A Nice Bath  

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5/25/2006 8:01 pm
A Nice Bath

The bath water felt deliciously warm and inviting as I stepped gingerly over the edge of the tub. I had waited a long time for a little bit of time alone, and what better place to spend it if not soaking in a nice hot tub.

I slid down into the water and sighed heavily as I let my body adjust to the water temperature.

I fastened the little blow up pillow to the back edge of the tub and sank slowly down into the steaming water and closed my eyes.

The feeling was wonderful and I could feel the tension just floating up and out of my pores.

After just a few moments I reached for the razor to shave my legs and arms.

While I was doing this, I remembered overhearing something that someone had said one time on the subway.

I remembered them talking about shaving their pubic areas and wondered what it would feel like to do that.

I imagined that it would itch something fierce when it started to grow back, her legs and arms did.

"Oh what the hell, you only live once." I thought to myself.

So I set about getting me a new blade for the razor and some shaving gel.

It had seemed like such a good idea when I first started, but it wasn't really all that easy to shave all those nooks and crannies down there. And besides, it was very hard to see.

Beginning to get frustrated, I stepped out of the tub and grabbed the mirror off of the medicine cabinet.

I placed it on the lid of the toilet and propped it at an angle so that I could see what I was doing with the razor.

It was a little awkward standing there with my left foot on the floor and the right one on the back of the toilet, but at least I could see what I was doing.

Everything started out o.k. but as time went on, I became so mesmerized by what I saw that it was hard to be patient with myself.

I couldn't believe that the vagina could be so intriguing. Especially since I was not gay and very much loved having a man.

As my bald pussy became more and more exposed, I began to become aroused. What exactly aroused me, I have no idea. The thrill of shaving, or looking? I didn't bother examining the question very far, I was way too busy examining my own privates.

How intricate and delicately the folds of my skin made what men sought after. I was in total awe.

When the shave was finished and my pussy was completely bald and exposed I could not help but touch it.

It felt so different than it did earlier. Like I was touching myself and I didn't even have to use my fingers.

Without the hair to hinder things, my lips rubbed together when I walked and I liked it.

Checking over my shoulder, as if someone may come barging in, I locked the bathroom door for the fear that I would be interrupted, or in the least, caught in such a lurid act. Then I propped my foot back up on the back of the toilet to finish what I had started.

I licked her finger and then slipped it down between my lips.

I opened the folds of skin and marveled at the silk interior and felt a shiver of excitement run through me.

I began to run my index finger around my clit, slowly at first and once or twice I scraped the top of my clit with my fingernail and it sent twinges of pleasure all through my body.

As my excitement grew, I began to imagine that it was a man that I had fallen for many years ago, that was pleasuring me. A man that I thought about often while masturbating.

As my fingers began to move faster, my breathing became shallow and seemed to match my movements.

I watched as a small drop of juice began to find its way out of my pussy.

I ran my finger across the drop and brought it to my lips and tasted the sweet nectar.

Thoughts of the man that I still fantasized about filled my mind and I could almost feel his hands touching me. Doing the most unspeakable things to me.

Now I was very excited! I slipped my fingers back down to my pussy and inserted them slowly as I watched in the mirror.

Slowly moving in and out of my drenched pussy, stopping only occasionally to flitter across my clit.

I was beginning to climax when my foot slipped and tipped the mirror knocking it to the floor.

The glass shattered and covered the bathroom floor as I tipped sideways and fell hard on my left hip.

Getting up slowly, trying hard not to cut myself, I noticed that there was indeed blood on my leg.

Well, the first thing was to clean up the glass. Grabbing a dirty towel from the hamper, I swiped all the glass into a neat pile and then examined my leg. It wasn't too awfully bad looking and it wasn't bleeding uncontrollably, but it did look as if it would need a stitch or two.

I stepped back into the tub, pulled the drain plug and turned the shower on to rinse any glass that may have been left behind.

Dressing the wound and putting on a cute pair of shorts and tank top I headed for the doctors office.

The next morning in the office…

"What happened to your leg? It looks awful!" Was the general question at work the next day.

I just grinned sheepishly and said, "I cut myself shaving."

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