A pleasurable work day  

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5/31/2006 3:10 pm
A pleasurable work day

It started off like any normal day. The alarm went off. Sarah slowly brought herself out of a dream, the persistant buzz finally penetrating her memory. Time to wake up. Sarah turned over, as per usual, and switched off the alarm. Looking at the clock, then at her watch; 6.30am.

"Yep, I do have work and I have to get up," she thought.

Turning on the stereo, Sarah pulled her singlet up over her head and turned on the shower. She stood there, naked, rubbing her hands over her breasts, feeling different, excited. She stepped into the shower and began the ritual; wet the hair, lather the shampoo in, brush the teeth. Then the choice, soap for a quick clean, or shower gel for that complete treatment with the added bonus of sweet aroma that lingers long after the shower has finished. Something compells her to go for the shower gel, taking her time to lather it all over her wet skin, giving extra attention to the folds of her pussy and the cleft of her arse. She wanted everything to smell nice. Continuing with the ritual, Sarah washed her face and rinsed her hair and body.

Out of the shower, Sarah dried off and dressed in a bra and g-string, making sure the straps sit on her hips. The ritual continues, first deodorant, her necklace, the body spray, lastly she adds a hint of rose oil. The smell sets alight her senses, making her stomach twitch and fresh moisture seep onto her g-string. Brushing her hair, Sarah walked to the dining room and continued to dress, placing her uniform and shoes on. One last spray of vanilla and Sarah was ready for work. Grabbing her bag and mobile, she headed out the door.

The drive to work is uneventful, yet Sarah feels a tremble in the pit of her stomach, which gets stronger the closer she gets to work. It is as though something big is going to happen at work, and she can't wait. Sarah arrived at work, 10 minutes late, as per usual. Entering the station, Sarah made her morning cup of tea, removing her cover shirt and putting on her belt. A quick hello to station staff, and Sarah made her way to her office.

Walking down the corridor, the heat hits her, the air conditioner is still broken. She walks passed his office, sees him sitting at his computer, he doesn't look up. Sarah continues to her desk, putting her tea on the table, retrieving her CDs.

He walks in, sits beside her, some document in his hand. Sarah listens attentively, catching a glimpse of his face, but trying not to look. She nods, "Hmmm ok." She looks into his green eyes, her stomach twitches again, and she shuffles in the chair. Such sweet, caring eyes.

"Can you do that for me?" He asks.

"Yep, not a problem."

He places a hand on her shoulder and stands up. Sarah breathes deep, her heart skipping a beat. His hand burns into her skin, it feels so good. He walks back to his office.

Sarah completes the task and asks for more work. Standing in his office, leaning on the filing cabinets next to his desk, him sitting in the chair, he looks up at her. She sees something in his face she has never seen before. His features are softer than usual. His eyes seem to bore into her, as if looking for an answer or permission. He looks away, reading from a page on his desk, then holds to page out to her. Sarah walks closer to read the paper. As she moves in, his chair rolls towards her, their legs touch. She shivers but doesn't move, neither does he. She looks back into those eyes, he is asking a question. She looks down, then slowly back up, looking at him from under her lashes, a wicked smile on her face. He smiles. There is a knock at the doorway. "I can do that for you," she says, leaving the office with the page while another Officer enters.

The day is filled with one task after another. Officers come and go on their quest for information. He comes in every now and then, they exchange quick glances and he leaves.

By the end of the day, Sarah's mind is full of possibilities, her body aching to try them out. Everyone leaves for the day, leaving Sarah sitting in her chair, her hands on her neck, rubbing the tension away. He walks in, no one is around. She feels his hands brush hers away, as his fingers begin to kneed her neck. Sarah's hands drop as she rolls her head forward, giving him better access. His fingers find the knots in her shoulders, pressing expertly to release the built up tension. "Mmm, that feels so good."

Sarah jumps as she feels warm breath against her ear, "Come into my office."

Sarah follows him in. He closes the door behind her. She turns to face him. He holds her shoulders, gently pushing her down into a chair. He stands behind her, hands again on her neck and shoulders, probing the muscles with his fingers. "How does that feel?"

"It feels so good, " she breathes.

His hands move down her chest, reaching under her shirt. His thumbs glide over her nipples, "And that?"

Sarah arches her back, pushing her breasts into his palms. He grabs them firmly, squeezing. She can feel her pussy growing wetter, and shifts in the seat. He walks around to stand before her. Sarah looks up at him, his eyes had clouded slightly. Her hands reached for his zipper. He grabbed her wrists, lowering to kneel between her legs. "No, this is all you."

She leans forward, grazing her lips across his. His lips are so soft. Sarah snakes her tongue out, between his lips, delving into the warmth of his mouth. Their tongues touch, and she withdraws quickly, savouring the taste of him. He grins. One hand grabs the back of her head, pulling her to him. Their lips touch again, his tongue forces its way into her mouth. She welcomes his heat. His other hand travels up her thigh, cupping her pussy and squeezing. She thrusts her hips forward, her hands grabbing his shoulders, pulling him to her. They stay locked together as his fingers begin probing her through her clothes. He leans into her, pushing her back into the seat, her back resting against the back of the chair, him leaning forward, his hard cock rubbing through his pants, against her pussy. He pulls back. Sarah tries to stay with him but he pushes her shoulders, holding her in place. His hands grab her knees, pulling her towards him, her arse sliding along the seat so she is slumped. He opens her belt. His fingers finding, with ease, the button and zipper, releasing them both. His hands grip either side of her pants. In one motion they are around her ankles.

His face lights up at the sight of her Tweety g-string. His hands run up the inside of her thighs, pushing them further apart. His fingers begin tapping her lips, one finger finding it's way under the g-string. He can feel how wet she is. Leaning forward, he pulls aside the thin, now soaked, material that covers her sex. "Mmm, shaved." Sarah smiles, sliding further down the seat, spreading her legs more, opening herself up to him. His finger taps a steady beat on her bud, sending shivers through her body. Her eyes close as her head falls back into the chair. She feels a finger pushed between her lips, into her pussy. He plunges in, so deep. Gently moving his finger inside her. She moans, her breathing heaviler. His tongue stabs at her clit, replacing the finger and keeping the steady beat. He slides another finger into her. His free hand grabbing her hip, pulling her to him. His tongue now lapping at her pussy and clit. His fingers pumping into her, Sarah feels that familiar electricity in her feet, rising up. Her breathing becoming more rapid. She bites into her arm to stop herself calling out.

He pulls his fingers all the way out, pressing his tongue into her bud. Holding it there, he thrusts three fingers deep inside her, moving them around. His tongue again tapping a beat. The beat getting faster has he pumped his fingers in and out of her. She raised her hips off the chair, pushing her pussy towards him. "Oh god." So close to coming, Sarah felt his hand move over her arse. Delicately he pressed against her anus, slowly pushing passed any resistance. Once free of restrictions, he pushed his finger deep into her arse. His tongue on her clit, fingers pounding her pussy, she came. Her breath coming in pants. He removed his fingers from her pussy and eagerly lapped the juices that flowed. He wiggled the finger in her arse, making her twitch, before removing it completely.

He rose up, looking at her, his face glistening with her juices. They smiled.

There was a knock at the door. Sarah redressed while he wiped his face, sitting in his chair at his desk. She gets strange looks as the door opens and she leaves, noticably flushed.

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