It's a Man's World...  

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9/2/2005 9:26 pm

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It's a Man's World...

Now hold on before you ladies get offended and start flaming... Hear me out.

I was talking to a friend the other day about my physical I had a few weeks ago. When my friend picked had this quizzical look on his face.

"Your doctor is a woman?" He asked, kind of shocked.

And here's what I told him...

I choose to have a woman doctor over a male one simply because I think I get better care from one. Why you may ask. Think about this on your next visit. A woman has to work twice as hard as a man to get anywhere... this is just how it is pretty much anywhere. (Not that I am advocating any kind of discrimmination.) So as a doctor a woman must learn more and do more to set themselves apart from the guys. They retain more information study more and have to get better grades to get hired by any hospital to do their residency. Do you want a guy doctor who eh who did what was required or a women who had to do more. Well when it comes to my health I want the smarter of the two. Not someone who just floated by. This theory also works for lawyers.

A side note to this is how this whole thing started. I went to have a physical done. While there my doctor began to perform an examination of my testicles. While some guys might think this could be awkward having some chic down there playing with their boys. Let me assure you, it's nothing like you might have seen on some cheesy porno. Cripes, she had some grip it was like she was using a set of Japanese relaxition balls... twisting around, damn! Anyways she looks up at me with and says "You should become familiar with your testicles and know what they feel like, in case you should find a lump or any abnormality." I, with a complete straight face said "Doc, I have lived with them for over 35yrs... I am completely familiar with how they look and feel. Thanks for the words of wisdom." (staring at the ceiling)

brattyfeline 48F

9/8/2005 12:43 pm

i would never be offended by the truth...thats a great story and i laughed out loud...i know several women doctors and they are all smart as whips...i with you on this one...

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