, but I couldn't be sure cause I didn't know exactly when he got off work. I had left the phone sitting by my bed, and the minute it rang I knew it had to be him. I answered the phone, my voice probably sounded disgusting since I had a cold and had just woken up, in actuality my voice can be a lot sexier than that. He introduced himself, even though I already knew it was him, this was the first time I'd heard his voice, but I had just known. He begins by asking me how I'm doing with my cold and all, I tell him I'm feeling better even though by the sound of my voice he could tell it wasn't that much better.

Then he began discussing the story I sent him in his email, he said that he thinks he learned a few things from my story, cause he thinks that the stuff the female character does in the story is a reflection of things I'd like to do. Then with his deep sexy voice, he begins to tell me things that he'd like to do to me, and to try other things just to see what actually turns me on and what doesn't. He tells me that in these types of situations where he's trying to figure out what turns me on and what doesn't that I will have to be vocal and tell him either I like that, or I don't, also moans work well too.

He asks if I've ever had a massage, I say kind of but not really. He laughs and says that it was probably just a bit of a back rub, with a couple of strokes and a tap for good measure. He says he will have to give me an example of a real massage, since he is a trained masseuse. This whole conversation was making me increasingly hornier as we spoke (mostly as he spoke), I had the urge to just put my fingers in my pussy and start to rub, but I held myself back, not knowing what his reaction would be if I just started playing with myself. We talked some more of his promised sexual talents, and how he'd like to make me feel. He told me that he thought that I was a beautiful, clean, sexy woman. Finally we ended our conversation with him telling me that he was going to look up my picture and masturbate to it before going to bed. We hung up the phone.

I lay in bed, thinking of him and his promise talents, and the fact he's right now masturbating to my picture. My crotch tingles more urgently; suddenly I find my own hand working it's way down to my pussy. I am soaking wet down there, I vigorously begin to rub my clit, while my other hand massages my tit. I think of some of his promised talents, and I think of him masturbating wherever he is at now. My fingers ran down the length of my pussy to my hole, two fingers entered me, I finger fucked myself for a few minutes. My fingers returned to my clit, and rubbed with more urgency, I felt a wave wash through my body, but knew there was more where that came from.

I made quiet little sighs and moans, as my body grew a heat inside, I continued to think of that man on the phone, and what I would like to do to him and him to me. My fingers worked diligently as my body began to shake and spasm, convulsions washed through me like tidal waves. My inner muscles began to tighten and a great spout of juices poured out of me and down the crack of my ass. With each powerful wave of spasms more juices squirted out of me, increasing the wet spot on my bed. Finally the tides of orgasm came to an ebb, and I just lay in bed catching my breath. I almost fell back asleep laying there with my shirt pulled up over my tits, and my pajama bottoms down around my ankles, with my legs spread open. But, I got myself up and corrected my pajamas; I had to find a blanket for my bed since I had soaked it. I cleaned up, and then came into the computer room to have a cigarette and ended up writing this little story. Well, now I've given you an account of how that conversation made me feel, sick or not, so now I must go back to bed.

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