Sibling Rivalry  

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8/19/2006 3:01 pm

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Sibling Rivalry

I just left Green Bay WI, and am sittind in Beloit IL with a few extra hours on my hands so I figured I would write some more. I'm sure we all have our memories of sibling rivalry, at least you do if you have any siblings. Here is yet another story of my childhood.....

My mom was not all I got with dads wedding. I got two step-brothers and later a half-sister. Beginning as far as I can really remember clearly, I was the black-sheep of the family. Although I could have not been treated better by my new mom, my new brothers were another story entirely. I'm not saying we hated each other, but to say there was bitterness between us would be the understatement of the millinium.

Richard was 3 years older than me, and a pretty decent kid. I have just as more fond memories about Richard than I do that are less so. He pretty much stuck by Guy, who was our oldest brother, but there were some really awsome times that I remember with Richard. Guy on the otherhand, was a thorn in my side from the time we met it seems like. HE, was the root of 99% of all my bad childhood memories.

Please don't misunderstand me, I would not trade my childhood for anything, cause it has made me the person I am today, which is a whole lot stronger than I would be without my childhood. I will say however, that to this day, I think that Guys only reason for existence was to terrorize me and make my childhood a living hell. I guess you can say that he evened out things.

There were times they, with Guy heading things, would talk me into doing stuff. Well, when I would, he would run and tell on me, and deny telling me to do it. How funny is that? He would call me names, and hit on me, and when I cried and complained, he denied it. Bastard! The worst part of it all is that to everyone else, he seemed like the innocent little angel. Demon was more like it. Yes, to this day, I kind of still hold a grudge against him, and probablly always will to some extent.

I could have handled Guy, and the torment he caused me, but Richard almost always stood by his side. I told earlier how we used to go out and play in the woods, now Ill tell a little more about that. We would be out in the woods playing starwars, or army, or something like that, anything with swords. We would use sticks as our swords. When guy would get bruised or cut, which will happen every day where kids are concerned, he would run home and say that I got mad and picked up a stick and beat him with it. PHOOEY!!!

Of course I would get in trouble and get a spanking, sometimes accomponied by a grounding. It used to piss me off, but now I understand why it was always me that got in trouble. When I would deny doing the things he said I did, Richard would back him up, along with the fact that they had marks and I didn't.....well you do the math. You gotta understand one thing though, I didn't have marks cause they would almost never let me join in. OK, have two battered boys in front of you who say the third there has beeten them up with a stick. The marks are there, and the third one looks little less for the wear...Guess what, one kid stands little chance against two people with the marks to "prove" it.

Another time we were digging great big holes in this hillside for an underground fort. It was the greatest! It was like we had our own little bomb shelter. It had several different rooms with tunnels connecting them. Two of the rooms had holes in the wall that a machine gun(BB gun) could be shot out of in case of attack. We had all the supplies we needed to withstand the most terribal onslought by the enemy. There were shelves dug into the walls that held candels for light, there was a pit for a fire with a hole that served as a chimmney. We had some food and water supplys to last at least three days. We had knives and spears for close combat. Ammo was no problem either. We had a substantial amount of bullets(BBs) and almost as many highly explosive grenades(dirt clogs) and a big case of dinamite(magnolia buds). The layout surounding our fort was great too. on one side, there was a road that the enemy had to come down, cause the backside was surrounded by an unpassable forest of devels walking canes.

If you have never heard of these, devels walking canes are real and not just another assimulation. They are a kind of tree that grows in Texas, but I'm not sure about where else. They are fairly straight, almost bamboo like small trees that are coverd with these big thick thorns that get bigger than an inch long and are real sharp.

Anyways, Guy was covering the topside during an attack when an enemy fired a rocket at him. He dove out of the way of the real life he fell down the backside of the hill which was covered with these devels canes. OUCH!!! i know it hurt like hell, cause I seen it. He runs home all bleedin and stuff and tells on me for pushing him down the hill!!!! I was inocent but none of that was to be heard, cause Richard was right beside his brother verifying the story. Let me tell you, Id rather sit naked in a tub of open scissors than to relive that beatin.

See the type of stuff I had to put up with growing up?

sexyariesgirl 57F

8/19/2006 4:07 pm

Damn's a wonder you didn't beat the livin stuffin out of him at some point!

Power To FOK

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8/19/2006 6:13 pm

LOL!!!! I did, when we got older, but that another story hun.

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