Rain, rain, go away!  

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8/6/2006 9:41 am
Rain, rain, go away!

I've read a few blogs now, and it's nice to know that some of you have alot in common with me. I guess I'm not the only redneck on the internet. You know, most of us dont even know that we are rednecks, and even if they do, thet deny it. Me? I'm proud to be what I am, and come from where I do.

You know, I tried to remember back as far as I could, but the deer was as far as I could go. However, it turns out I can remember a little further than even that. I was talking to my dad yesterday about my blog, and he had never heard of one. Well I explained it and told him about what I was writing, then we started talking about my childhood. During our trip to yesteryear, I mentioned the time the dam broke and took him away from us. Well, as it turns out, this particular time the dam broke, it was the spring of 1977. The dear incident happened in the winter of 77-78, Dad says it was almost mt birthday so it would have to be 1978. That means the dam breaking is my oldest memory. Anyways, since it's on my mind, I'm gonna tell the story.

There was only one way in or out where we lived, unless you wanted to walk for days through thed woods. You had to cross the dam between Bear-foot lake and Menard creek. It wasn't much of a dam when I look back, just a bunch of hard packed red clay and dirt with a giant culvert running through it. We called the outlet (on the Menard creek side) the spillway. I have alot of fond memories about the spillway I'd like to share with you, but as I tend to ramble sometimes, I'll keep this to one topic.

On the lakeside of the dam was some kind of mechanism like a great big funnel with a valve to adjust the flow. If to much water was in the lake, someone would open the valve and let it out, and they would just shut it off if it was too low. Most of the time it would be open a little because the lake was fed by the Trinity river via Mill creek. Sometimes there was more water going into the lake than our little "flood gate" could let out. Most of the time this happened, the water would just run over the top of the dam, and we would be stuck back there for days (yippie! no school!). Then there was the times it did more.

In the spring of 1977 came a horrable rain. It washed all the roads out back in the Thicket, so if anyone had to go to the store, or worse, had to make a run into town (which the closest one is about 30 miles), they had to walk to Love, which was one of the main roads, and there would be someone to take them in a boat to the other side. Then ther would go to the highway and get a ride from a friend who was smart enough to park their car out there. Having to do this was pretty common, so we were used to seeing part of the damd wash out. Usually a washout 2-8 feet wide, and as deep as 3 feet at times. But in the spring of 77 it was worse than it ever had been.

The rain had filled Lake livingston up to the point that they feared that the Lake Livingston Dam was gonna bust, so they opened up ALL their flood-gates. This flooded the Trinity river, then Mill creek in turn. When it reached Bear-Foot lake, our little dam didn't stand a chance! Our dam that we everyone was so proud of burst like a ripe mellon, and the boat that was taking people back and forth got overturned sucked through with 2 me in it, and one was my DAD!

Sorry friends, this story will have to be continued later, I got a headach.

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