An Ass or Not... you be the judge.  

ZlotyLunchPeeps 48M
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8/29/2005 11:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

An Ass or Not... you be the judge.

Ok here's the deal... I don't want to say I am picky or superficial... we all are. We all want our prospective mate or "FRIEND" to have some sort of quality, for us to find them attractive.
I don't want to hear from another woman who says, "I just want someone that will make me laugh."
Just give me a break here!!!! Please!!!

Everyone finds something they like and others may not agree. I know because when I point out someone to different friends they look at me and say "What are you crazy... do you need glasses?" So I know this holds true.

But what I catch the most amount of heat from FEMALE friends and friends Wives are what have been infamously labeled as my "ASS CALIPERS". Now keep in mind I didn't come up with the idea, although I do wholehartedly agree with the theory. Also keep in mind that there is room to grow with the designs and planning.

OK, this is how its done... take your hands and make the "Hang loose" sign. You know... when you extend your pinky and thumb out, forming a right angle between the two. Now do that on both hand and connect the two thumbs together. The space created between the pinkies is waist size I like to see on the woman I am attracted to.

OK... ok... let the flamming begin.

What can I say. I like slim, athletic women. Unfortunately the people I catch most hell from are those that don't come in that range... or anywhere close. As I said before there are those times where the calipers do flex and can move a little.

While I am not some chiseled guy I am in no way some fat guy with frito breath either. I want the woman to be in proportion to me. She should have a waist size smaller than mine. I don't care if she has money, a nice job, lives in a house, has blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tan, small feet... i could keep going. I like small slim women. Why do i have to catch so much heat on this.
I mean any function I am at one of these women have to bring it up to other women... I don't say anything about it. Again I am not even the one who came up with it but just agree with it and I am labeled as an ASS.
Oh but if I point out a guy to a woman, they say "He's bald, I don't like bald guys" thats fine isnt it. I am not bald so don't get any ideas. Then there are the women who say "Looks don't matter... but I want a guy who makes atleast 50,000 a year" Well what the heck is that. Double standards I say.
Women I have dated in the past:
27yo waist size 2
45yo Waist size 5
21yo waist size 3
32yo waist size 2
36yo waist size 3

Oh and the 27 year old I saw her a few years later and she blew up like a moose. Thyroid my ass, I figured... hey lets just try it out... So I went to the "Dark Side".
Yeah, I'll stick with he slim/athletic ones from now on.
Any thoughts?

Ladyblue85 58F

9/13/2005 9:12 am

And u asshole men wonder why u get no responses with criteria like this?? And by the way mr. know-it-all..... thyroid disease can make a person "blow up" or become too thin. Oh but that's ok, I may be "fat and living on the dark side" by ur standards....but I have never had anything but great compliments about pleasing a man in bed.
Yeah, sure, my dream man is 5'10 - 6', rock-hard buff body, 35 - 40, with a shitload of $$ to cater to me.... but gee, I must be really shallow because I am more attracted to a man who treats me with respect, he can be average looking and average body, even chunky, and yes, I think a good personality and sense of humor is sexy. So while I may be fat in ur mind.... I'm loosing the weight, you'll always be a moron.

rm_GiannaXXX4u 45F

12/13/2006 7:24 pm

I read your blog, got a kick out of it. I say, to each his/her own, we all deep down find qualities that we are attracted to, some physical, some behavioral, some perhaps superficial. It's the denial that this individual green light/red light goes on in our brains, that is ignorant. We can't help what "makes" us find something more appealing, we are, after all animals. Just another mammal species. Gianna

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