Rain Rain, go away.....[I]continued[/I]  

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Rain Rain, go away.....[I]continued[/I]

Well here I am it Chattanooga Tennessee with plenty of time to kill (I dont deliver till morning), so I guess I'll finish my boreing as story. I myself am pretty fond of it, but I'm suer I could make something up a whole lot more interesting. Here goes.

...When the dam broke, the boat was out far enough away that, as awsome as the current was, the moter could still do its job. The guy in the boat with my dad did the dumbest thing he could have, he stood up to watch. The current was rocking the boat, and the guy lost his balance and fell in, tumping the boat in the process. Witnesses said Dad tried to catch the guy, and thats what turned it over. I myself don't know cause I was still back in the woods with my Mom.

I don't remember what thet said on the CB, but I remember Mom's blood-curdeling scream and all the histeria afterwards. I also remember beeing gathered in front of the CB for what seemed like hours, waiting to hear some news about him. It took about 45 minutes before we heard anything.

The voice on the other end said that they had found Dad, but they didn't think the other guy made it. They said that someone spotted Dad, hanging from a tree, said he had blood on him like he'd been cut pretty bad, but looked like he'd be ok after he got dry. When they finally thought they could get out there and get him....it was the other guy. My Dad was the one they said couldn't have made it, cause they couldn't find him. The guy on the tree only made it cause his ear got caught on an old tree, giving him a chance to grab it.

As the days went by, we thought they might be right, cause it had been so long without word of him. We had lost lights and phone, concequencelly loosing power to our well. My uncle hooked the CB up to a car battery so it would work, but it didn't last to long. When the power and phones came back on, we got a call that my aunt took, then she rounded Mom and us up. We went up to the dam, and what a shock we got. There wasn't a dam anymore, the road just fell into nothingness. the hole there was about 60 feet deep, and the other side was about 300 feet across.

I was looking around at the damage when I heard my Mom start crying and say my name. When I looked at her she was waveing across the dam. Thats when I realised that it wasn't my name, but my Dads she had said. She scooped me up into her arms, hugged me tight, gave me a big 'ol kiss, pointed to the other side, and with tears in her eyes, she said,"Look baby, it's Daddy!" There on the other side was my Dad, alive!

He says that when the boat started to flip, he jumped as far as he could, then struggled against the current and swam to a big daed tree, and got behind it and held on till he felt he could swim against what little current was left. Then he swam away from the dam, towards the other side of the lake. Nobody saw him cause they were looking him on the spillway side.

When he made it, he found a nearby house, where an old couple lived. They didn't have a CB, and the phones were out already, but they did have power though. They say when he got there, he just passed out. By the time he came around, and found someone with a CB, ours had already died, so he had to wait till the phones came back on.

It wasn't long before we were back together. They rebuilt the dam, not much better yhan the old one I might add. And the ordeal didn't stop dad from boating people across, but Mom sure as hell didn't like it.

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8/7/2006 4:47 am

WOW! What a story....see there are angels all around us!

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