A Short Story  

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A Short Story

Still looking for a title, if you have any ideas I am open to them all.
I have no formal training at writing... I just say what I feel. So please excuse the spelling (tried to check, but may have missed a few) and the grammar. Focused more on the story than how many times I left a dangling paticiple or if I should have used a semicolon instead of a comma.

It was a sunny Sept. morning, about 11am. I decided to take a walk in the local park.
The park is filled a lot of people and families thinking the same as I, and enjoy the last few days of beautiful weather before the cold and snow arrive. The park has numerous benches with people reading, people on the grass catching some rays or enjoying a picnic. Children laugh as they play with their dogs, tossing frisbees and balls. A bike path leads off to other areas and a foot trail for the more adventurous leads into the wooded hillside.
I begin to walk the park with no clear direction in mind, when I come across HER. She is about 5'1", blonde hair. She has an athletes body. I know she is older but she looks like she is in her early 30's. She is wearing a cofortable looking tank grey tank top and blue running pants. She is sitting on a bench reading, the book is thick... as I approach I come to realize it is "War & Peace", and it seems she just started the book by judging by the amount of pages left. I think to myself, "That'll take some time to read", and smile. She looks up as I pass by and catches my smile and returns the grin. But something is different about her smile, something devilish. She is thinking something other than what is in the pages of that novel. Her gaze follows me as I begin to pass by. At which point I am greeted with a "Hello". I am a bit surprised and taken back by her, and stand for a moment just looking. I return the greeting, seaching for something else to say... The mind just whirrs along but nothing comes out... then the mouth just moves without thinking I ask, "Good Book?", why would I say that I ask myself. I might as well have just asked her if she comes here often... ugh. I try to recover with the old stand by, "beautiful day isn't it?". She replies "Yes it is". She clears a spot next to her and I sit down. We chat for a few moments, her name is Chrissy. She is an Aerobics instructor at the local gym. That explains her athletic frame, I think to myself.
After a few minutes of light banter, she says to me "Walk with me." Not really in the form of a question... more a statement. I stand up and offer her my hand, she graciously takes the offering and we begin our walk.
The trail we pick is one less traveled and more rugged than the light routes most people take. Steeper inclines up the hill through a denser wooded area. The sun streams down through the canopy of leaves above. The smell of pine wafts through on a gentle breeze. We continue to walk, when Chrissy loses her footing. At a moments notice I catch her in mid fall, my hands around her waist. She steadies herself, gaining balance by using my arms as leverage. That same smile that I received in the park crosses her face. She thanks me and then says, "How is your heart?", too which I reply, "What do you mean?". She says, "Are you up for a little more of a workout?" and begins to spint off the designated path and proceeds up the hill towards the wooded summit. I follow of course, breaking into a jog to catch up. After about 15 minutes of rugged hillside, we are both winded and decide to take a rest at the base of an old oak tree. Its branches out streched like its cradling the rest of the younger saplings of the forest. Sheltering all who sit beneath.
We talk and laugh and during the conversation Chrissy applies her hand to my leg in a friendly gesture. As soon as she does that, my awkwardness disappears. I lean foreward and kiss her, she is silent... receptive. Her soft lips on mine... the only sounds heard are the birds perched high and the rustling leaves on the trees. I move slowly down towards her neck breathing slowly. Chrissy tilts her head and closes her eyes, offering no resistence to my advances. One hand cradles her neck as I nibble on her ear, the other on the small of her back. I slide her from sitting back against the mighty oak, to laying flat on the soft pine needle covered ground. No other human sounds heard other than our to hearts beating, If I listened hard enough I could have heard them both beating faster and faster.
I move down her chest, but not touching... I move down her torso to her tummy, I raise her tank just enough to expose her navel. She has a small jewel piercing in to which my eyes just light up seeing... my heart skips a few beats... I get closer, I can smell the floral body spray she used this morning before leaving the house. I close my eyes and become intoxicated from the smell. My hands, lay on her hips... I bring myself closer and kiss her belly. Chrissy breathes in deeply not expecting my actions, her eyes still remained closed and that smile on her face broadens. I breath in deep and continue down peeling back her running suit, exposing the hints of a small red thong. Wanting to take a peek I move the thong slowly down... from what I am able to see... and feel on my lips... she is smooth... shaved clean and smooth.

I place my tongue far down the thong, but just out of reach of her clit and proceed to lick straight up her body. As I go assist her in shedding the tank top... Exposing the upper half of her body. Her breast round and firm. Not wishing to neglect any part of Chrissys' gorgeous body, I stay to tease her right nipple, bite it ever so gently. i can feel it swell in my mouth... I move over the left nipple and twirl it with my tongue. I can hear her gasp with each lick to the tip... her chest heaves each time I suckle the nipple. Her breathing comes in short burst. I sit up, looking down at her... her nipples swollen and moist from my mouth... there are goosebumps sprouting along her mid section as a gently breeze comes through... The nipples stand straight up from the cooling sensation of the wetness evaporating. I run my hand down the middle of her body... lightly touching... she giggles to the touch as I hit a sensitive spot. Chrissy looks up... looks into my eyes. Without hesitating and silently she motions me closer. Our lips meet again... I can feel her tongue mingle with mine. Her hands grasp my shirt and ease it up off me. I now feel the cool breeze, but know the warmth of our two bodies will generate enough heat to ward of the breeze. She unbuttons and deftly unzip my jeans, all the while sliding her hand down the front . Her hand... small and soft makes contact with my member... That smile I have come to know all to well crosses her lips. I lay down and assist her the rest of the unclothing... I think this is a change... I usually have the woman naked before I am. But no worry, I slide her running suit and thong down... exposing a pink mound of what none of of my dreams and fantasies could ever conjure. She is indeed shave clean, not a hair is visible. I am raging, my hormones going wild... I want to taste her... the sweet succulent nectar... the moisture that is dripping there. I remain composed, fighting the urge... I want to enjoy her entire body... make the moment last. We have all day.
The sun is now high in the sky, shinning shafts of light down like spotlights... We are the actors to a great play and the trees are our audience. I look down and enjoy the whole picture within my eyes... Chrissy reaches around my neck and pulls me down beside her, she nibbles on my neck... "What's fair is fair", she whispers in my ear. she moves down my torso licking my nipples, I whince in pleasure as she bites them. Moving down I can feel her warm breathe pass of my stomach. I look down to see her devilish smile look back up at me... she continues her journey down, guides my shaft with her hand to her mouth. Her tongue darts out and touches the tip, she brings her lips to the head and kisses... I can feel her tongue dance on the end. She doesnt put it all in her mouth... she just moves up and down the shaft licking... teasing... she looks up at me straight into my eyes and slides my cock into her mouth. I arch my back and my eyes roll back. I can feel the wetness of her mouth, the suction as she moves up and down... my breathing becomes labored... I have to hold it... "Not yet" I say quietly under my breathe. I reach down and try persuade her to release her grasp on me... there's that smile again. Just before she lets her grasp on me, she makes a quick decent with my cock all the way to the back of her throat and then lifts her head up... "What a tease I say" as she smiles like the Cheshire Cat. I ask her to to sit, her back to my chest... I swing her legs over mine. Her sweet butt is perched above my pelvis... I put my hands on her hips and begin to lift her... along with her help I guide her just over my cock. I free a hand and raise my member as to meet her ass, with a playful look on her face she looks back at me and says, "What are you planning". Knowing all to well where this was going... she eased herself down. She let out a small gasp as the tips burrows its way in... resting every few seconds to let the muscles relax... deeper... relax... deeper... relax... to the end... I can feel her contracting inside... intense pulses gripping me tight. I reach up around that small waist and bring her to me. One hand wrapped around mid, the other find its way further down... to the area I wished to spend some attention on later. I begin to move up and down inside her... her muscles contract in unison to the pumping motions. My hand down there begins to touch... sliding along the pink flods of skin. Circling the edges... not missing a beat. While two finger run along the edge another slides into her. Chrissy gasps and aches her back... almost lifting up, if it were not for me to wrap my free arm tight pulling her closer. That hand moves from breast to tummy... rubbing over the piercing, up to her neck. I kiss and tug on her lobe with my teeth, hot breathe in her ear. She breathes in deeply... holds it... holds it... lets go. My hand below her waist moves up along the slit... I know I made contact to the clit at once... Her hips drive down with force... her shoulders on my chest... her back arching... the navel ring along with her tummy shoots up as she breathes in deeper than before. I know what I must do to bring her ultimate release.
Rubbing the clit softly at first, I can feel it swell... engorged with blood... protruding from its veiled hood. Each time I touch it I apply a little more pressure using my thumb... my fingers dive into her, rubbing the pink moist inside walls. Pumping harder, she is almost raising up off of me. I ease her back down to my chest... I can feel heart beating... faster... almost keeping time with each thrust of our bodies. Suddenly she breathes in... holds it... her legs go taught... a mighty crash as her sphincter muscles implode on me... convulsing, then almost simultaneously, I release what was pent up in me... in one final push deep into her, my cock explodes... covering her insides with my liquid energy... I can feel her pulse each time my cock expels its load. My hands join each other around her mid... her hands cross mine. We lay there... beads of sweat roll off our bodies... laying on the forest as one... as a whole... unity to the maximum level attained. After a few moments I attempt to roll and extract myself, once I sensed her muscles accepting my presence in her. Chrissy turns her head to me and says, "Wait, not yet... I want to feel you inside me for a little longer."
We lay there staring up into the trees... listening to the flora and fauna rustling about... mingled with the sounds of our breathing. But no other person is heard, like we were the last two people on earth. Alone... but not, for we had each other.... Peaceful.
After dressing each other, we make our way down the hillside. Four hours have passed, we look at each other like guilty children. We both have that infectious smile that started it all. We emerge to the park, like nothing happened. Yet glowing we knew better. I look at Chrissy and say, "May I see you again?". To which she replies holding up her book, "I am only on chapter One, I have much reading to do." I tell her, "I know a place on a secluded beach, you could get much more reading done."
The End of this chapter, but many more available to follow.

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